Apple’s New Watch Charger Shows the Company’s Slow Embrace of USB-C

Apple has been offering a Lightning to USB-C cable for fast charging of its modern phones for a while now, and now it’s extending this new standard to the Apple Watch.

A new version of the Apple Watch that sports a USB-C connector (instead of the standard USB-A connector on the version that ships with the phone) showed up in the Apple store last night for $29, further displaying that the company is slowly moving to support USB-C for more of its devices. It’s also rumored that the new iPad Pro, which will be announced on October 30th, is going to ditch the Lightning port for USB-C.

The implications here are a little bigger than just “it’s USB-C instead of USB-A,” because it also means you can charge your Apple Watch directly from the newer MacBooks, which are totally void of anything other than USB-C ports.

Sure, this is a small thing right now, but it points to the bigger picture: Apple is embracing USB-C, one small thing at a time.

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How to get battery full alerts in Chrome

Battery charge alerts are pretty useful for monitoring the health of your battery. In cases where you’re dealing with an if-fy battery, or you need to check if your battery is charging too quickly, it helps to know when the battery has reached a full charge. You can use various apps and scripts to get battery full alerts but if you use Chrome, an extension called Battreminder can send those alerts as well.

The advantage of using a browser extension is that it doesn’t matter which OS you’re using. The extension uses your OS’ native notifications system. If you use a Chromebook, chances are high that this will work with it as well.

Battery full alerts

Install Battreminder from the Chrome Web Store. It adds an icon next to the URL bar that will tell you what the current battery percentage is.

Once your battery is fully charged, you will get an alert telling you your battery is full.

The extension doesn’t pester you with notifications. You will get one alert, and it’s up to you to unplug your laptop, or let it remain connected to a power supply. The extension also cannot be programmed to give you alerts when your battery reaches certain charge levels. It’s a one-trick pony though, if you’re using a Chromebook, you will like what it can do.

Needless to say this extension only works so long as you have the Chrome browser open. If you want it to continue working after you’ve closed Chrome, you can enable background apps to run in Chrome. To do so, open Chrome and click the more options button at the top right. Select Settings from the menu that opens. On the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom and expand the Advanced settings.

Under Advanced Settings, scroll down to the System section and enable the “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” option. After you’ve enabled this option, you will continue to get full battery alerts via Chrome even if the browser isn’t running. You will also see Chrome as a running process in whichever task manager you use on your desktop. Additionally, Chrome will show a system tray icon to indicate that it’s running in the background. The browser will obviously consume system resources but the impact will be far less than if you had the browser open with multiple tabs, and other extensions actively working.

We don’t advise that you use this extension to gauge whether or not your battery is healthy. It is a battery monitoring tool and nothing more.

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How to Reuse or Import Slides from Another PowerPoint Presentation

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We often find ourselves creating the same sets of slides for different presentations—weekly presentations for company meetings, for example. Using slides from another PowerPoint presentation is a great way to save time and effort while still giving your presentation the professional appeal it requires.

Importing slides can save a ton of time. Not only does it keep all the animations and other settings when imported, but you can also have the imported slide adopt the theme of the presentation you’re working on.

First, go ahead and open the PowerPoint presentation that you’re working on—the one into which you want to import slides. Next, select the correct location on your presentation where you’d like your imported slide to appear. For example, if you want the imported slide to appear as slide number three, you’ll need to click the space between the existing slides two and three.

Insert a Slide between two slides

Next, switch to the “Home” tab and click the arrow under the “New Slide” button.

Insert New Slide

On the drop-down menu that appears, click the “Reuse Slides” command.

Reuse Slides

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Use This Extension to Get Chrome’s New PiP Feature on Any Site

With version 70, Chrome got a nifty new picture-in-picture feature. While cool, its use is pretty much limited to YouTube, but thanks to a new Chrome extension you can use pip on any site that has video.

The extension, elegantly called Picture-in-Picture, comes from Chrome developer and evangelist François Beaufort, who shared the details on the not-long-for-this-world Google+. It’s also open source, so you can dig through the code if you’re the inquisitive type.

To install the extension, head here, click on Add To Chrome, then confirm in the pop-up. So easy.

Once installed, an icon will show up in the Chrome shortcuts bar that enables pip with a single click.

It’s right there

So if you’re watching a movie trailer on IMDb, which doesn’t normally support picture-in-picture, go ahead and give that button a click-a-roo. Now float that trailer on top of anything you want. And it should work on any other site with video, too. Nice.

The Best Individual Bean Bag Chairs For Every Space

A large bean bag chair is great if you have the room, but what about if you need something a little more subtle? We’ve checked out some awesome individual bean bag chairs for some cozy relaxation time.

Like when we checked out large bean bag chairs, these individual sources of comfort won’t replace your sofa or regular armchair. They are, however, pretty great for relaxing and lounging on something a little different from the norm.

As before, some are made from shredded memory foam while others are made from beans. Shredded foam tends to be quieter, but we favor beans for comfort and that traditional touch. Don’t forget to take the bag out of the box it arrives in too. It needs time to ‘fluff’ out so that it feels good and comfy.

Here are our pick of individual bean bag chairs.

Best For Limited Room: Big Joe Duo Chair ($38)

A bit of a bargain for an individual bean bag chair, the Big Joe Duo Chair is suitably cozy for one person, providing that person doesn’t have long legs. Yeah, this is a tight fit for anyone tall but that’s why it’s perfect if you’re short on space.

It’s filled with UltimaX beans which are a fancy form of bean that molds into your shape, with SmartMax fabric keeping you comfortable at all times. The cover isn’t removable so you’re restricted to spot cleaning, but the material is stain and water resistant. There are side pockets for storing items like remotes too.

Best For The Classic Experience: Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair ($50)

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