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HTG Explains: Why Do We Still Use Analog Audio Ports?

When leaks about what the chassis of the iPhone 7 might look like hit headlines earlier this week, technology columnists and industry analysts jumped on the chance to report that Apple’s next device may finally ditch its 3.5mm audio port altogether. Instead of clinging to the nearly-ancient technology, the next iPhone could begin paving the road to a world where we’re finally past the point of relying on cords to listen to our audiobooks, podcasts, or playlists altogether.

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Two years on: revisiting a conversation with Exchange development chief Perry Clarke

Two years ago, I spoke with Perry Clarke, the development chief for Exchange (both on-premises and cloud) to discuss the current state of Exchange and how its technology was likely to evolve. We know how the influence of the cloud has affected the way that product development occurs and how quickly things now happen. I thought it would be interesting to look back on how Exchange has evolved in the period.

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