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Windows IT Pro 2016-07-20 10:31:00

When a company has built itself up to be one of the world's largest, with its software nearly synonymous with computing, its understandable to have a little ego. But Brad Smith, Microsoft's new appointed president and chief legal officer, said that the company is working hard to shift its culture and focus its mission on helping people realize their potential.

In an interview with NewCo, he also talks about why Microsoft is suing one its biggest, best known customers: The US Government.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-07-20 10:15:00

Historically, computer systems have been designed with a focus on optimizing application performance. The ability to run applications faster is obviously an important attribute of IT infrastructure. Yet, in recent years, customers have begun looking more closely at optimizing the speed of service delivery. In this new paradigm, IT is transforming from a cost center to a profit center by creating new revenue streams with sleek mobile-first and user-friendly big data applications. Since faster time to market means profits sooner, time to market is becoming a critical metric.

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IBM testing new blockchain service to track high-value supply chain

Soon there will be real diamonds in the blockchain mines

For those industries where the origin matters, getting verifiable sign off has been a surprisingly tricky problem, particularly as goods change hands across an increasingly complex global supply chain. Blockchains, the technology underpinning Bitcoin and a variety of virtual currency, might help, and IBM has launched the new supply-chain focused IBM Blockchain to try and service that demand.

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