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For Business: Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, or Surface Book?

Yesterday, Microsoft sent shivers through the devices world, providing something that only Apple had been able to muster over the past few years. Microsoft announced a reimagined, self-branded notebook, the Surface Book. With Apple’s luster notably dulling and Google continually satisfied with low-end and high volume, the world is ripe for a new media darling. It’s just interesting that the new hardware champion might end up being an old software company.

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Doubtful security report about OWA flaw gains headlines but offers little real value

The recent Cybereason report titled “A new persistent attack methodology targeting Microsoft Outlook Web Application (OWA)” probably caused some heart flutters for Exchange administrators who might have imagined that the client had been compromised in some fundamental way. I didn’t have quite that reaction because I don’t think the results described in the report are valid.

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Windows IT Pro 2015-10-07 12:29:00

Automation has long been a threat to IT budgets, but now it could help save it

If Gartner’s right (and that’s always a big ‘if’), the next few years could provide an opportunity for savvy IT operators to expand their domains as automation sweeps through business processes.

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