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How to Change Sounds and Vibration on Google Keyboard for Android

Tactile feedback from a touch screen keyboard is crucial, in my opinion, but I don’t like sounds when I tap keys. You may not be like me—maybe sounds are your thing, but vibration is annoying. Or maybe you dislike both (you rebel!). The good news is that you not only enable or disable both of these features in Google Keyboard, but you can also adjust each of them. Here’s how.

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Policy Makeovers for Converged Environments

While the benefits of converged infrastructure are undeniable, so too are the changes this type of infrastructure can cause to a typical data center. No longer, for example, does IT staff have to spend weeks collecting requirements, sizing, planning, procuring equipment, deploying and testing when servicing a new application or requirements. Instead, the process is streamlined and much faster.

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