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Parallels Mac Management 5.0 adds Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

An increasing number of companies find themselves with too many Macs to ignore, but not enough to hire a full-time Mac admin. For a number of years, that's been Parallels sweet spot, and now the company is unveiled a host of updates that better help Windows admins bring Macs into the fold.

Macs are everywhere, said Carlos Capó, senior manager of Global Business Solutions at Parallels. It's not just creative professionals. We have over 50,000 entities using our business edition.

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How to Make a Double Exposure Image in Photoshop

Double exposure images are popular at the moment. Taylor Swift’s Style music video and the True Detective opening theme both used the effect. It’s a technique where two separate photos—typically a portrait and a landscape—are blended together into one unusual image. Originally photographers took two photos (“exposures”) on the same piece of film to combine them, but now it’s usually done with software like Photoshop or GIMP.

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Android Guide: Keeping Your Device Secure

Whenever you walk out your front door with your phone, you carry with you the contents of your life. “Security” may seem like a boring topic, but your phone has all kinds of important, personal, and sensitive information on it—even if you think it doesn’t. When it’s so easy to lose your mobile device or have it stolen, you have to ask yourself: why take chances when protecting your data is so simple?

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