Building on the Four Pillars of IT

A functional IT framework can help drive growth into new areas

The field of IT has so many wonderful new toys to play with. Cloud computing may be a little 2008-ish, but it’s still a major force in the industry. IoT is hot today, with a lot of companies ready to move past the hype and start implementing. And on-the-horizon trends like VR or AI promise even more disruption in the near future. But how much do all of these things really disrupt the IT function?

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Value Propositions of Converged Architecture: Manageability

One of the expensive challenges of hosting any workload at significant scale is server sprawl. For example, many organizations start off with one Exchange Server. This server eventually reaches capacity, so they add another. Then perhaps another, and then an extra because they want to ensure that they have enough capacity in the event that one of the existing servers fails.

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