In 2017, make a focused investment in your staff

It's 2017, and IT departments don't really need training budgets, 'cause everything's already available on the 'Net.

Know them by their works

Do you believe that? I certainly see organizations that act as though they do. I recognize that many wonderful resources are only a few keystrokes away; freely-available text and video introductions to Python topics, for instance, are remarkable.

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What Not to Automate Fully

An important part of DevPro's November focus on automating and scaling management of devices, users, and software across your business is selection of what not to automate. As I already emphasized in first raising this topic, engineering is all about trade-offs, and imbalanced automation costs at least time and money better used elsewhere.

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Mitchell Hashimoto talks about new technologies and DevOp tools

"The place where I concern myself with paradigm shifts is generally what overall we describe as application, development, deployment and maintenance," Mitchell Hashimoto said as he opened his keynote address at last week's All Things Open conference. "This is potentially DevOps, depending on how you look at it, but it's really both development and the management of servers."

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