Our favorite books on Microsoft

A list of some of the top books on the history of Microsoft. What are your favorites?

As Build 2016 kicks off, we’re taking a look at the changing face of Microsoft this month, and what better way to understand the future than to take a look at the past?

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The Choice Is Yours: Convergence vs. Cloud

You’ve got a substantial workload running on aging hardware. Eventually that hardware will reach end of life, and before that time you will need to figure out what to do with the applications running on it. You can migrate the workload to new hardware, or you can forego an on-premises deployment entirely and move the workload to the cloud.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-03-22 08:58:00

Hard charging through disruption, Grove reshaped — again and again — technology industry

Few things in Andy Grove's life were easy, starting at a young age: As a boy in Budapest, he saw his father captured up by Germans during World War II, while he and his mother went into hiding under an assumed name. He became neary deaf at a young age. After that, he lived under Communist rule in Hungary, until finally coming to America in the '50s, where he learned to lip read English in order to pass university courses.

That kind of perseverance would serve him well through the ups and downs of being Intel employee #1 and later president, CEO, and chairman.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-03-22 08:34:00

Still trying to wrap your ahead around what to get excited about in Windows Server 2016? We’ve got you covered

Looking to get caught up on what to look for in Windows Server 2016? Then you're in luck. IT Pro contributor John Savill has an extensive rundown of the top ten features in Windows Server 2016, from Active Directory upgrades to Nano Server. Watch below, and share your favorite Server 2016 feature in the comments.

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