Windows IT Pro 2016-05-16 10:00:00

Amazon wants to remake the IT stack in its own image

Package delivery within an hour by drones. Terraforming Mars. Reworking the fundamentals of IT. Put in context with what else he wants to get done, Jeff Bezos' ambition to remake IT in Amazon's image of low cost, ultra-convenience, and near monopolistic domination seems almost reasonable.

And the world is starting to notice.

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Microsoft releases 20th volume of its semi-annual Security Intelligence Report

Microsoft’s latest collection of security threats, advice, and insight adds new section on protecting identity in the cloud

If you're looking for a handy reference on all the things that go wrong for your organization's security, you're in luck: Microsoft has released the 20th volume of its semi-annual Security Intelligence Report, available for free on their SIR site.

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Microsoft just acquired an Italian firm to help it stitch together the Internet of Things

Redmond betting that smarter Espresso machines mean happier customers and more efficient employees

Microsoft is betting big that smarter devices can mean better business, and the company has acquired Italian Internet of Things startup Solair to help get it there.

While big data can sound great in the boardroom, it can be challenging to turn into actionable information. Solair built a platform to address that information, focusing on a few key areas such as helping connected devices phone home when they needed maintenance or allowing smart vending machines to recognize and reward their most loyal customers.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-04-20 18:22:00

Oracle's newest patch batch dropped yesterday, and it marks the first time the company has scored the vulnerabilities covered under the Common Vulnerability Scoring Standard (CVSS) 3.0 (previous patches used CVSS 2.0).

Covered products include Oracle Database Server, Java, and MySQL.

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