Docker everywhere: Container service comes to Windows, Mac, Azure, and AWS

After DockerCon, expect the popular virtualization platform to pop up nearly everywhere

Linux developers and admins have been singing the praises of Docker for a while: It's a containerization service that removes much of the headaches of OS environment tweaking, making it easier for teams to collaborate on software development, to reliably deploy software, and many other common application tasks that should be easy in theory but which can become endlessly complicated in practice.

Now the rest of the world is getting a taste. At DockerCon, it was announced that the deployment automation tool was coming to users in all sorts of places:

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Windows IT Pro 2016-05-23 10:05:00

In 2007, RIM was riding high: It had captured key business and government markets, profits were up 73%, and while a new competitor were soaking up some good press, the competitions’ phones were all worse in significant ways that seemed impossible to overcome. A few years later, it would all come crashing down. Is Apple set for the same fate?

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Windows IT Pro 2016-05-19 11:42:00

At the intersection of international business, huge risks are not being addressed

In what was dubbed her "frankest assessment yet" of the cyber security risk, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White said that serious vulnerabilities have not been properly addressed in the national and global exchanges used to power the global financial system, and cyber attacks were the top threat facing it.

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