Building on the Four Pillars of IT

A functional IT framework can help drive growth into new areas

The field of IT has so many wonderful new toys to play with. Cloud computing may be a little 2008-ish, but it’s still a major force in the industry. IoT is hot today, with a lot of companies ready to move past the hype and start implementing. And on-the-horizon trends like VR or AI promise even more disruption in the near future. But how much do all of these things really disrupt the IT function?

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Windows IT Pro 2016-05-26 09:42:00

There’s only so many years agencies can kick the can down the road, report finds

We all knew federal IT was bad, but a recent report found that it was way worse than almost anyone could imagine: The nation's nuclear arsenal, for example, is coordinated with 8-inch floppies, while a number of important tax and benefits were written in COBOL and are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

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