A New Way of Thinking About IT

It’s not exactly news to say that technology is a big deal for business these days.  Even with a long history of companies using computing, there has recently been a tipping point in the world becoming digital and organizations following suit. Whether they are pursuing new customers, developing new products, or extending their brand, businesses are starting to directly drive their outcomes with new technology and new approaches. This has been true for some time for large enterprises, and now companies in the SMB space need to adopt a new mindset.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-09-26 10:41:00

When you’re doing research, it’s great to see data that reinforces trends you’ve identified in the past. Especially with studies that are repeated on a regular basis, there’s hope and expectation that new findings will show steady progress in the themes from earlier years.

This wasn’t the case with CompTIA’s new cloud study.

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Does IT Matter? Businesses are Betting on It

One of CompTIA’s themes in 2016 has been the business relevance of IT. Companies are transforming into digital organizations, and the increased reliance on technology as a strategic tool is elevating IT’s role and driving a need for new skills. As this transformation occurs, traditional business objectives are being cast in a new light as they incorporate new tech trends.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-08-04 09:15:00

First flossing, now password changes: Some of the oldest advice handed down appears to not have as much evidence to back it up as we thought.

Lorrie Cranor, a widely respected researcher appointed late last year as the FTC's chief technologist, said she was caught off guard upon reading an official FTC tweet that suggested regularly password changes were a best practice:


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