DOJ delays Apple fight after outside party offers help cracking iPhone

Last minute filing could delay encryption standoff

In an iPhone encryption case that has pitted Apple against the FBI, the White House, and every major presidential candidate, there is at least one more last-minute twist: In a motion filed tonight, Department of Justice lawyers said that an "outside party" has approached the agency with what it claims is a method of unlocking the phone of one of the San Bernardino shooters — without Apple's help.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-03-21 13:53:00

As tablets struggle to find market, Apple doubles down with smaller iPad Pro

There were few surprises at today's Apple event, but there was at least one conspicuously absent announcement that had people talking: Apple didn't update its line of laptops, which have been gaining marketshare but haven't seen any updates in over 300 days.

Blame it on Skylake supplies if you'd like, but Apple executives had one key refrain: The iPad truly is the future of personal computing, according to Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive.

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SharePoint 2016, Microsoft Graph, Ingestion, and choosing a new smartphone

Being a creature of habit, I usually publish posts on Tuesday and Thursday. Yesterday brought the news about Microsoft Graph and the possibilities it opens to developers who want to build apps against the Office 365 platform, so I published my interview with Rob Lefferts, the GM of Office Extensibility (I still can’t get over that title). Which creates a vacuum today.

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Outlook (Office 365) Groups app appears for mobile devices

At the Ignite conference last May, Microsoft promised to release a mobile app for Office 365 Groups on the Windows Phone, iOS, and Android platforms. Four and a half months later and following a demonstration of the app by Satya Nadella at last week’s SalesForce conference (Groups appear around the 18:00 mark), Microsoft has released the first version.

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