How To Use Harry Potter Bitmoji Lens On Snapchat

Who would’ve thought Harry Potter would still be relevant after 20 years but it is. The franchise is still alive with at least six more prequels to come so it’s only fit that Snapchat embrace it. Snapchat owns Bitmoji and it uses the avatars to help its users engage more creatively with their friends. There’s a new Harry Potter bitmoji lens that you can add to your snaps. Here’s how to use the new Harry Potter Bitmoji lens on Snapchat.

Harry Potter Bitmoji Lens

You must have Bitmoji configured with and connected with your Snapchat account. If you don’t have Bitmoji set up, take care of that first. Once you’re done, open the Snapchat app and tap anywhere on the camera view finder screen. This will load the lenses drawer.

Look for the lens with HP in the thumbnail. It might take a few seconds to load. If you see the Tap to retry error and the lens refuses to load, try this fix for it. That’s about it.

The Harry Potter Bitmoji lens is animated and features your Bitmoji avatar reenacting the first Quidditch match that Harry ever played. Specifically, it’s you accidentally swallowing and then coughing up the snitch. You have, of course, been sorted into Gryffindor.

This lens doesn’t appear to be regionally restricted though if you can’t see it in the lens drawer, try using a VPN service that lets you fake your location to USA or UK, and then see if you can access it. It should appear regardless if you’ve just created and connected a Bitmoji avatar or if you’ve had one for ages.

While the lens doesn’t appear to be regionally restricted, it will eventually disappear like all lenses do. This lens likely marks July 31 which is the fictional lead character’s birthday but it may stick around or more variants of it might appear in the coming months since a new movie set in the Harry Potter universe is set to be released in November this year and Snapchat will most likely commemorate it.

Although this lens is animated, you can still use it on a photo. The photo will only feature an instance of the entire animation i.e., the point where you tapped the capture button. To record the entire animation with whatever background you’re pointing it at, tap and hold the capture button and let the animation run its full length. You can stack other filters on top of the Bitmoji if you want.

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How To Get Location Alerts For Friends On iOS

On iOS, you can share your location with your friends. This is strictly between iOS devices but you can use it to check where a contact is if they’ve shared their location with you. It beats having to ask them where they are every two minutes if you’re expecting them. You cannot use it to find anyone and everyone. This is strictly permission based but it’s not just for location tracking. If you have the Find Friends app installed on your phone, you can get location alerts for friends on iOS.

The Find Friends app is a stock Apple app which should already be installed on your device but it’s also one of the apps that can be uninstalled ever since Apple introduced the feature. If you did delete it, you can search for it in the App Store app, and install it again from there. Make sure you get the right one. The publisher should be Apple.

Location Alerts For Friends

First, you need to ask your friends to share their location with you. Once you’ve done that, open the Find Friends app.

It will show you a list of friends that are sharing their location with you. Tap the friend that you want to get location alerts for. Wait for them to be located on the map. Once they’ve been located, you will see a ‘Notify Me’ option at the top. Tap it.

The location alert has two options; Leaves, and Arrives. Pick what you need. For example, if you need to know when a friend leaves work, select the Leaves option. If you need to know when your friend gets home, select the Arrives option. Next, select the location you want to get alerts for.

In order for this to work, you and your friend must have an active internet connection. They must have location turned on. If your friend decides to stop sharing their location with you, the alerts will no longer work.

Your friend doesn’t need to have the Find Friends app installed on their phone but they do need iMessage enabled on their device which is how location is shared on an iOS device. You cannot look up friends in the Apple Maps app. You can probably open the location from the Find Friends app in Apple Maps but it won’t add a marker for your friends.

If you only need to view a friend’s location, you can view it in iMessages by tapping the info button at the top right of a message chat thread.

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How To Verify A Whatsapp Security Code For A Contact

Whatsapp has end-to-end encryption. Chats between users are encrypted using an encryption key that’s kept hidden. You cannot see what key is assigned to you however, users too need a way to check if their chat is encrypted . To do that, users get a security code which isn’t the same as the encryption key but is is used to make sure the chat is indeed encrypted. Here’s how you can verify a Whatsapp security code.

Verify A Whatsapp Security Code

In order to verify a whatsapp security code, you need either a photo of the security code that has been assigned to your friend has or you’ll need your friend to be physically present with their phone.

If you’re going with a photo of the code, you friend is going to need to send it to you. To send the code, open the chat thread and tap your friend’s name at the top. On the details page, tap Encryption. This will show you a QR code and a numeric code. Tap the share button, and send it to your friend.

Whatsapp won’t let you scan the code from your camera roll so the code will have to be compared manually by looking at their code and the code they sent you.

If you’re both physically in the same area, tap the Scan Code button at the bottom and then point it at the code on your friend’s screen. If the green tick appears, you both have an encrypted conversation.

We should mention that security codes do change. They don’t change without cause. Your security code changes when you uninstall and reinstall Whatsapp on your phone. The only other scenario is when you change your phone or phone number.

If the security code for a contact changes, you get an alert within the chat thread. In this case, the old security code will no longer work. If it’s saved to your camera roll, you should not use it to verify the encrypted chat. Always get a new security code after it’s been changed.

If the code doesn’t check out then it means that it’s changed or that you have the wrong one for that particular contact. That’s about it.

The code, if it leaks, cannot be used to find your encryption key. You shouldn’t advertise the security code but if it does fall in the wrong hands, you shouldn’t worry too much. No one is getting into your chat messages so you should be good.

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How To Change Your Whatsapp Security Code

Whatsapp encrypts chat messages so that no one can get backdoor access to them. It does this through an encryption key which is kept hidden. For users, this encryption key appears as a security code that they can use to verify that chats are indeed encrypted. The encryption is enabled for all users and there’s no off button. You might have noticed that sometimes you get a message in a chat thread telling you a contact’s security code has changed and wondered how you can change your own Whatsapp security code.

Change Whatsapp Security Code

Out of the box, there’s no way to change the Whatsapp security code manually. There are two cases where Whatsapp will automatically change the security code for you; when you change your phone or phone number, or when you delete and reinstall Whatsapp.

Reinstall Whatsapp

Reinstalling Whatsapp is the easy way to go about changing your Whatsapp security code however, you might lose some of your chat threads. Uninstall it like you would any other app on your phone, and then install it again from your respective app store. It’s highly recommended that you backup your chats before you uninstall Whatsapp as not all messages might be saved, and recovered when you install the app again.

Temporarily Use Another Phone

This requires you have temporary access to another phone. You’ll only need it for as long as it takes to download and set up Whatsapp.

Download Whatsapp and enter the same phone number that you use with it. Do not insert a SIM into the phone. Whatsapp verifies that the phone belongs to you by sending you a verification code. When you receive the code on your regular phone, enter it on the second, temporary device you have. That will trigger the security code to change. You can then delete the app from the second phone.

Security Code Alert

All your contacts will be alerted to the change in your security code. Likewise, you also get an alert within a chat thread when one of your contact’s security code is changed. If you want, you can disable these alerts. To disable the security code alert you get for your contacts, go to the Settings tab on Whatsapp.

Tap your account at the top. On the Account screen, tap Security. On the Security screen, turn the ‘Show Security Notifications’ switch off.

This will stop the notifications from appearing on your device however your contacts will still know when your security code is changed.

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How To Download Files On iOS Via Firefox

The iPhone lets apps store files but those files exist only in the app that created them. For example, if you create a file in Excel, that file can’t be accessed from Google Sheets. As of iOS 11, users have the option to save files to the Files app and access them from other apps. This means that you can now download files on iOS if you have the right tool and it just so happens that Firefox for iOS is that perfect tool.

Download Files On iOS

This is a new feature in Firefox so you need to update the browser to the latest version that’s available. Go to the download page, and download the file you need. You will see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen. Once the download completes, you can view it in the Files app.

Open the Files app, and tap ‘On my Phone’, and you will see a Firefox folder. Tap it and you’ll find a Downloads folder inside. Inside this folder, you will see all the files you downloaded via Firefox.

This might not seem like a big deal but you can move the files from your phone to iCloud via the Files app. Once you do that, you can open iCloud on your desktop, go to the Files app, and access the downloaded file from there.

Neither Firefox nor the Files app will let you view the files unless they’re common file types such as TXT or PNG. If you’ve downloaded a ZIP or RAR file, you won’t be able to extract it in Firefox or the Files app.

Files is Apple’s solution to a central storage area that all apps can access that isn’t the camera roll. It’s not going to change the operating system’s file structure so the app is a reasonable solution. It’s clumsy to use and moving files from on folder to another isn’t exactly intuitive. You can add additional cloud drive services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive which means if you don’t use iCloud, or you’ve run out of space on iCloud, you can use some of the other cloud drive services to save files to.

If you have a file editing app that can edit a file you downloaded, and that can also access files from the Files app you will be able to open and edit it. If you need to download a DOCX file, you can save it to the Files app via Firefox, and then open it from Microsoft Word.

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