How To Fix Broken Apps On iOS 12 Public Beta

Beta software is supposed to have bugs. If you download beta software and run it, you do so knowing that not everything will work all the time. Apps are often released in a controlled private, or public beta but now, operating systems for both desktops and smartphones do the same. You can test beta versions of Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10. In many cases, people are advised not to run beta versions of an OS on their main device but many do. If you’re running the beta versions of iOS 12, you might have a broken app after a new beta has rolled out. If the broken apps on iOS 12 public beta are stock apps e.g., the Notes app, then there is a way to fix them.

This fix only works for apps that you can delete from your phone. For example, you can delete the Notes app but you cannot delete the Photos or Camera app. If either of those apps are broken on your device after updating to a new iOS 12 beta build, your only option is to downgrade to the stable version of iOS 11 and try installing the beta version again. If the app can be deleted, you can fix it.

Broken Apps On iOS 12 Public Beta

Tap and hold on any one of the apps on your home screen to enter edit mode. Once the apps start wriggling, tap the cross i.e., delete button on the app icon for the app that is broken or buggy beyond use. This will obviously delete the app. You should back up anything you will need in future if the app doesn’t use iCloud to sync data before you delete it.

Once you delete the app, search for it in the App Store app. Make sure that the app’s publisher is Apple. Some apps have a new icon in iOS 12 and the ones you find in the App Store will still have the old ones that are in use on iOS 11. This doesn’t matter. Download it anyway.

Once the app downloads, you will see that it has the new icon. Run it and this time, it should run without any problem.

We tried this out with the Voice Memo. The app wouldn’t record after a device was updated to iOS 12 public beta 6. Deleting it and downloading it fixed the problem.

Apple normally doesn’t ship iOS betas that render apps unusable. Some features may not work but an app rarely stops working altogether.

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How To Change Siri’s Accent On iOS 12

Siri is available in multiple languages but within languages themselves, there are different accents. English is one obvious example; it’s a language that’s spoken in different countries and the people who speak it, speak it in a dialect that might be difficult to understand in other countries that speak it as well. Britain alone has lots of different accents and as of iOS 12, you can finally change Siri’s accent for a language.

The accent goes a long way in helping you understand Siri better. If you examine the differences between American and British accents alone, you will see how Siri speaking in the right accent will make it more useful.

This is a new feature in iOS 12 which is still in beta. The stable version will be available in September/October this year.

Change Siri’s Accent

Open the Settings app and tap Siri and Search. The accents that are available are specific to the language you’ve selected for Siri to use. Tap the Siri Voice option and you will see an Accent section at the top of the Siri Voice screen.

Select the accent you want Siri to use. Some accents might have to be downloaded but that won’t take much time.

The accents are only available for Siri supported languages. One interesting thing about this feature is that if you’ve set English (United States) as the language for Siri, and you can set it to use a British accent or an Australian accent.

There are accents available for English, Spanish, and French to name a few. The accents are language-country specific e.g., for French, you have the option to use an authentic French accent or a Canadian accent.

If you’ve had trouble understanding Siri and changing the language e.g. English (United States) to English (United Kingdom) hasn’t been any help, you can try changing the accent.

You don’t have an option to train Siri to understand your accent or how you speak though the AI does learn how you speak when you correct what it’s heard (by tapping the edit option under a command). Perhaps after changing Siri’s accent, it will also understand you better. There’s no indication whether or not this change in accent will also have an impact in how it listens to your command but it should. Part of what makes Siri so accurate in terms of understanding the commands that it has been given is how well it can neutralize an accent or understand it.

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How To Change When Messages Expire On Snapchat

Snapchat is an app built on the whole concept of missing out if you don’t engage it immediately. If you don’t see a message within a limited time frame, it’s gone. All your friends will be talking about it and you’ll be out of the loop. It’s either a limited time frame or the one-view policy that chat messages have. Snapchat is changing things a bit with chat messages. Users now have the option to allow the messages to have a one-time view limit or to allow the message to be viewed multiple times for 24 hours. Here’s how you can choose when messages expire on Snapchat.

Expire Message On Snapchat

This is a new feature available on both iOS and Android. This deals with the private chat messages that are exchanged between users. This is set on a per-person basis which means that you can allow some friends to view a message only once while allowing others to view it as many times as you want for 24 hours.

Open Snapchat and tap the chat button at the bottom left of your screen. Select a conversation from the list of conversations or start a new thread with a contact. Tap the hamburger icon at the top left and and on the chat settings screen, tap the Delete Chats option.

A menu will open with two options; After Viewing, and 24 hours after viewing. By default, the expiry for all conversations is set to After Viewing. The 24 hour option has to be changed manually.

The 24 hour viewing period for a message starts after it has been viewed once. If a message hasn’t been viewed, you can always delete it. It’s not like posting to your story. Anything you post to your story expires 24 hours after you post it regardless of who has, and who hasn’t seen it. With chat messages, an unread message will not start the 24 hour countdown. Once a user views the message that you’ve sent, the 24 hour period will begin counting down.

The messages expire individually which means each message sent within a conversation thread will have its own expiry time based on when it was first seen. If you sent a message at 8 in the morning and another message at 8 in the evening, assuming they were both viewed immediately after being sent, they will have different expiry times. If both messages were viewed at the same time though, they will have the same expiry time, give or take a few seconds.

When you change the message expiry time, your contact is alerted to the change.

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How To Disable Voice Memo Sync On iOS 12

The Voice Memo app is being overhauled in iOS 12. It’s mostly a design overhaul but it seems to have a new option that lets you replace a part of the recording with new recording. The new interface is much less cluttered than the old one and it has one little under-the-hood feature that you might never know about; iCloud syncing. If you have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, then all your voice memos are being synced to it. You can’t access them via iCloud in your browser but they’ll sync to your Mac. If you don’t want voice memos to take up space on iCloud, you can disable Voice memo sync.

Disable Voice Memo Sync

This is pretty simple; open the Settings app and tap your Apple ID at the top. On your Apple ID page, scroll down and tap iCloud. Scroll down the iCloud screen and look for Voice Memo. Turn the switch off and your voice memos will no longer sync to iCloud.

That’s about it. If you’re on macOS Mojave, you might want to dig around and see if the voice memos have synced to your desktop and are taking up space. Deal with them however it is you want.

While you’re on this setting screen, you might want to go through the rest of it because a few more Apple apps are now syncing over iCloud such as News. iCloud sync is basically what iOS and macOS use to make hand-off work. Hand-off allows you to leave a task on one device and pick it up on the other but voice memos might not be one of the things you need to resume working on.

It’s a shame that the voice memos can’t be accessed from iCloud’s web interface. It would be far more useful and users on an iPhone or iPad could access them from the Files app. Since the voice memos can’t be accessed from the Files app, you can’t open them from another voice editing app on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to open a voice memo in a different app on your device, you’re going to have to upload it to a different cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. This makes it all the more pointless to sync them to iCloud unless you intend to edit them on your Mac. Even in that case, it’s better to sync them via iTunes and save the precious space that iCloud offers you, for your photos.

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How To Make Group Calls On Whatsapp

Whatsapp has a new feature; group calls. It works with both video and voice calls. You can call up to four people in one group call. The group call feature isn’t the most obvious so you might still be wondering if it’s rolled out to everyone yet or not. It has and if you know where to look, you can make group calls on Whatsapp right now.

Update the app on your phone before you try a Whatsapp call. Since your recipients will only be answering the call and not initiating the group call, they don’t necessarily need to be running the latest version of the app.

Group Calls On Whatsapp

Open a conversation thread or, go to the Call tab. From the Call tab, select a contact you want to call. If you’re in a chat thread, tap the call button. You can choose either a video or audio call.

When the call is in progress, look at the top right corner and you will see a greyed out option for adding a second person to the call. Wait until the person you called answers, and then the add person button will be active. Tap it and select a contact from your contacts list to add the second, third, and fourth person.

The limit is four people so where Whatsapp is following Instagram and Snapchat’s trajectory in terms of feature development it’s not exactly competing with the two apps. Instagram and Snapchat have group calls for more social communication and where Whatsapp is a social app it’s not exactly in the same category. Whatsapp is best grouped with apps like Facebook Messenger and that makes the four people in a group call a reasonable limit.

It goes without saying that in a group call, everyone can see everyone though when you’re adding a second person to a call, they may not necessarily be told they’re being invited to a group call so give them a heads up before you make it.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps on both iOS and Android. Since it’s highly unlikely that Facetime will ever make it to Android, this feature is pretty great if the call quality turns out to be good. Four is a reasonably good number of people for a group call so it will meet most needs. More importantly, you can answer calls from the web and desktop version which means you can call people on their computers too.

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