How To Disable Resharing To Stories On Instagram For Your Account

If you find an interesting post in your Instagram feed, you can share it with your followers in one of two ways; the Repost app, or by sharing it to your story. The Repost app fills a gap that Instagram refuses to address; resharing posts. Instagram doesn’t let users share a post from their feed to their own account. They can however share a post to their Instagram story. This means that if your account is public, anyone who follows you can also share your posts to their own stories. If you don’t like the idea of your posts being shared this way, you can disable resharing to stories on Instagram.

Disable Resharing To Stories

If you don’t know already, Instagram gives users excellent control over their account, their content, and notifications. Users can customize almost every aspect of everything.

Open Instagram and go to your profile tab. Tap the hamburger icon at the top right. A navigation drawer will open with a gear button at the bottom. Tap the gear button to go to your Options screen. On the Options screen, you will see a ‘Resharing to Stories’ option. Tap it, and turn the switch off to disable resharing to stories.

When someone who follows you attempts to share your post to their story, the share to story option simply will not show up in the share menu. They can still take a screenshot of your post, and then share it to their own story, or even their own account. Instagram doesn’t exactly discourage screenshots. In fact, even Snapchat now allows them so remember that any time you disable sharing options, a screenshot is still possible.

This setting will not have any impact on your ability to share posts to your stories. If a user has disabled the option for their post you won’t be able to share their posts but other than that, there isn’t anything stopping you from resharing posts to your story.

If your Instagram account is private, this setting isn’t something you need to worry about. The users that follow you will not be able to share your posts to their own stories. The screenshot option will still be there.

If you’re disabling resharing to stories because you’re worried about your content being stolen, you should know that the reshared post is duly credited to the person who made it. Stories also tend to expire after a day so the time on your post’s life is short. Lastly, you can delete a post and it will no longer appear in anyone’s story.

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How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger

You can deactivate, and even delete Facebook if you’re tired of the social network and it’s far from healthy impact on your mental health. Deactivating and deleting Facebook is pretty simple but the same can’e be said if you want to deactivate Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger continues to work even if you have deactivated your Facebook account. This is, in part, because Facebook Messenger exists as a service and app outside of Facebook. In fact, you can use your phone number instead of your Facebook account to use Messenger.

Deactivate Facebook Messenger

If you use Facebook Messenger with your Facebook account, you must first deactivate your Facebook account before you can deactivate Facebook Messenger. If you want to get rid of Facebook Messenger without deactivating Facebook, your only option is to turn chat off. Additionally, you can only deactivate Facebook Messenger from one of its smartphone apps. The web interface doesn’t have a deactivate option.

Open Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap your profile picture at the top to go to your settings. Scroll down and tap Legal & Policies.

On the Legal & Policies screen, you will see a Deactivate Messenger option. Tap it and enter your password. Once you’re past the verification screen, tap the Deactivate button.

This will effectively deactivate Facebook Messenger. It will not, however, delete or hide any conversations you’ve had. Other people, with whom you have conversation threads, will still be able to read the chat history.

If you ever want to start using Facebook Messenger again, all you have to do is log back in, and you’re good to go. There doesn’t seem to be a way to delete your Facebook Messenger account other than just deleting the app from it. If your Facebook Messenger account is tied to your Facebook account, then deleting your Facebook account is what it takes to delete Facebook Messenger.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to dispose of your Facebook Messenger account such that all your conversation history goes with it. If you delete your Facebook account, it is possible that the chat thread will no longer show your name and profile picture but if you use a phone number for the messaging service, you might not have any way to remove all traces of your account.

If you’re trying to avoid someone on Facebook Messenger, you can try blocking them, or turning off your active status and read receipts.


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How To DM GIFs On Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing platform. It built its user base on sharing photos enhanced with its built-in filters but it has also pivoted and become something of a messaging platform. No one installs Instagram to replace their messaging app however, there’s no denying that conversations do happen over DM on the app. This is why Instagram tends to focus on it as much as it does on photo sharing. You can now DM GIFs on Instagram. The GIFs come from Giphy.

DM GIFs On Instagram

This feature was added via an app update so make sure you’re running the latest version of the app. GIFs in DMs are available on both iOS and Android.

Once you’ve updated the Instagram app to the latest version, open the app and tap the paper plane button at the top right to go to your direct messages. Create a new conversation thread or select one of the existing ones.

You should see a GIF button next to the photo and heart buttons inside the text input field. Tap it and enter a keyword to search for a GIF.

Tap the GIF you want to use and it will be sent to the recipient. The GIFs come from Giphy but you do not need the app installed on your phone, nor its keyboard version in order to use the feature. Instagram has, like so many other apps, added Giphy integration within the app.

We did notice that the GIFs in the search results are a bit obscure. Giphy normally has all the GIFs and if you use the dedicated app, or you use it on Twitter, you get far better results i.e., ones featuring more popular GIFs that a user is more likely to be searching for.

Instagram hasn’t, as yet, allowed users to share GIFs. For now, you can still only share videos or photos but the social media app has begun to embrace GIFs as a means of communication. Facebook did it a while ago and Whatsapp supports them as well as Facebook Messenger.

To be clear, GIFs aren’t bad. They just don’t belong everywhere. For an an app like Instagram which focuses on sharing images, and that too beautiful ones, GIFs seem out of place. They may only be in the DMs for now but Instagram already has looping videos and you can add GIFs to your story so it’s not too far fetched to think it might eventually let you share GIFs to your timeline. They might call it something like Live Photos.

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How To Loop Videos With Bounce On Snapchat

Snapchat lets you share both images and videos. It has special lenses that work only with videos i.e., the animated ones and it has a neat loop feature that will automatically play your video on repeat. In a recent update, Snapchat has added a new loop feature that allows users to loop only a portion of the video they’ve recorded. It’s called Bounce. Here’s how you use Bounce on Snapchat.

Bounce On Snapchat

Update the Snapchat app on your phone to the latest version. Once you’ve done that, open the app and record a video. Apply a lens, or filter, whatever you want. Once you’re done, tap the loop button on the editing screen twice. It’s the one with two arrows at the very bottom of the toolbar on the right.

When you tap the loop button, a Bounce slider will appear on the screen. Drag it across the screen to select which part of the video you want to loop to.

Bounce is different from normal loop because it focuses on a specific part of the video. If you’ve recorded a full video but only a part of it is good, or you want to highlight it, the bounce loop is a good way to do it.

This is a new feature for Snapchat but it might have been borrowed from Instagram. Instagram has a feature called ‘Boomerang’ which is basically a part of a video being looped. Instagram has been ripping off features from Instagram for quite a while so there’s a bit of irony here. Snapchat may not have ‘ripped it off’, considering the app is normally ahead of other apps in terms of creative features. It may just have improved on the loop feature it originally had.

Bounce is actually better than Boomerang. Boomerang exists as a separate app. You have to record videos in Boomerang and then export them to Instagram. The feature isn’t native to the Instagram app which is probably why it isn’t used as much. Bounce is easier to use, and to discover for the average user i.e., someone who doesn’t use it as an advertising platform.

Videos that are shared with the Bounce loop won’t indicate what sort of loop has been used. Anyone watching the video may be able to guess that you’ve used Bounce but there won’t be any other indications to the fact. Once you loop a video with Bounce, anyone viewing it will not be able to watch the part that has been left out of the loop.

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How To Get The Nun Snapchat Lens

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are two exceptionally popular TV shows that have used Snapchat lenses to promote an upcoming season in their respective series. They’ve both had lenses go viral and the latest company that’s getting into Snapchat lenses is Warner Brothers. They’ve introduced a Nun Snapchat lens for the the upcoming movie The Nun set in the Conjuring universe. Here’s how you can enable it.

The Nun Snapchat Lens

We should mention right off the bat that this lens is geo-restricted i.e., it is available only in select countries. There’s no list of available countries that you can check but it appears to be narrow and for some, its release might also be timed to match the release of the movie in a particular country. You can always use a VPN for Snapchat to fake your location and access the Nun Snapchat lens.

To access the Nun Snapchat lens, you need to scan the Snapcode in the image below (via). You can open Snapchat and point the camera towards the image, and take a photo. This ought to enable the lens if it is available in your country. If it isn’t, it will simply open a link to the movie’s page.

If you can’t snap the code from the image above, you can instead just save it. Once saved, open Snapchat and tap your profile icon at the top left. On your Profile screen, tap Add Friends. On the Add Friends screen, go to the Snapcode tab and select the saved image from your camera roll.

As with any Snapchat lens, this one will eventually expire. Since this is meant to promote a movie, it will likely expire sooner than other lenses.

The lens works with the front camera and features you holding the iconic candle in a candle-stand featured in the movie’s poster. You can blow the candle out and the Nun appears behind you. You can check out user uploaded videos by searching for #theNun on Twitter. Twitter also has a little emoji to commemorate the movie and it shows up if you use the hashtag #theNun.

There was a slightly less amusing ad for the Nun that was rolled out on YouTube. It was basically the Nun screaming at you except users never saw the ad coming. It was one of those ads that play in the middle of a video (that’s a thing on YouTube) and is basically a jumpscare ad. Not a lot of people were happy about it and we don’t know if it’s still showing up but the movie is out so it might have been retired.

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