How To Create Your Own Instagram Channel

Instagram now lets users create their own channels and broadcast videos from it. This new feature is called IGTV i.e., Instagram TV. The social media app is dubbing it as the video channel for vertical videos, because we all need more of those. This new feature isn’t exclusive to certain users. If you want, you can create your own Instagram channel.

Make sure the Instagram app is up to date. This feature is available on both iOS and Android.

Create Instagram Channel

Open the Instagram app and tap the new TV icon at the top right. This will take you to the IGTV screen where you can see every channel created by users that you follow, and view what they’ve chosen to broadcast. On this screen, you will notice a gear icon. Tap it.

Tapping the gear icon will open a menu with a Create Channel option. Tap it, swipe through the three on-boarding screens, and tap the Create Channel button at the end.

You will not be prompted to enter a name for the channel. It goes by your username. Once you tap the Create button, the channel will be created and you will return to the main IGTV screen. Here, you will see your own profile icon appear where the gear icon did. Tap it to upload something to your Instagram channel.

Tap the plus button to share something to your channel. Upload a video, give it a title, and a description. If you want, you can make the video visible on your Facebook page.

It appears that there is no way to delete an Instagram channel just yet. There are also no management settings for the channel i.e., you cannot block someone from seeing what you broadcast. It’s safe to assume that everything that is broadcast is public.

Users that you have blocked on Instagram will not be able to view your channel however, there is no selective blocking for channels like there is for Instagram stories.

An Instagram channel allows users to share longer videos, and unlike Instagram Stories, the videos do not disappear after 24 hours. Instagram stories have been fairly popular with content creators. For users who do not share as frequently, there’s always the option of sharing another user’s post to their Instagram Story. This makes it so that anyone can share to their story. The edge that IGTV has over stories and other posts is that you can use it share longer videos and that is bound to appeal to a lot of users.

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How To Mute An Instagram Account

Social media is generally regarded as a way to share something, anything, with lots of people. Every social media platform has its own way of sharing but what they all have in common is that you build your audience via friends or followers. Instagram is no different; you build your followers, and likewise follow accounts that interest you. As with any other social media, the accounts you follow don’t always post content that you’re interested in. Sometimes, they’ll post about one topic for so long it will clutter your feed which is why Instagram has added a feature to mute an Instagram account.

Muting an Instagram account is the equivalent of unfollowing someone on Facebook. You still remain friends with the person but you no longer see posts from them in your home feed. The person is unaware that they’ve been muted. Twitter has a similar mute feature.

Mute An Instagram Account

This is a new feature that is slowly rolling out to users. It will be available to both iOS and Android users. Make sure the Instagram app is up to date and it ought to appear soon if it hasn’t already rolled out for your account.

To mute an Instagram account, open the app and scroll through your home feed. When you see a post from an account that you want to mute, tap the three little dots at the top right of the post.

In the menu that opens, tap the ‘Mute’ option. You can mute posts, or posts and story for the account. Alternatively, you can mute an Instagram account by going to the account and tapping the three dots button at the top right. A menu will open with a Mute option.

To unmute an account, visit the account’s page and tap the three dots button at the top right. For a muted account, the menu that opens will have an unmute option. Tap it, and posts from the account will start appearing in your home feed once again.

Like the mute options on other social media platforms, the user you mute will not be aware that you’ve muted them. Likewise, when you unmute a user, they will not know about it. Muting is nothing like blocking a user. When you mute an account, you only block their posts from appearing in your feed. The account, if it follows you, will still see all your posts and everything you post to your story. If a user mutes you, you won’t know about it either.

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How To Block Someone On Snapchat

A block feature is essential when it comes to any social media app or service. Users need it to ward off trolls and other users who just won’t stop messaging them. Snapcchat is no different and it does have a block feature. Here’s how you can block someone on Snapchat.

Block On Snapchat

Open Snapchat and tap the chat icon at the bottom left to go to the list of chat threads. Anyone you’ve ever sent a message or snap to will be listed here. The messages or snaps may have disappeared however, the chat thread will still be there. Tap the thread for the person you want to block and tap the hamburger icon at the top left.

This will open a settings screen for that particular user. On this screen, you can request a user’s location, share your location, share usernames, edit the name, enable Do Not Disturb, and of course block a user. Tap the Block option, and confirm that you want to block them. Once the user has been blocked, Snapchat will ask why you wanted to block them. It uses this information to manage users who may be misusing the platform.

If you’ve accidentally blocked someone, you can just as easily unblock them. Go to the main camera view screen on Snapchat and tap your bitmoji/profile icon at the top left. On the next screen, tap the cog wheel button at the top right to go Snapchat’s settings.

On the Settings screen, scroll down until you see the Blocked option. Tap it and you will see a list of everyone you’ve blocked on Snapchat. Tap the little cross button next to a name and that user will be unblocked.

We should mention that if the only reason you’re blocking someone on Snapchat is that they message too often and it’s distracting, you can enable the previously mentioned Do Not Disturb mode and mute notifications from them. This works with group message threads too which are almost always more active than one-on-one message threads.

Once you block a user, they will no longer be able to message you, send snaps, or view your Snapchat story. This will obviously clue them in to the fact that they’ve been blocked. If you’re getting a lot of spam messages or messages from trolls on Snapchat, you might want to turn off Quick add and make it a little harder for people to find and add you on Snapchat.

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How To Delete The App Cache For An App On Android

Android apps can, and do run into random problems. Sometimes, they just have to be quit and opened again, other times they might need to updated. If you have an Android app that randomly stops responding, that will not connect to the internet, is unable to access a critical service, or is unable to load content, you might be able to fix the problem if you delete the app cache for said app. Here’s how to do just that.

The app cache is deleted on a per-app basis. There is no setting on Android that will summarily delete the app cache for all apps on your Android phone. It’s worth mentioning that you rarely need to delete the app cache for all apps on your device. Deleting it for a few apps, the problematic ones, is usually enough.

Delete The App Cache

Open the Settings app and tap Apps & Notifications. Here, tap to view all apps. Depending on which version of Android you’re running, your apps list might be named something different or it might be under a Manage Apps section. You will need to dig around a bit to find it.

On the apps list, tap the app that you want to delete the cache for. This will take you to the App Info screen for that app. On older versions of Android, you might see a Clear Cache button on the App Info screen. If you do not see the button on the main App Info screen, tap Storage, and that’s where you will see a Clear Cache button. Tap to delete the app cache. It takes less than thirty seconds to complete.

For particularly problematic apps, you can also try deleting the app data stored by the app on your device. To do so, tap the Manage Space button on the app’s Storage screen. Tap ‘Clear all data’ to delete the app’s data stored on your device. This is normally data that the app builds up as you use the app more and more. If you clear the data for an app like Google Drive, you will not lose the files you’ve saved to it.

Clearing the cache and the app data for an app on Android is a low-level troubleshooting step that you can perform on the go if an app suddenly stops working. This step works to fix problems where an app is having trouble signing you in, or if it is unable to connect to the internet.

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How To Delete A Sent Message On Snapchat

Snapcchat is an app that is built on temporarily available information. Your stories expire, and your chat messages expire. It’s what drives engagement with the app’a users. If you don’ engage with content when it’s available, you may not be able to do so later. Snapchat has added a new feature to its chat that allows you to delete a sent message on Snapchat. It works with both one-on-one chat threads, and with group chat threads. Here’s how to delete a sent message on Snapcaht.

Delete A Sent Message On Snapchat

You need to first update the Snapchat app to the latest version available. This feature is added, and works, by way of an app update. What this also means is that if your friends are using an older version of the app, you may not be able to delete a sent message within their chat thread.

Once you’ve updated the app, send a message to a contact that you know is running the latest version of the app. Tap and hold on the message you’ve just sent, and a menu will appear. It ought to have a ‘Delete’ option in there.

This feature needs quite a few conditions to be met in order for it to work. With our initial tests, the Delete button simply wouldn’t appear. When you first delete a message Snapchat tells you that it will try and remove it from your friends’ side however it may not always succeed in doing so. It sites poor internet, or an older version of Snapchat being the reason the delete might fail.

When you delete a message, the action appears in the chat on your end only i.e., you will see ‘You deleted a chat’ message on your end however, your friend will not see this same message on their end.

The best way to make sure your message is deleted is to delete it as soon as possible. If your friend has seen a message, there is no taking it back which means with an active chat, you have very little time to react. With group chats, you have a little more leeway. It seems that as long as everyone in the group hasn’t seen the message, you can still take it back. We’ve deduced this based on the little demo that Snapchat gives of the new feature. If you have a group chat with 6 people in it, and you send a message that only 3 or 4 have seen, you can still take it back.

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