How to check if an Android phone is rooted or not

Rooting an Android phone is not easy, especially if it’s your first time. If you’ve rooted your phone, chances are you know you did it. It’s not the kind of thing you do by accident. Rooting isn’t something that can be hidden even if you don’t root a device yourself. Here’s how to check if an Android phone, or tablet, is rooted  or not.

Android phone – Rooted or not

There are two easy ways to check if an Android phone is rooted or not. Both involve apps. The first is an app called SU or SuperUser. Search the app drawer for an app of this name. If it’s installed on the device, it is very likely that it is rooted.

Of course, the SU app may simply be installed and not have been used to root the device. In that case, it should tell you as much.

If you want a second opinion, or you were unable to find the SU app on the device, install Root Check. It’s a free Android app that can, as the name implies, check if the Android device is rooted or not. Download the app from the Google Play store and run it.

The first tab, i.e., the Root tab will tell you if the device is rooted or not.

There are other ways to check if an Android phone is rooted or not. The above methods are reliable and there’s no ‘hiding’ the root status of a phone or fooling the app mentioned above. There are tons of other apps available in the Google Play Store that can check the root status of a device. You can take your pick.

Check from PC

If you want to check the root status of an Android phone from your PC, you can do so via the Command Prompt. The process works but you need to have ADB tools installed and you need to have drivers for the Android device installed on your PC as well. Additionally, you will need to enable USB debugging on the Android device.

Connect the Android phone to your PC. Make sure it is powered On. Make sure USB debugging is enabled. Open Command Prompt with admin rights, and run the following command.

adb shell su

The command will return the root status of the connected device. The screenshot below shows that the device is not rooted.

Between these three methods, you will be able to check the root status of your device with complete certainty.

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How to use Skype screen share on iOS and Android

Screen sharing has long been a feature on Skype’s desktop apps and it is one of the more popular features of the app. Skype is used extensively in work environments and this feature is a handy one in that setting. As of a recent update, you can finally share your phone’s screen over Skype. The Skype apps for both iOS and Android now support screen sharing.

Skype screen share on iOS and Android

Make sure the Skype app on your phone is up to date. Check the respective app stores on your device for available updates and install any update that’s available.

The feature is available whether you’re in a video call or an audio call however, during tests, it was a bit buggy. For best results, we recommend initiating an audio only call and then using screen sharing.

Initiate an audio call and tap the more options button at the bottom right. In the menu that opens, select the Share Screen option.

You will see a pop up appear on your screen which will list the various apps on your phone that can broadcast your screen. Skype should be listed there. Select it, and tap the ‘Start Broadcast’ option, and return to the call. Wait for the ‘Sharing screen’ banner to appear at the top before you switch to other apps.

Once your screen is being shared, you can navigate your phone and whatever is on your screen will be shared over the call. It is important to note that the ‘Sharing screen’ banner must appear before you assume that your screen is being shared. It might be recorded but that banner is what indicates that sharing is active.

Your call recipient will be able to see your screen whether they’re on their desktop or on a mobile device themselves.

Ending a call will stop the screen from being shared but on iOS, your screen will continue to record until you stop it. To do so, tap the red bar at the top and select the stop recording or stop broadcasting option.

Screen sharing quality

In order to try this feature, we had to make a total of five calls. The first two were video calls and the screen sharing failed to start. The other three were all audio calls and screen sharing finally worked in the last one. The point is, it may take a few attempts to get the feature to work. As long as the screen sharing option is there in the app, you will be able to use it.

Skype has recently began to add more productivity oriented features such as background blurring, subtitles, and a code editor.

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How to play Snapchat Games

Snapchat has become more interactive over time. Given the nature of the app, it needs to constantly add new, relevant features to keep its users engaged. It often releases lenses themed around popular movie releases or trending TV shows. It also has lens challenges and  games that you can play with two or more people. Here’s how you can play Snapchat games.

Play Snapchat Games

Snapchat games can be accessed from the lenses drawer. They tend to keep changing so a game that’s here today will be gone tomorrow. The point of the app has always been to engage with the content while it’s available. The game you see featured in the screenshot below may no longer be available when you go to try it but you will likely have other games to play.

Open Snapchat and tap on an empty area on the camera view finder, or tap the smiley icon next to the camera shutter button. The games are on the left so swipe left to right to browse them. A game’s lens will have ‘vs’ on its thumbnail. Select a game and tap the Start button to start playing.

Depending on the type of game it is, you might play one round and then challenge a friend tto play, or you might complete the game on your side first and your friend will have to beat your score.

The games offer instructions on how to play them though they’re hardly difficult to figure out. Once you’ve played a round, or completed the game, your score will be shown. You can then snap a photo and send it to the friend you want to challenge.

When your friend receives the snap, they will be able to play the exact same game. Again, depending on the nature of the game, if there’s another round to play, your friend will snap their score and send it to you so that you can continue. If the game is one round for each player, you will see your friend’s final score.

You can challenge several friends to the same game at once. A single snap can be sent to multiple friends and they can all play the game with you. Alternatively, you can create a fresh snap and start a new Snapchat game for each friend that you want to play with.

The games, in addition to being interactive, also include filters etc., that are added to your snap.

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How to check if a number is on WhatsApp

Messaging has changed quite a bit over the years. There was a point in time when text message was the only way to message but online messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Slack, Disccord, Telegram, etc., have changed things. It’s gotten to a point where messenger apps like WhatsApp even have business accounts for those that need it. It’s unlikely that a person doesn’t use the service but if you need to check if a number is on WhatsApp, it’s pretty easy. The app has a built-in check for it.

Check number on WhatsApp

Copy the number you want to check to your clipboard. Open WhatsApp and tap on the new message button. When you go to the New Chat screen, you have the option to add a new contact. Tap the New Contact button and in the number field, enter the number you want to check.

If the number is not connected to a WhatsApp account, you will see a ‘Not on WhatsApp’ message under it. There’s not much you can do about it. You can use an old fashion text message and let the owner of the number know which app you prefer for everyday conversation.

It goes without saying that anyone with your phone number can also look up whether or not you use WhatsApp. Beyond that though, there is no information that can be discovered. Your name, location, activity status, and any stories that you’ve posted will all be private until you exchange messages with a number.

This may be a slight security risk though for users who don’t want their app usage to be discovered. This also tends to give away if a user has the app installed on their phone. If the app isn’t installed on a phone, it may not count as an active user. Checking if a user is on WhatsApp with this method doesn’t alert them to the fact.

If you proceed to add the number as a contact, they will not know that you did so. It’s only when you send them a message will they be made aware that you have their phone number. The message will also reveal your name and your profile picture if it’s set to public. After that, the person you contacted can message you back and you will both be able to see the others name, profile picture, active status, stories, etc.

In no way does WhatsApp allow a contact to read conversations that you have had with other people.

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How to fix auto-following spam accounts on Instagram

If you notice a sudden spike in the number of accounts you follow, or you see you’ve suddenly followed a random account that you don’t remember actually following, you’re not alone. This happens to quite a few users and often, the increase in the follower count is massive going from a two or three digit number to a four digit one. We’re going to go over what you can do if this happens and briefly touch on why it happens.

Fixing spam account follows

If you’ve followed a massive number of new accounts, you’re going to have to manually unfollow them. There is no shortcut for this. If you’re tempted to use a third-party app to unfollow spam accounts, we strongly discourage you from doing so. Once you’ve unfollowed these spam accounts, you need to do three things; audit your authorized apps, change your password, and set up two factor authentication.

Audit authorized apps

You can only manage your authorized apps from the desktop. Open a web browser and visit Instagram. Log in to your account and go to your Profile page. Next to the ‘Edit Profile’ button, you will see a cog wheel button. Click it. In the menu that opens, select Authorized Apps.

The Authorized apps will list all the apps that you have allowed to connect to your Instagram account. Anything that you don’t remember using or recognize, you should remove it immediately. If you’ve only got a few, trusted apps authorized, it might still be a good idea to revoke their access for at least a small period of time.

Change password

Change your Instagram password right away. It is possible that your password may have been hacked. Change your password right away. You can do this from the Security settings in the Instagram app or from the web interface. It’s up to you.

Two factor authentication

On the same screen, you can enable two factor authentication. Enable it for your account so that any logins that haven’t been initiated by you are stopped.You should NOT opt to use an authenticator app to be extra safe. Use your phone number.

Why this happens

You might have heard of services that promise to get you more followers on your preferred social network. They work through apps and services that users have authorized to connect with their account. Normally, they appear to be harmless but they can turn out to be follower farms. This is why you shouldn’t use apps to unfollow accounts as advised earlier.

As for changing your password and enabling two factor authentication, it’s a precaution that you can take in case your account has been compromised.

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