12 Best Escape Room Games Online

Playing games online is a great way to take your mind off work or studies or just kill a few hours of time when you feel like it. You can play something light and simple like the hidden Google games, or you can choose something more challenging like escape the room games online.

Yes, the popular “find a way out of the room in Xx minutes by solving puzzles” games are also available online. You can play them solo, or host a Zoom meeting with your friends and enjoy looking for clues together. 

Have a look at our list of the best free escape room games online that we categorized by interests. Choose one that suits your mood the most, or play them all one by one. 

Best Escape Room Games For Fantasy Lovers

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room is the perfect pick for any fantasy lover and especially for the Harry Potter fans. This free escape room game online is packed with the themed references that any Potterhead will appreciate. You’ll also get plenty of fun visuals, such as pictures and clips from the Harry Potter movies. 

There’s an option to play individually, as a group, or even compete against other users. 

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is also a great escape room game online for the fans of magical spells. The main character here is the witch from Russian folklore – Baba Yaga – who even makes an appearance in the game a few times. You’re kidnapped and have to find a way out of her hut by solving riddles, feeding her pets, and casting spells. 

Baba Yaga is a good pick for someone who values a good picture over the contents of the game. 

Note: Playing this and some other games on our list requires Flash enabled in your browser

The Mystery Of Time And Space

Released first in 2001, The Mystery Of Time And Space is considered a pioneer of escape room games online.

When you start the game in a simple room with just a few objects, it’s hard to predict the supernatural plot twists yet to come. Some questions might stay unanswered even when you complete this game. A great option for sci-fi fans. 

For Gaming Fans

Minecraft Escape Room

Minecraft is not like any game you’ve ever played before. Whether you’re a big fan or just a beginner, this free Minecraft-themed digital escape room won’t leave you disappointed.

The game is full of math riddles, pictures and videos that all resemble everyone’s favorite Minecraft style. 

The Doors

For those who are into labyrinths and finding the right paths, we recommend trying The Doors escape room game. It has rooms and doors – nothing less and nothing more. Your goal here is to go back and forth, find and solve all the clues, and figure a way out. 

Murder Escape

If you like thriller and murder mystery, Murder Escape is the game for you. First thing you discover when starting the game is a pool of blood oozing from under the door. You have to find all the clues and get out of the room before the police get there. 

Pay attention to all the instructions in the beginning of the game. Otherwise you might have some difficulties figuring out the gameplay. 

Escape Room Games Online For Those Working From Home

Escape The Office

Whether you’re already working from home or just started looking for an online job to make that happen, this escape the room game will hit the spot for you. 

See how fast you can solve the riddles and find the way out of the boring office room that you’re trapped in. 

Escaping The Prison

Does your office sometimes feel like prison? In this free escape room game, your character, Henry Stickman, has been wrongfully accused of a bank robbery. Your job is to get him out. Depending what items you use and which paths you take, you will either escape or end up back in the cell.

Escaping The Prison is a fun story with a variety of outcomes and beautiful stick figure animation as well. 

Crimson Room

For the old school lovers, our next entry is the Crimson Room escape room game online. What may seem as a simple setting and gameplay is actually one of the most engaging and fun escape room games on our list. 

Needless to say, if you’re not attentive enough, after a few aimless spins around this art house-style apartment, you’ll hate this crimson room more than you hated that boring office you used to work in. 

Family-Friendly Escape Room Games Online

Shrek Themed Escape Room

If you’re looking for a game to play with your kids or your family, try the Shrek Themed Escape Room. It’s a free escape the room game with a simple interface and visuals based on the all-time favorite animated Shrek movie. 

Ant Hill Trap

Ant Hill Trap can be a great educational game for your kids. The graphics and music are child-friendly, and the game plot is endearing. It’s a great way to introduce your children to the world of escape room games. 

Neutral’s Room Escape Games

If you’re looking for a variety of family-friendly digital escape room games, visit Neutral’s website. There are over a dozen escape the room games on the site that feature different style rooms with a variety of puzzles. 

The games come in different difficulty levels, from one to four stars, so you can choose the one you feel you can tackle. The Xmas Escape series will make for a good introduction into escape the room games for your kids. 

Other Games You Can Play Online

Not every day is the Escape The Room game day. Sometimes you just want to relax and play something less mind-provoking and more silly and fun. For those days, playing Cards Against Humanity online will be just perfect. Though if you’re looking to escalate the challenge, go for intellectual games like Scrabble instead. 

Have you ever played an Escape Room game online? What was the most interesting riddle you came across in that game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

How to Backup PS4 Data To The Cloud

In our almost all-digital world, the loss of data can be devastating, especially if that data happens to be a Skyrim save you’ve sunk hundreds of hours into. The good news is that cloud storage makes it possible to back your data up for any reason, whether you are wiping your console—or because you know if you have to start over, you’re going to play a stealth archer and it will all be over.

The process to backup PS4 data to the cloud is simple. You only need a PlayStation Plus subscription to access PlayStation’s cloud storage options. You can get a single month for as little as $10 per month, but the more cost-effective option is to invest for a year at a time, or roughly $60 per year.

How To Backup PS4 Data To The Cloud

The most obvious (and common) use for PS4 cloud storage is to ensure your saved games are not lost if your console is damaged. Another great reason is to transfer save data from one console to another; for example, to show off something in a game to a friend. No matter the reason, here’s how to get started.

Go to the PlayStation 4 main menu by pressing the PlayStation button on your controller. From there, make your way to the Settings menu—the toolbox icon at the far-right beside the power icon.

From here, scroll down the menu until you find Application Saved Data Management. You will then see four different menu options:

  • Saved Data in System Storage
  • Saved Data in Online Storage
  • Saved Data on USB Storage Device
  • Auto-Upload

Select Auto-Upload. It will take you to the next screen where you can then choose what, if any, games and applications you want to automatically upload to the cloud. You will first need to make sure the box is checked beside Enabled Automatic Uploads.

Any game you choose will automatically upload its data to the cloud whenever the PlayStation 4 enters Rest Mode, provided you have Stay Connected to the Internet selected in power settings.

Of course, this isn’t the only method for uploading save data to the cloud.

How To Upload Save Data To The Cloud From The Main Menu

If you don’t want to enable automatic uploads (perhaps because you have limited bandwidth) but you want to backup data to the cloud for a one-time event, there’s an easy way.

First, select the game in the main menu that you want to upload. When you find it, press the Options button on your controller. A menu will pop in from the right side of the screen. The first option is to Upload/Download Saved Data.

Press X. You will be taken to a new screen where you will see all of the data currently in online storage. You can also see all of the available data stored on your system. At the top, you have two options: Upload All, which takes all of your saved games on your system memory and uploads to the cloud, or Select and Upload which allows you to choose individual saved files to upload.

The second setting is the best one to choose if you have multiple saved files and only want to back up the most recent. However, if you don’t use cloud storage often and you want the quick and easy version, just choose Upload All.

If you choose to automatically upload your data to the cloud, it may take several hours before it’s all available, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Keep in mind that first-generation PlayStation 4s are notorious for poor Wi-Fi cards, so if you want to upload your information quickly, use an Ethernet cable.

Backing Up PS4 Data Without a PlayStation Plus Subscription

While PS+ is a great value with the number of free games and cloud storage it provides, many people don’t care about the games and find that paying $60 per year (or more) is a lot of money just for cloud storage.

If you only have a few specific saved files you want to protect, you can do so for free. Just use a USB card instead of cloud storage. Go to the Settings menu and choose Application Saved Data Management again. Instead of choosing Auto-Upload, select Saved Data in System Storage and then choose Copy to USB Storage Device.

Once you choose the USB medium you want to save the data to, you just have to sit back and wait—and remember to keep the drive in a safe place!

No matter your reason for backing up your data, it’s a good idea to know how. Nothing is more devastating than losing your favorite save file and being forced to start all over again from scratch.  

10 Best Sites For Free Tattoo Designs And Fonts

Getting a new tattoo is always exciting, but it can be just as stressful. Especially if you don’t quite know what to get yet. If you’re someone who enjoys planning and browsing through many options before going to the tattoo artist, an online tattoo design service can be very helpful.

There’s no shortage of apps and websites with free tattoo designs, fonts and sketches to choose from. We handpicked the best online resources that will help you visualize and create the right tattoo design for you. 


Best for: Anyone searching for inspiration and new ideas. 

Price: Free or $5.99 per month for premium features. 

Tattoodo is a truly premium tattoo web resource. While its main focus is helping users find their inspirations and ideas for new tattoos, it’s actually more of a social network tool for the tattoo community. 

Among the many categories that you can find on this site is a collection of articles about current tattoo-related news and tendencies, videos from tattoo events and conventions, and tattoo guides for all users. 

You can also use Tattoodo both on your computer and your smartphone to connect with local artists and book your next tattoo with them online. 

Download: for iOS, Android

Tattoo Designs

Best for: Those who haven’t decided what kind of tattoo they want yet.

Price: Free

The Tattoo Designs app offers just that – a giant catalog of free tattoo designs for your next tattoo. You can browse thousands of tattoos by categories – anything from abstract to very specific titles. When you find the designs you like, you can save them into your Favorites and then download them. 

The app also has a map that shows you nearby tattoo studios and their working hours. 

The only downside here is that the app is not available on any other platforms but Android. 

Download: for Android

Tattoo Fonts

Best for: Someone looking to get a script tattoo.

Price: Free 

If you’re thinking of getting a script tattoo (a word or a phrase), you will know that the right font makes all the difference. The Tattoo Fonts app comes with 125 customizable fonts that you can try before going to the tattoo parlor. 

Write the text of your future tattoo, choose a font, and size. Download if you’re happy with the style or move on to the next font to find the perfect match. Available only for iOS. 

Download: for iOS


Best for: Anyone undecided.  

Price: Free 

For those who are still undecided on what kind of tattoo they want, where and even when they want to get it, Instagram is the perfect place to start to find free tattoo designs. 

Tattoo artists use this network to promote and share their art. Others use hashtags and tags to mention their favourite tattoo studios in their posts and stories. All you need to do is find the right hashtags to follow and keep an eye on the new photos and designs. 

Aside from the obvious #tattoos and #tattooart, try using #inked and #tattoosketch to find new ideas. If you’re looking for something more specific, try #tattoosleeve, or #traditionaltattoo. You can also narrow it down by using tattoo styles as hashtags, like #blackwork. 

Don’t forget that you can now browse Instagram using both your PC and smartphone. 

Download: for iOS, Android


Best for: Those searching for strong visuals.

Price: Free. 

Pinterest is another social network that you can use for tattoo inspiration. The whole network is about collecting your favourite pictures and designs. Many users on Pinterest have impressive collections of tattoo designs and fonts that you can browse through. 

A good start is to follow Inkstinct for tattoo trends from around the world and Tattoo Ideas for more examples of what your future tattoo might look like on your body. 

Use Pinterest to look through other people’s pinned tattoo ideas or start collecting your own pins with the tattoo designs you find interesting.

Download: for iOS, Android

Custom Tattoo Design 

Best for: One of a kind design. 

Price: Varies. 

Are you tired of looking at numerous tattoo works that all look similar? Custom Tattoo Design is a website where you can hire an artist to create a unique custom design tailored to your wishes and needs.

Visit the site, submit a brief description of your idea, and get a professional to draw your perfect one of a kind tattoo sketch. The pay varies depending on the size and complexity of the work. 

Skin Motion

Best for: Someone looking to get a truly niche tattoo.

Price: A One-time payment of $39.99 to get the app to read your tattoo and $9.99 per year to keep it activated.

What can be more unique than a tattoo of your own voice on your body? Skin Motion offers you to tattoo a soundwave of an audio clip up to 30 sec long. It could be your own voice, a song, or even your dog barking. The audio clip is then stored on the site and you can read it anytime using the app.

The size, color, and shape of your soundwave tattoo are customizable and you can add any design elements you like to it. 

Download: for iOS, Android


Best for: Those who can’t decide where on the body to get a tattoo. 

Price: Free.

Inkhunter is a unique app that uses augmented reality to show you what your future tattoo will look like on your body. 

You can use one of the tattoo examples from the app’s gallery or upload your own, then place it on any part of your body and see it in real-time. You can position and resize it in any way you like. Tattoo artists often use Inkhunter to show the clients what to expect from their future tattoo. 

Download: for iOS, Android


Best for: Finding the best tattoo artist for you.

Price: Free.

If you’re looking for a personal connection and understanding with your tattoo artist, Inksquad can help you find the right professional for you. 

Using Inksquad you can chat with tattoo artists, ask for advice, help with sketching your tattoo, and even book an appointment. There’s also a diverse gallery of tattoo designs that you can search by different filters and body parts. 

Download: for iOS.

Design Your Own Tattoo

Nobody knows you better than yourself. If you know exactly what you want and you can draw, you can design your own tattoo yourself using one of the apps for creating custom images

Where do you look for new tattoo ideas and free tattoo designs? Have you ever used any online tools for tattoo inspiration? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

Is AliExpress Safe And Legit To Buy From?

AliExpress is a popular online shopping site that sells products at much cheaper prices than your typical branded stores. AliExpress is owned by a Chinese retail giant called Alibaba, and its main purpose is to challenge online stores like Amazon and eBay internationally. 

Even though AliExpress is one of the most visited online shopping websites in the world, many users still don’t trust this platform. If you’re also wondering if Aliexpress is safe to buy from, read our review of the site and see if it dispels your concerns. 

What Is AliExpress & How It Works

AliExpress is an online shopping platform that sells a wide range of items, including clothes, beauty products, electronics, jewelry, furniture and more. The majority of products on the site come from Chinese manufacturers. You won’t find any branded items on the platform. AliExpress also doesn’t sell ebooks or any kind of software.

AliExpress ships the items worldwide and is open to users from anywhere around the world. You can use the site in any of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian (Portuguese), Polish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Hebrew, Thai, and Korean. 

How To Use AliExpress

You can shop on AliExpress via the official website or the smartphone app (Download for: iOS, Android). 

Before you start using the platform, you need to create a free account. To sign up, follow these steps:

  1. Open Aliexpress via browser or the smartphone app.
  1. Under the Sign in menu, choose Join or Join Free
  1. Fill in the sign up form with your email address and password and click Create Account. Alternatively, you can sign up with your Google, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media account. 

After you create your account, AliExpress will ask you to fill in your profile. The details you’ll need to provide include your first and last name, gender, birthdate, nationality, the shopping categories that interest you, and what other online stores you shop at.

Once you fill in your AliExpress profile, you can begin shopping. You can browse the items by categories from the menu on the left side of the site, or type the product name into the search bar at the top of the window. 

To buy an item, go to the product’s page. Select the right size, color, and delivery option. Then click Buy Now to finish the purchase or Add to Cart to continue shopping. 

Is It Safe To Buy From AliExpress?

Once you start browsing on AliExpress, you’ll see that a lot of items cost less than if you were buying domestically. That raises questions and doubts among buyers. Many people wonder: Is AliExpress safe to buy from at all?

Generally, AliExpress is a safe and legit platform to buy from. When you buy an item on the platform, you have options to contact the seller, receive a tracking number, track your goods, and then get a full refund on items that arrive damaged, late, or don’t arrive at all. 

However, when shopping on AliExpress you need to be smart. While one reason the products they sell are cheap is that you’re buying directly from a manufacturer, another reason is that some of the items are counterfeit (fake). 

To avoid disappointment, make sure to check the reviews from other buyers, as well as the seller’s rating on the site before buying something from AliExpress. 

Tips And Tricks For Using AliExpress

AliExpress can save you a lot of money and help you find the best deals online. Like with any e-commerce platform, you need to be a smart shopper. Here are a few tips to make your first AliExpress experience go flawless. 

Research The Product And The Seller

When you decide on the product you want to buy, make sure to visit the section with online reviews from other users who bought the item before. To take it even further, go to the seller’s (or store’s) page and check their rating on the site. 

Avoid buying products from sellers that have reviews saying they previously didn’t deliver the items or the items delivered didn’t match the description on the site. 

Avoid Buying Branded Goods

Generally, if you’re buying any non-Chinese products on AliExpress, there’s a big chance of them being counterfeit. Only buy branded items on the site if you don’t mind them not being authentic. 

Don’t Confirm Delivery Before Checking Your Order

On the tracking page of your order there’s an option to Confirm Order Received. Don’t press that button before actually receiving your items and checking them for problems. Otherwise it’ll be more difficult to open a dispute and get a refund from the seller afterwards. 

Plan Ahead For Long Shipping

One pleasant surprise on AliExpress is that the majority of sellers offer free shipping. However, if you pay attention to the shipping details, you’ll see that the delivery sometimes takes up to 60 days. 

If you need your items to arrive quicker, choose one of the paid shipping options instead. Or simply plan ahead for long deliveries. Order your items in advance and you won’t have to pay extra. 

Worry Free Online Shopping

Even though they help you save money and effort, sites like Wish or AliExpress often raise safety concerns among the potential buyers. Products manufactured in China in general have a reputation for poor quality. However, if you’re willing to take a risk, you may receive a well made item for just a snippet of what you’d have paid for it in a store back home. 

Have you ever bought something from AliExpress? Were you happy with the goods you bought? Share your AliExpress experience with us in the comments below and help others decide whether AliExpress is safe. 

7 Best Sites To Identify A Phone Number

A few decades back, if you needed to identify a phone number, you’d just thumb through the listings in the public directory or phone book for your country or area code until you found the person you wanted to call.

Today, our phones hold our phone books in a tiny SIM card, which saves phone numbers, email addresses and the contact’s photo. However, if you get a call or text message from an unknown number that’s not saved on your phone or SIM card, you may need a different service to find the person’s name or identity.

To help you with that, here are some of the best sites to identify phone numbers online.

Best Sites To Identify a Phone Number Online

Most people search for anything they’re looking for on search engines like Google, Bing and others, but these aren’t as good for finding phone numbers as people search sites are. However, you could find phone numbers related to a business or company depending on whether or not it has an online presence.

People Search Engines

People search engines on the other hand, not only help you find who you’re looking for, but they also show you contact details, relatives, location, work history, and more. Most of these sites rely on information from public records and allow you to search using what you already know. 

They also use reverse tactics, social media profiles, web searches and other methods. For instance, you can look up a cell phone number belonging to a person if you know their name, email address or physical address. The following list of the best search sites will help you find people online with just a  phone number.

However, some of these sites charge a fee, and some of the information may be outdated, so you may or may not find the right identity.

Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to identify a phone number is by looking it up on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, which have a massive user base from all over the world.

Most of these users share information including their personal and/or business phone numbers, so you can easily find the person behind a specific number. Just enter the phone number into the platform’s search bar and see what it turns up.

However, not everyone’s profile is public, so you may have to connect with the person first before you can access and see their personal details. Some also hide such information from their friends, which makes it even harder to find.

While you can use social media to identify a phone number at no cost, there’s no specific search function for identifying phone numbers.

If you had no luck identifying a phone number using social media platforms, you can try number lookup services, which are specifically made to find phone numbers and their owners.  Below are some useful options:


This is a popular app for smartphones that displays the name of the person calling you, even if they’re not in your address book. It runs via mobile data or WiFi, but if you don’t want to use the app on your phone, you can always run an online check to identify an unknown phone number via the TrueCaller website. Although you’ll need to sign in with an email address to get the results.

Apart from matching names and phone numbers, Truecaller can also block unwanted calls, preventing pesky spam callers and marketers from disturbing you.


Whitepages allows you to search for people by their name and phone number in the US, whether they’re landline or mobile numbers.

The interface is simple, so you’ll just enter the number in the Phone search field and the site will help you identify the owner. Like TrueCaller, this site also offers an Android app, which you can use as a caller ID app, and search for a number from its over 200 million entries in the United States.

If there’s no entry for the number you’re looking for, Whitepages will give you a few basic details like location, fraud risk, or spam risk related to it.


ZabaSearch provides public data about people and how they’re connected to others. Such data can be a phone number, physical address and birth date, or any personal information available on the web.

It collects information and puts it in a convenient platform for anyone to access. You can search for a phone number and find people that way, or if you have a name or address, it’ll run a check through its database and give you the results, where possible.


AnyWho is an online service that lets you reverse lookup and identify phone numbers for free. Just enter the phone number you’re looking for and it’ll display all the details about it.

You can also perform yellow page searches and people searches while you’re at it, especially if you find that the name associated with the phone number is unfamiliar. While its algorithm lets you search the directory in reverse, it only gives you numbers for the US, and cell phone numbers aren’t available, so your search is limited.

Spy Dialer

This is another free service that’s legal to use when you want to search for and identify a phone number, person’s name, address and email address to dig up more details.

Its database contains billions of numbers, letting you find cell phone numbers, landline numbers, and VoIP numbers.  Its main drawback is that it searches for the name and phone number separately, unlike other platforms that show you all the details behind a phone number.

Search Phone Numbers Easily

A phone number can reveal a lot of information about a person like their name, location, addresses, and much more. If you received a call from a number that’s not familiar to you or that’s not saved in your phone book, it can be challenging to get information, especially for cell phone numbers. Thankfully, the sites mentioned above make them easy to find and identify before you ring them back.

Do you have useful tips and tricks that help you identify a phone number? Share them with us by dropping your comment in the section below.