The 5 Best Free Online Dating Apps

You might think the best online dating sites are the ones with the most users. After all, with more people comes the greater chance of finding matches and going on dates. However, that’s not entirely how this list of dating sites is formatted.

For one of these to be called the best online dating app, it should have features that set it apart from the rest (and there are lots). A good dating service should have a diverse selection of users with features that will help you find dates that match your personality, while also including safety measures to help prevent spam and find real people.

Below is a list of the best online dating apps that takes into account user base, ease of functionality, my personal success with matches, and how thorough the app tries to find deep matches.

Take a shot at these free dating apps, and even install all of them if you wish, so that you get the best of every platform.


Bumble is a unique online dating app for multiple reasons, but the primary difference is how it treats matches between a man and a woman. If you’re a woman who matches with a man, you have a full 24 hours to respond before the match expires. In the meantime, he can’t communicate with you at all, which should help with spam.

There’s also a handy snooze mode you can enable if you want to stop getting matches. It hides you from Bumble for as long as it’s enabled. Your matches will remain accessible but you won’t get new matches until you turn off snooze mode.

When you run across someone you’re interested in, just swipe up to move their image down and reveal more information about them. Following Bumble’s other smooth features is a nice list of details about the person presented in badge-like icons. This provides an easy way for you to scan their details to see how tall they are, how often they work out, if they’ve ever smoked, if they have kids, what they’re looking for, their religious views, etc.

The Bumble app is super clean and easy to use, works on Android and iOS, and is also fully accessible from their website. You can pay if you want to access features like Beeline to see a list of who’s already swiped right with you, or Spotlight to be put at the top of people’s lists.

Plenty of Fish

There are plenty of fish in the sea, they say…and that might really be true if you use Plenty of Fish (POF). It has a massive number of daily users and is unique in that it asks lots of really specific questions to help find you the perfect match.

Right after signing up, you’re immediately asked what you’re looking for (dating, long term, friends, or hanging out) and if you’d date someone who smokes, has kids, or who has an extra few pounds. You’re then asked general questions like what you do for work, education level, income range, religion, etc.

These are followed by your relationship status, eye and hair color, height, and body type. Then it’s facts about you, like your personality type, drinking and smoking habits, whether you have a car, whether you want kids, etc. 

Before you can start finding dates, you also have to verify your account, which is what POF does to help stop spam. Once you’re in, you can even take the chemistry test which asks detailed questions about your personality and preferences to dig deep into who they think you might be interested in.


Tinder is a classic that should be included in any list of the best online dating apps. It’s super easy to understand and absolutely free if you’re willing to give up some of its neat features.

This is the app that made swiping to find dates popular. Just swipe to the right to attempt at a match, or swipe left if you’re not interested.

Due to Tinder’s popularity, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a huge variety of people here. Unfortunately, though, there weren’t any tests you can take to find better matches. It’s really just a location-based matching app.

Be aware that Tinder seems to be one of the biggest apps for hookups, so if you’re not interested in that, be sure to make it clear in your profile.


The takeaway with the Hily online dating app is the compatibility meter shown on most profiles as you swipe through potential dates. So long as you complete your profile by answering all the questions, you’ll see a percentage of compatibility on every profile where the person also completed the answers. This is a great way to see how well you might match with someone should you pursue them.

You use this app like most – swipe left to dismiss the person or right to let them know that you want to match. All your conversations are just a tap away, users can post stories like on Snapchat, and you can review all the people you’ve liked and matched with.

There are questions you can answer if you want, but if you’re more interested in swiping to find your matches, you can jump right into it without hesitation.

Boosting your profile and subscribing to Elixir are two ways you can find more matches and get more features out of Hily.


This dating app is super unique because its primary focus is matching you up with people that you’ve literally crossed paths with. If you make your account and then visit a large city or bar, you might very well find people right there in that building or down the street who use the app, too.

Finding dates with Happn is neat because you can rest assured that you don’t have to travel too far to find people to date. You may even have luck getting a date at school, down the block, or in your office building. Just fire up the app at the end of the day to see everyone you came across, or use it in the moment to match with other users who are also looking at the app right now.

You can find nearby people, too, even if you haven’t actually been in close proximity.

7 Best Accredited Online Courses To Learn About Computers

Are you thinking about getting a certificate to help enhance your computer skills? Maybe you’re looking to improve your odds of finding work? Or possibly, land a position with higher pay?

One study shows that 60% of IT professionals landed a new job after getting certified. We also find that Microsoft-certified technologists earn 15% more than those that aren’t. 

If you’re committed to learning new computer skills to boost your career, take a look at the following accredited online courses. 

Microsoft Office 2010

Most careers today require knowledge of standard computer software, such as Microsoft Office. This is ideal to learn if you plan to work in accounting, HR, or even as an office clerk. 

Microsoft Office comes with a suite of tools, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. By learning these platforms, you can increase your employability, especially since most employers today are looking for applicants with these skills. 

So where can you find an online course to get the right one? Alison offers a free accredited Microsoft Office 2010 class. It teaches you the basics of using tools such as:

  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Access

If you’re worried that this 15 to 20 hours long course is outdated, don’t be. It was recently updated in 2018. 

After completing your assessment, you’ll receive a certificate to show to potential employers. 

Building Information Systems

What if you’re already well-versed in standard computer software? If you’re looking for more of a challenge, then you may want to check out Alison’s accredited free online course in IT management. 

It delves into how to build information systems. It’s no college course – in fact, you can complete it this weekend in just two to three hours. It offers an assessment you must pass to receive your certification. In doing so, you’ll know how to:

  • List the stages of a system’s design life cycle.
  • Understand the roles of designers, managers, and users.
  • Outline the costs and benefits of systems design life cycles.
  • Discuss characteristics of structural and object-oriented design (as it pertains to systems design).
  • Identify concerns regarding the system’s analysis and feasibility study.

Online Computer Essentials 

Maybe you need a course that offers all-around training in computers. Nothing too technical, just something that’ll improve your skills so you can work basic roles in sales, administration, and other office jobs. 

If that’s the case, then you should check out the U.S. Career Institute’s Online Computer Essential Training course. 

You’ll learn a variety of skills, including:

  • Using graphics.
  • Word processing.
  • Developing spreadsheets.
  • Computer software and hardware.
  • Email etiquette.
  • How to use email.
  • How to protect the security of your computer and personal data.
  • Creating quality presentations.
  • Managing your computer using the “Start” menu options.
  • And more.

While the course isn’t comprehensive, it does touch base on many core functions you’ll perform on a PC (at home or work). 

Unlike the others, this course isn’t free. However, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s $589 when paid in full. Or you can make payments monthly, which will bring it up to $639. 

This will cover your textbooks, supplements, instructor assistance, and even career support for when you graduate. 

Introduction To Quickbooks

Some people like to use accountants and others like to do their own finances. If you’re the latter, then you’ll need to learn how to use professional accounting tools. 

Quickbooks is widely used by both professionals and everyday people. It allows you to manage all of your bank accounts and view what flows into and out of them. You can even record your cash on hand. 

Learning how to use Quickbooks can come in handy if you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or simply want to manage your finances. It can also help you land a job in the finance department. 

This course is available online at Molloy College and costs $115. 

Introduction to Java Programming

Here’s another Molloy College course worth checking out. It covers the basics of Java programming, so you can get a jumpstart on building your coding skills. 

It teaches using examples and skill-building exercises, which is excellent for visual learners and doers. 

In this course, you’ll use the latest release of Java (from Oracle). By the end of your training, you’ll feel comfortable with Java programming and will be ready to take on a more in-depth course. 

Software and Databases

Not looking to develop your own software? Then why not just learn how to use them to maintain and update databases for your business (or workplace)?

In this free Alison course, you’re learning about database management systems used for IT management. 

Gone are the days of using paper documents to keep track of business operations, personnel, and customers. Today, companies are venturing into the cloud using IT technology. 

This course will help you understand how you can properly use these tools to manage all the files within your organization virtually. 

Introduction to Networking

Our society today relies on a spider web of connectivity we know as the internet. How does it all work?

If you’re curious to know the inner-workings of the world wide web, then this course is for you. It dives into the basics of networking, which includes learning how to configure DSL connections to an internet service provider. Plus, you’ll learn how to create a private network. 

In the end, you become certified in basic networking. This will help you get a foot in the door in working a computer-networking career. 

The cost is $115 and is available from Molloy College. 

Become a Computer Pro Cheaply (Or For Free)

Understanding how computers work is critical in today’s world. Not only do you need it for work, but you need it in your personal life as well. 

Sending emails, purchasing products, creating a presentation, hooking up your internet, and other tasks are essential in our personal and professional lives. Yet, some people still lack knowledge in these areas. 

You can overcome this by taking one or more free (or cheap) online courses. So check these out.

15 Best Places To Sell Your Photos Online

Before the internet, if you wanted to sell your photos, you’d probably approach a number of newspapers or magazines, or enter photo contests and hope to win monetary prizes for your shots.

Today though, the internet is an excellent vehicle for making money if you have a knack with a camera because you can sell photos online. It’s not so much about your credentials, but how good your work is.

It also gives you the freedom of working at your own convenience from the comfort of your home and the flexibility of making money on your terms.

Where To Sell Photos Online

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Adobe Stock
  3. 123RF
  4. iStock
  5. SmugMug
  6. Etsy
  7. Can Stock Photo
  8. Alamy
  9. Dreamstime
  10. Photo Shelter
  11. 500px
  12. Snapped4U
  13. Stocksy
  14. EyeEm
  15. Your own photography site


Shutterstock is a large photo library that hosts hundreds of millions of images and videos. It attracts thousands of contributors who earn money by uploading their photos to the marketplace. 

Its pricing structure is fairly complicated as payouts, which fall between $0.25 and $28 per photo, based on earnings over time (“lifetime earnings”), but you keep the copyright so you can sell elsewhere. 

You can also earn as an affiliate by referring other photographers or customers to the site, and earn each time they sell or buy images. 

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia) is a microstock photography site that lists millions of photos on its Creative Cloud service using Adobe desktop apps like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and others. 

Royalties of between 20 and 46 percent are paid out immediately, unlike other sites that wait until your account balance reaches a certain threshold, or after a certain period has elapsed. 


This is another good place to sell photos online and earn between 30 and 60 percent per download depending on how many are bought. You can earn more when 123RF customers purchase larger resolutions of your photos and get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill. 


iStock by Getty Images is a popular photo library that sells photos to more than 1.5 million customers worldwide.  

Once you fill out your application, the iStock photo team will review, and upon approval, you can submit your photos and earn royalties from 15 percent, or up to 45 percent per sale as an exclusive contributor. 


This site is a bit different from other stock photography sites as it’s subscription-based and the profit potential is much higher than payouts for other sites. 

You keep 85 percent of the markup price for your photos, but there’s a catch – you have to buy a Pro subscription to enjoy this high royalty.


You probably know Etsy as a marketplace for handmade crafts and collectibles, but you can also sell your photos on the platform. With an established audience of more than 30 million users, you’re bound to make some good money from your unique photography. 

You can set the prices for your images and control how you want them displayed to buyers. A helpful handbook is available so you can learn how to create your brand, market, price and sell your images, plus how to be successful on the platform.

Can Stock Photo

Can Stock Photo is a stock photo marketplace that appeals to the cost-conscious buyer as its prices are slightly cheaper than other sites. To get started, you’ll submit three photos for review, and once approved, you can upload and start earning. 

Payouts vary between $0.25 and $75, and you’ll be paid via PayPal once you earn $50. You can earn an extra $5 for every photographer you refer to sell their photography on the site.


Alamy has millions of images available for sale and a good commission payout to boot. Contributors receive a commission of 50 percent monthly on each sale, as long as the cleared funds are $50 or more. You’re free to sell your photos elsewhere online, which makes it one of the best choices for people looking to sell their photos online. 

Alamy also collaborates with media agencies, which means you can get paid for live news images too.


Image: sell-photos-online-dreamstime

Dreamstime allows you to sell photos on the site and earn royalties between 25 and 50 percent per download, plus 20 cents for each accepted photo upload.  If you sell exclusively through Dreamstime though, you’ll get 60 percent royalty on all your photos. 

Their vetting process is more stringent than other platforms, so upload only your best, high-quality work. Photography and design contests are also provided so you have added incentives to win prizes for your work. 

Photo Shelter

PhotoShelter is an ecommerce platform that integrates into your website and various social media platforms, so you can sell your photos. It’s subscription-based that not only lets you retain full control over the display of your photos, but also lets you keep 92 percent of the selling price. 


This is a community-based photographers’ platform where you can list your photos and earn between 30 and 60 percent commission payout on non-exclusive and exclusive photos respectively. 

You can also participate in the Photo Quest competitions and win prizes. 


This site is exclusively for portrait and event photography, so if you’re in the travel, still-life, landscape and stock photography niche, this isn’t for you. 

You can create galleries for events or fundraising and a portion of your sales will be donated to charity. Its payment thresholds are lower than other sites, and are sent out on the 1st and 15th of each month after earning at least $20.


Stocksy is a favorite of publishers looking for new images to use on their content. It commands very high photography standards, and requires exclusivity so you can’t sell your photos elsewhere online or offline. 

The payouts are between 50 and 75 percent on total purchases made, which is pretty generous compared to other sites. 


This site focuses on advertising stock photography. If your work is focused on commercial or advertising photography, you can get your name and brand out there through EyeEm. 

They provide three licenses under which you can sell images: Social, Web and Full, which fetch $20, $50 and $250 per image respectively. A 50 percent commission is charged per image sold, plus, you can enter missions and earn more money.

Your Own Photography Site

Nothing beats selling your photos on your own photography ecommerce platform. If you have the technical know-how to do this, you can save on costs and earn 100 percent profit per image sold. 

If you’re not tech-savvy, you can use a free website builder that does all the backend work for you, and start selling your own stock photos. Add plugins for buyers to download items purchased and payment gateways for easy completion of transactions.

How To Sell Photos Online

Identify the market. If you can take great photographs, you can sell them online for cash. 

Bloggers, website owners, stock photo sites, marketing agencies, or people searching for unique, high-quality photos to include in their content are some of the biggest consumers of online photography.

That means you have the potential to sell photos in whatever space these groups are producing content for.

Choose a platform

Once you’re done editing your images, and you’re ready to sell them, you’ll need a list of the best places to sell your stock photography to. There are dozens of stock photography sites where you can upload your photos or illustrations, and get paid every time they’re downloaded.  

Each site offers different payments and perks for contributors. Before you enter a legal contract with any of them, research how they handle images, copyright issues, exclusivity terms, and other conditions so you know what you’re getting into.

There are also pros and cons of selling photos online that you need to be aware of. For example, one of the downsides is the volume of images on stock photography sites.

If your work isn’t unique or high-quality, it won’t make any traction. Plus, you’ll need to sell a lot since you don’t make a lot of money from each photo.

The advantage is that your images will be in front of many buyers who could decide to buy them.

Sell On Your Own Photography Site

Alternatively, if you’re tech-savvy, you can sell your photos online yourself by setting up a photography store where buyers come and purchase your images.

If you take this route, you can add tags and keywords for buyers to easily find your photos, or use social media networks and tell people about your photography business.

But that’s not all; you can work with sites that allow customers to print your images on physical items like customized mugs, t-shirts and canvases. 

You can also sign up to be an image reviewer, and review images that other photographers submit, or list your photography as a service.

Set Up Custom Reddit Alerts With “Notifier For Reddit”

Everyone knows Google Alerts where you can be alerted by email and/or RSS feed if a certain search query turns up anything new. It is used by a huge number of people and is easily one of Google’s most-used tools.

But did you know that someone has now started an equivalent service for Reddit?

To be clear, “Notifier for Reddit” is not officially endorsed by Reddit as far as we can see. Nor is it part of the company’s product offerings. It is instead a tool made by a private individual who uses Reddit’s API to monitor the site and provide email-based custom Reddit alerts for people monitoring a certain word or phrase. 

But if the service takes off, we can seriously see Reddit buying it. It’s really good.

Why Should You Create Custom Reddit Alerts?

Reddit bills itself as “the front page of the Internet” and this is not hyperbole by any means. Reddit is huge, which is probably the understatement of the century. Made up of thousands of “subreddits” on every conceivable subject, you can find pretty much any subject you are looking for on there.

As well as consumers praising companies and their products, they can quite easily turn and complain about those companies and products too. Same goes for websites like this one. What are people saying on Reddit about us? Do they like our work? Or have we enraged someone by saying Windows is better than a Mac?

While we can obviously manually search Reddit at any time, such a process can be laborious and time-consuming. “Notifier for Reddit” on the other hand is your constant sentinel, standing guard and ready to alert you the moment your keywords are uttered on Reddit. 

The Pricing Plans

Before we go into the inner workings of “Notifier for Reddit”, it’s worth comparing the pricing plans, as there are obviously differences between them.

There is a free tier and two paid tiers. As you can see, the free tier is heavily restricted to just one search term (called a “searcher”). Your results are also delivered to you as “low priority”, meaning you won’t get real-time results. The free tier is more or less a “try it out and see what you think of the service” tier.

The paid plans removes all of these restrictions, and the only difference between the two plans are the number of “searchers” you can have running at the one time. For the $2.99 plan, you can have 3 and for the $10 plan, you can have 25.

$10 may seem like a lot of money for a service like this, but if you are a high revenue company that relies heavily on your reputation, $10 is nothing. But saying that, such a company may want more than 25 search terms running.

We were given access to the $10 tier to try out the service and this is what we found.

How It Works

Once you have made an account, signed in, and chosen your plan, it’s time to set up your first searcher – which is essentially a custom Reddit alert.

“Searchers” gives you a list of all currently running search terms and their status. “Add Searcher” is where you can add a new one. So click on that now.

These are the options you are presented with.

The “Search String” is your keyword or keyphrase. It’s virtually the same as how you would search on Google, as the following on NFR shows :

Bear in mind though that the more common the phrase, the more flooded you are going to get with notifications. To see this for myself, I listed “dogs” as a search string and suddenly my Gmail inbox got flooded with emails.

So the lesson here is to make the search term as specific as possible, to avoid too many false positives and/or so much stuff that you are literally drowning.

Anyway, back to setting up the search query. You can choose from the following :

  • Posts, comments, or both.
  • Whether the search query is case-sensitive or not. In other words, if you type the search query with an upper-case first letter, it will only look for results with an upper-case first letter.
  • The length of the notification interval. Whether you should be notified instantly or daily in a digest email. If you are on the free plan though, it won’t be “instant” as you will be in the low priority queue.
  • Include/Exclude Subreddits. This is where you can say if you want to focus on particular subreddits or exclude particular subreddits. This helps to make the results more targeted so you get the results you actually want.

Then click “add” and the NTR bot will go off and do its thing. 

As soon as it finds results which match your search terms, you’ll get an email.

Custom Reddit alert services like this are a huge time-saver for those who use and rely on social media heavily. Keeping real-time track of updates on these platforms is just impossible, given the amount of new information flowing through them on a daily and hourly basis.

Notifier for Reddit helps people to keep on top of what is being said about them and their interests on the front page of the Internet.

Kickstarter Funding: Everything You Need To Know To Fund Your Project

Kickstarter Funding helps thousands of startups to well – start up. It also helps established brands to grow and expand. To date, there have been over 170,000 projects funded, totaling to $4.5 million from nearly 17 million backers. 

Is getting Kickstarter funding pure luck? Or is there a science to it? We’ll let you decide. We’re going to review the steps it takes to boost your chances of getting your Kickstarter funded. 

How Kickstarter Funding Works

It’s all pretty simple. Kickstarter funding rules uses an all-or-nothing model. This means you either reach your goal or you get nothing. This helps to put backers at ease, so campaigners don’t just run off with the money and make nothing because they didn’t get enough to fund the project. 

Then if you do reach your goals, you will share 3-5% with Amazon’s escrow service, which holds your money. You’ll also share another 5% with Kickstarter.

To ensure everyone leaves happy, your backers also leave with some amazing rewards (based on the level they chose). 

A Unique (Dare We Say Epic?) Idea

As you’d imagine, there are thousands upon thousands of Kickstarter funding campaigns going on at any one time. Although you’re not relying on backers to find you in the midst of it all, it still matters to stand out. This will make it easier for your social media, affiliate marketing, ads, and other campaigns you have going on to gain attention. 

Now, this isn’t to say you need to do something outlandish. Just something creative, particularly something that’s never been done before. This will make it easier to get backers who will want to see your idea come to fruition. It doesn’t even have to be 100% new. Merely tweaking an existing product can work.

Take for example, the Coolest Cooler (yes, this was a real campaign). In the summer of 2014, someone came up with a prototype of a cooler that did everything from blending smoothies to charging mobile devices. Of course, it also kept your food and beverages cool (otherwise it wouldn’t be the coolest cooler…would it?)

The device was ahead of its time but still did excellently. It yielded a whopping $13.3 million. 

Tell An Amazing Story (And Compelling Cause)

The only thing more compelling than a great story is an intriguing message. Preferably something bigger than you. So no talking about yourself the entire time. You need to tie in a message that speaks of something more significant. For instance, maybe your concept is to change the world in a small, yet impactful way. 

Take, for example, {r}eveolution apparel’s story and message for its The Versalette Kickstarter campaign. They set out to transform the fashion industry with a line of sustainable line of women’s apparel. 

Get this – it’s one piece of clothing you can wear a dozen different ways. Plus, it’s made in the USA, and the fabric is recyclable. It’s minimalistic and eco-friendly – a double win for the sustainable crowd. The campaign generated nearly $65,000 from almost 800 backers.

Create a Video That’s Personal & Engaging

Your backers want to know who they’re backing before they invest, which makes sense. This is why video marketing is so effective. 

To make it work for your Kickstarter funding campaign, you need a video that’s personal and engaging. It doesn’t have to be too long, somewhere between two and six minutes. Shorter seems to work best. 

Put in a little background about who you are, what you’re creating, and why it’s important to you (and the world). 

Now, the first 30 seconds of the video must be attention-grabbing. Within this time-frame, you need to fit in what your idea is and why the viewer should back it. 

Then you can go into the rest, like who you are and details about your project. If it takes you five minutes to do it, then so be it. 

Pebble E-Paper Watch went over this mark and still had a successful campaign (it’s top 10, as a matter of fact).  

It received over $10 million from over 78,000 backers, and it wasn’t their only campaign. Altogether, they had three campaigns (all in the top 10, by the way), which raised over $43 million using Kickstarter funding. 

Then they turned around and sold their company for $40 million to Fitbit. Not a bad deal. 

Grow Your Network (Put The Crowd In Crowdfunding)

You can forget about making it to the top 10 Kickstarter campaigns if you don’t have a sizable network. If you’re starting from scratch, you’re going to have to put some legwork into building your following.

Sure, you can start with friends, family, and colleagues. However, you’re going to need to extend your reach. What better way to do so than with social media?

Now, before you go on a rampage on Twitter and Instagram, you need a strategy. The goal is to connect with those who are interested in your product. So if your project is a video game, then it’d be ideal to network on subreddits, YouTube, and other channels gamers frequent. 

You can also get some backup from influencers. There are many on these platforms that will promote your project (for a fee). 

The good news is you can reach your Kickstarter funding goals fairly quickly. Some raise tens of thousands within two weeks, and most campaigns are 30-45 days. Though you can push it to 60 days. 

A great example is 1,000 Pugs. The campaign was unique (artfully photographing 1,000 pugs in one year). The campaign reached its goal in 14 days and went over its limit by day 45. It had 250 backers pledging over $15,000. 

This shows you don’t need a large number of backers if your project goals are smaller. So try to aim for something that doesn’t take millions to produce, and you may have a fighting chance. 

Create Must-Buy Backer Levels

The beauty of Kickstarter is that you’re not only selling your idea, but also actual items and access they wouldn’t get otherwise. Now, you don’t want to sleep on this because it can mean the difference between getting complete strangers to back you and only having backing from a measly 20 family members and friends. 

So on that note, you need to come up with ideas that will attract your audience. 

For instance, Critical Role’s “The Legend of Vox Machina” did an excellent job with backer level perks. 

To quickly compare, for $20, backers would get:

  • A song download.
  • Unreleased song download.
  • Ringtone download.
  • Karaoke version download.

Then for $750, backers received everything from the first level plus:

  • Cast signed animation art print.
  • Waxed canvas messenger bag (game theme).
  • Character pin set.
  • Dice set.
  • Art print.
  • Signed pilot script.
  • Sticker set.

Over 1,400 people bought this level, but that’s not the end of it. They had a package at $25,000, which had five backers. With this, backers received an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles, lunch with the cast, producer credit, personalized portrait by the animation team, and private screening for the show. 

So feel free to go crazy with your perks. Just make sure to factor in the costs, so you price the levels accordingly. You don’t want to go into debt before you can get your project off the ground.

Make Your Kickstarter Funding Campaign Kick Butt

Do you have the next best idea for a gadget, software, video game, or movie? Then Kickstarter is one of the best platforms to breathe life into it. It all starts with a great idea that’s backed with a plan. If you have that, your chances of succeeding will increase.