Google Soli prototype extends touch beyond the screen with tiny radar

Google has an interesting new project page up for Soli, which promises to use tiny radar chips, which are smaller than a quarter, to accurately detect nearby finger motion — and then translate that into useful input. Google imagines users one day turning an imaginary know to turn down the volume, sliding their thumb across their index finger to navigate a map, and other gestures to extend the usable input area beyond the confines of a device itself.

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Windows IT Pro 2016-04-19 09:18:00

BlackBerry admits helping Canadian police decrypt messages, says BES is out of their reach

As Microsoft and Apple wage very public fights to protect user data on devices and in the cloud from what they say is overreaching government requests, BlackBerry has taken a very different public stance, confirming reports that the company helped decrypt users' messages and saying it believed technology companies should act as "good corporate citizens."

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