Eight Criteria for Successful Legacy Modernization

Delivering unique, high-quality products and services is no guarantee of success in this global and digital economy. Established enterprises vie with new digital startups in markets that demand greater innovation and quality at a lower cost. Organizations must be flexible to exploit the rapid development of new products in response to constant technological change. They must stay ahead while managing risk and cost. They must balance modernization with the preservation of mission-critical resources.

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HPE builds experimental 1,052-component optical processor — the biggest yet

Hewlett Packard Labs team hopes to tackle tricky “traveling salesman”-type problems

Light and silicon, together at last? A team at Hewlett Packard Labs, part of HPE, has loaded a chip with 1,052 optical components — the most ever in which the photonic components all work together.

Funded by a DARPA grant, the specialized chip could help pave the way to make optical processors more practical, particularly for certain types of specialized computations that traditional computing methods struggle with, such as "traveling salesman" type problems that must quickly parse a number of potential, interconnected options.

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