For Business: Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, or Surface Book?

Yesterday, Microsoft sent shivers through the devices world, providing something that only Apple had been able to muster over the past few years. Microsoft announced a reimagined, self-branded notebook, the Surface Book. With Apple’s luster notably dulling and Google continually satisfied with low-end and high volume, the world is ripe for a new media darling. It’s just interesting that the new hardware champion might end up being an old software company.

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IT admins guide to gaining more resources Pt. 2: making a pitch

Last time we talked about a few areas where an admin can bring a lot of value to the table such as revenue, business intelligence, and more. It’s easy to overlook a lot of these areas, but they’re important to think about as you determine exactly what you’ll say to get the resources you need, whether its headcount, budget, or approval on new hardware or software purchases. Once you’ve thought about where you provide value, it’s time to put together a knock-their-socks-off pitch. Here’s how.

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VMworld 2015 Briefings: VMware’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Leads the Market

Learn about VMware’s hyper-converged infrastructure

Last year at VMworld hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) was the newest industry buzzword that everyone was trying to learn about. Things have changed quickly and now HCI has become a one of the most rapidly adopted new IT technologies. At this year’s VMworld 2015 in San Francisco I met with Mornay Van Der Walt, vice president, EVO:RAIL Group, VMware. Mornay explained to me the reason that HCI is gaining traction in the industry so rapidly is because it provides predictable behavior, prices and that HCI is simpler to implement than converged or traditional infrastructure solutions.

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