Microsoft Further Explains the Reasons Behind the New Windows Servicing Model

In a recent blog post, Paul Bergson with Microsoft attempts to further explain the company’s reasons for adopting the servicing model that many customers are now upset about. The servicing model strategy adopted with Windows 10, but now being ported to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, is a strategy around only delivering cumulative updates. In the past, Microsoft would deliver single patches for each flaw or security issue. But, no longer.

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My Renewed Call for Trustworthy Computing

I’ve been covering Microsoft’s updates and patches for over 20 years and most recently here at WindowITPro. I have a unique perspective as I was one of the team members that originally put together and wrote up the strategy behind Patch Tuesday – based on the Trustworthy Computing initiative. So, when I talk patches, it comes from a strong baseline.

Knowing what I knew about Microsoft and its patches, just a little over a year ago I said this…

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