Brazil Taps GE’s Big Data in Path to Canoeing Medal in Rio

When Brazil’s Isaquias Queiroz dos Santos pulled ahead of rivals from Russia and Moldova to win a silver medal in the 1,000-meter canoe sprint, he owed some thanks to an unlikely supporter: U.S. manufacturer General Electric Co.

The Brazilian national team is the only one using a version of GE’s Predix software to capture real-time data on athletes and their canoes to scrutinize and improve performance. GE developed the technology to monitor the engines that power airplanes and locomotives, measuring fuel efficiency and anticipating maintenance needs.

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LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman plans to take on larger role in Microsoft

While Hoffman hasn’t had a formal job at LinkedIn for 7 years, he still shows up four times a week — and wants to help Nadella tackle AI and quantum computing

A lot of times after leadership changes or acquisitions, executives have a foot out the door on the day of the announcement. But after Reid Hoffman stepped down from LinkedIn seven years ago as chief executive, he kept showing up, four days a week, and has continued to do that ever since. Now that LinkedIn is no longer a public company, but owned by Microsoft, he said he continues to plan to play a major role — and is very interested in helping Microsoft tackle challenges like artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

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Nadella says LinkedIn will continue to run independently

A different approach compared to Skype and Yammer acquisitions

There's a lot of questions about Microsoft's $26.2 billion purchase of LinkedIn, questions both companies' chief executive tried to head off in respective letters to their teams (and the public).

And in Satya Nadella's letter, he made very clear that LinkedIn would still be LinkedIn, running fairly separately from the mothership:

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