Windows IT Pro 2016-02-12 13:33:00

Lenovo and Dell took a lot of justified heat last year for hijacking HTTPS certificates, but the problem is incredibly widespread, with a recent investigation showing some of the most popular adware following the same practice, leaving millions of users vulnerable.

The investigation, by How-To Geek, offers a good run-down on how pervasive HTTPS hijacking is, particularly for more novice web users.

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After 6 months, study finds 18% of business running Windows 10 — at least somewhere

Adoption rate double Windows 8’s at six-month mark

As we've previously noted, Microsoft has been incredibly persistent in pushing Windows 10, most recently marking their latest and greatest OS as a recommended update.

That push, with the goal of being on a billion devices in three years, is apparently paying off, even with companies wary of the challenges the upgrade will bring.

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