How To Control Video Playback Speed On Any Website In Chrome

You can speed up, or slow down video playback on YouTube. Video playback speed controls aren’t a standard feature on media players. Only the most feature-rich media players, like VLC player, let you control video playback speed. With the feature this rare on desktop media players, it’s bound to be uncommon on the web. Outside of YouTube, websites that let users upload, and watch videos don’t commonly have a speed control feature. If you use Chrome, the Video Speed Controller – With Hotkeys extension can add video playback speed controls to any website.

Video Playback Speed

Download the Video Speed Controller extension and visit a website that lets you play a video e.g., Facebook. The extension will add a speedometer icon next to the URL bar. Play a video and click the extension’s button. It has three different speeds; 0.5x Speed which will reduce the speed by half, 1.5x which will speed it up by half, and 2x which will play it back at twice the speed.

The extension also supports keyboard shortcuts that you can use to speed up, or slow down the video’s playback speed. The shortcuts all use the arrow keys on your keyboard and most keyboards have these keys. If you have a smaller keyboard, you might be missing these keys and there’s no option to edit/change them.

If your internet connection isn’t the most reliable, and you’re watching a video in HD or in any resolution that isn’t SD, playing it at a faster speed may result in choppy playback. This doesn’t have to do with the extension. The extension can only speed up video playback, it can’t make the video load faster. If the video is choppy when you play it, allow it buffer completely and then play it.

You can change the playback speed any time i.e., if you’re watching a video at 2x speed, you can return to the normal speed from the extension’s menu, or by using the Shift + Down Arrow key. The extension does not remember the playback speed for a domain. If you watch a video on Facebook at twice the speed, and watch a different one later it will play at its normal speed. Not even YouTube remembers playback speeds.

The extension is great if you watch videos on Facebook which can, at times, have long, unnecessary intros. Facebook isn’t home to the same type of videos as YouTube i.e. tutorials where you just want to get to the point but that doesn’t mean they’re worth watching from start to finish. A lot of them are just click bait.

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Warning: Watch Out For The Nun Movie Jump Scare Ad On YouTube Videos

A movie release is preceded by its trailer. Often, there are several different versions of the trailer, a few teasers, and lots of posters. You can watch the trailer for any video on YouTube and sometimes, you might even see it as the ad to a different video. Something like that is going on with the Nun movie. It’s a horror flick in the Insidious and Conjuring series of movies and it is sneaking up on unsuspecting users in the form of a jump scare ad. If you don’t like horror flicks, or you have a heart condition, here’s what you need to watch out for.

The Nun movie jump scare ad on YouTube doesn’t look like other ads. Mid-video ads on YouTube aren’t alien. You’ll find them on exceptionally long videos. This isn’t a trailer though. It’s just the Nun screaming at you. It’s like those prank videos where you have to look closely at your scree to find something on it and someone/something jumps out at you.

Nun Trailer

If you want to know what it looks like, YouTube user wigstle has made a video. The volume controls that you see at the start are not volume controls for the device the trailer is being viewed on. They are part of the ad.

This was originally shared by Twitter user apple @bbydvas and other users have chimed in to say the volume control isn’t the only indicator that the ‘ad’ is about to start. Other users claim you will see a spinning beach ball, much like the one you get on a Mac when something is processing, or you will see the Nun her/himself flit by in the corner.

You can follow the thread yourself. It goes without saying that this is a terrible, awful way to promote a movie. It’s made worse by the fact that this is for a horror movie. Even if the marketing team decided to forget people with medical conditions (which they shouldn’t), a jump scare is the worst horror movie cliche there is. Using one to promote the movie is a bad idea especially considering other movies in this franchise are not bad at all.

The ad may only be appearing in certain regions. The movie is coming out in September this year so hopefully, this insanity will end soon. The ad appears on both the YouTube website and the YouTube apps.

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How To Remotely Sign Out Of Netflix

Your Netflix password can’t be changed unless you know your old password or you have access to the email associated with your account. Unfortunately, some information like your phone number and your email as well as the last four digits of your credit card are visible to anyone logged into your Netflix account. Additionally, extra users signed into your account impact the number of screens left for you to watch Netflix on. Assuming someone has access to your Netflix account when they shouldn’t, you can remotely sign out of Netflix and revoke their access to your account.

Remotely Sign Out Of Netflix

Open Netflix in your browser and sign in. Click the profile dropdown at the top right and select ‘Account’ from the menu. On the Account screen, scroll down to the Settings section and you will see an option ‘Sign out of all devices’. Click it.

The sign out can take up to 8 hours to execute across all devices but there is another pitfall here. Anyone that has access to your Netflix account can remotely sign out all devices. There is no confirmation or authentication involved whereby a user has to enter the password to authorize the change.

Once you sign out all devices, you can see a summary of your account information and again, if someone else is remotely signing you out of devices, this is dangerous. If you need to remotely sign out of Netflix, or you are signed out it’s a good idea to immediately change your password and make sure everything is still safe.

Ideally, when you remotely sign out of all devices, you should also be signed out of the device you used to initiate the remote sign out. That, or you should have to authenticate the remote sign out with your password, or a PIN code, or something.

Netflix isn’t exactly a password vault or a cloud storage service which is perhaps why it gets away with this but the billing and account information that is available to anyone signed into your account is a security risk. People normally use the same email and phone number to use different services so this exposes you to potential risks.

When we tested this feature, the remote sign out across devices was instant however, the eight hour window that Netflix asks for might have something to do with different time zones. This means that if you or whoever has access to your account is using a VPN for Netflix, or is physically in a different country or time zone, they might be able to access your account for up to eight hours after you initiate the remote sign out.

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How To Report Messages On Facebook Messenger

If someone on Facebook is bothering you, can report and block them. The option is pretty easy to find and blocking makes it so that they cannot message you on Facebook Messenger. In most cases, blocking someone takes care of the problem however if you’re receiving troubling messages, it’s better to report them. When you report messages on Facebook Messenger, the profile sending them may be investigated or flagged. If others continue to report it, it may eventually be deactivated and prevent harm to others. Here’s how you can report messages on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Web

Visit Facebook Messenger for web, and select the conversation thread that you want to report. Click the little cog wheel icon under the person’s name in the column on the right. From the menu that opens, select ‘Report Spam or Abuse’.

Facebook Messenger will give you a list of problems that you might want to report about the conversation which includes spam links, sexually explicit content, threats aimed at you or at themselves or a family member.

Select an option and click Continue. You will always have the option to block someone on Messenger regardless which option you choose.

Facebook Messenger Apps

Open the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap the conversation thread you want to report. Tap the person’s name at the very top to go to their details screen. On the Contact details screen, scroll down and tap the Something’s Wrong option. This will take you to a new screen where you can select what you want to report the conversation for.

The Facebook Messenger apps give you more options when it comes to reporting a message including one for unauthorized sales, and an open-ended option.

Reporting a message or profile for the messages that it is sending will not result in an immediate ban. When users report content on Facebook, the company normally reviews it and the review can take a few hours and sometimes a couple of days. The same holds true for messages.

Facebook will investigate the profile but it may not necessarily suspend it unless the issue reported is both serious in nature, and the profile is persistently sending the message. That said, there is probably a limit to how many times a profile can be reported for inappropriate messages before the ax falls.

We should caution you not to abuse this feature. It’s a community tool to manage the experience all users have with Facebook Messenger so use it only when there’s a genuine need and not to settle petty fights.

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How To Clear Text Formatting In Gmail

Copy/pasting text and images makes work incredibly easy. If it weren’t for copy/pasting between different apps, users would have to jump through hoops importing and exporting text or images between them. When you copy/paste text between apps that support rich text formatting, the formatting applied to text in the source app is retained when you paste the text in the destination app. This may, or may not, be great. If you’re copying text from Outlook to Gmail, you might not like it to retain the default format that Outlook uses. Here’s how you can clear text formatting in Gmail.

Clear Text Formatting In Gmail

There are two ways to clear text formatting in Gmail. The first works if you haven’t already pasted the text into the compose window, and the second is for when you’ve already pasted formatted text into the email body.

Paste As Plain Text

When you’re about to paste formatted text in any text field or text box in Chrome, use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste it. This will remove all formatting from the text. Alternatively, if you use the right-click context menu to paste text, look for the paste as plain text option.

Clear Formatting

If you’ve already pasted text, and don’t want to paste it again just to remove the formatting, consider installing a Chrome extension called Gmail unformatter.

Gmail unformatter automatically detects if the text that you’ve pasted has any formatting applied to it. If it detects formatted text, it gives you the option to clear it. Click the clear formats option in the little yellow bar and everything you pasted will be stripped of its formatting.


The above two methods work perfectly for Gmail but they obviously do not work in other apps or in all web apps and services. For a foolproof way to remove all formatting from text, you can always use Notepad.

All you need to do is paste the copied content into a Notepad file, copy it again from the Notepad, and the paste it wherever you need to. This is great for apps and services that, like Gmail, do not have a clear formatting option.

We should mention that Notepad is a text editor and not an image editor therefor if you’ve copied both text and images to the clipboard, your images will be lost when you paste it inside Notepad. Text editors should all have the option to remove formatting from any text, pasted or otherwise. Microsoft Word is excellent in this regard; not only can you quickly remove all formatting but you can also reapply it with the format painter.

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