Youtube TV FireStick: How Does It Work?

What is YouTube TV?

Many people who are regular users of YouTube know it as an online platform for uploading and viewing short videos. YouTubeTV has taken this idea further and has become an online streaming platform that launched in early 2017. It allows for viewing of live channels as well as including on demand options. It can be used on many devices, Smart TVs, computers, mobile phones, and streaming media players.

How Does YouTube TV Work?

YouTube TV works in a similar way to other online streaming services. For a monthly fee, you can watch YouTube TV. The service has various packages available to cater for a wide array of interests. The base package gives you a variety of channels, and you can choose to add other available channels not included in this base package for an additional cost. This lets you cater to your individual viewing preferences and create a unique experience just for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

YouTube TV costs change over time as with other streaming services. At present, it’s considered one of the best alternatives to standard cable. The standard monthly fee offers you one membership to which you can link up to six accounts, which is great for families. YouTube TV also gives you the ability to watch shows on almost any device. This is something that standard cable is not able to offer. The YouTube TV base package offers many popular channels, with the option being there to add more if you choose.

Some people are deterred by the cost of the YouTube base package. While it’s more expensive than some other streaming services, remember what you’re getting for your money. Going with the cheapest option is not necessarily going to get you what you want or need. Consider the amazing benefits of YouTube TV before dismissing it as being too expensive. Multiple channels, both live and on demand options, and the ability to watch on almost any device.

What is FireStick?

FireStick, developed by Amazon, is a fantastic streaming innovation that has become very popular very quickly. Shaped like a large USB device, it plugs directly into your TV. But unlike USBs, it’s not a device for storing data, rather, it’s a complete streaming device in a small, easy to use package. FireStick is simple to install with a simple plug and play design. It comes with a remote control and allows you to access most popular streaming services, including YouTube TV. Just plug it in and navigate to your streaming service of choice and go from there.

How Much Does FireStick Cost?

FireStick comes in a few different varieties and the cost therefore differs. But once you purchase the device, you will not need to pay any membership fees moving forward. The only other cost you will incur, is the third-party streaming services you choose you use. So if you have an existing YouTube TV membership, you will not need to pay any additional monthly costs to use the service for YouTube TV FireStick.

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How to collapse/expand tab groups in Chrome

Tabbed browsing changed the way users browse the internet. With tabs, users are able to switch between different pages they have open without having to switch between windows.

Tabbed browsing has been great but lots of users open one too many tabs, and often they’re opened across multiple windows. Tab management in modern browsers is often a challenge not just in terms of keeping things organized but also when it comes to managing system resources.

Collapse/expand tab groups in Chrome

Chrome introduced Tab groups a while back. At the time, this feature was simply a visual method for grouping tabs. Tabs within a group were bundled together via a color-coded border. 

Tab groups are still an experimental feature and the visual is nice for keeping track of related tabs but if you want to be able to manage tab groups, you should enable the collapsing and expanding tab groups.

Enable collapse/expand tab groups

In order to collapse/expand tab groups, you must have tab groups enabled. These steps cover both enabling tab groups and enabling the collapse feature for them.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Enter the following in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  1. Look for the following two flags using the search bar.
Tab groups
Tab groups collapse
  1. Open the dropdown next to each flag, and select Enabled.
  2. Relaunch Chrome.

  1. Once Chrome relaunches, open a few tabs.
  2. Right-click a tab and select Add tab to group.
  3. Give the group a name.
  4. Add at least two tabs to a group.
  5. Click the tab group name to collapse the tabs in it.
  6. Click the tab group name again to expand the tabs.

Offload collapsed tabs in Chrome

Collapsed tabs are easy to expand and, depending on how you browse and work, you may need the tabs to be readily available at all times. However, if you’re okay with the tabs in a group reloading when the group is expanded, you should enable tab freezing.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Enter the following in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  1. Look for a flag called Tab Groups Collapse Freezing.
  2. Open the dropdown next to it and select Enabled.
  3. Relaunch Chrome.
  4. When you collapse a tab group, the tabs will be offloaded.

Why offload tabs?

If you’re wondering why tabs need to be offloaded, it has to do with freeing up system resources. Chrome takes a massive toll on the system resources and reducing the number of open tabs is the only way to keep Chrome under control. It will allow the browser itself to run more smoothly. Be warned that you may lose unsubmitted form data this way.

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How to Cancel YouTube TV

If you need to cancel your YouTube TV, this article is for you! More and more people are experiencing the benefits of YouTube and enjoying a wealth of content without forking out for costly cable subscriptions. However, it’s always good to know what to do if you ever need to cancel or pause your subscription for any reason whatsoever. That’s why we’re here to show you how to cancel YouTube TV.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Your YouTube TV membership can be cancelled at any point. You won’t normally lose access right away — you should still be able to watch until the period you’ve paid for is over. An exception to this is during a free trial, where access will be lost instantly. You can remove access immediately if you’re a paid member by contacting YouTube’s customer support team.

What happens when my payment period ends?

Once your payment period ends, you won’t be able to access any add-on networks. Any recorded programs in your library will expire after 21 days, but your library preferences will be saved in case you sign up again. If you rejoin, you may not have access to recordings that you’ve previously made.

How to cancel or pause

If you want to go ahead and cancel or pause your YouTube TV membership, open your YouTube TV app on your device or head to on a browser. Go to Settings and then Membership. You can then click Pause or Cancel Membership and follow the remaining steps.

The benefits of pausing YouTube TV

Have you decided that you want to pause your membership for a specific period? Then this won’t be a problem. You can pause it for as little as four weeks or as long as six months. Your membership will be paused once your current billing cycle comes to an end. While your account is paused, you won’t be able to access YouTube TV or record any programs. However, any recording that you have already made will be saved for up to nine months. When your pause ends, you’ll be charged your usual monthly price. Your new billing date will be the date when your account is unpaused. Don’t worry if you want to start using your account before your unpause date — simply log in to your account to resume your membership. 

The growth of YouTube TV

YouTube TV has become incredibly popular over recent years, as it enables viewers to enjoy a host of shows that they would normally need an expensive subscription to do. The service specializes in news, sports events, and entertainment. It allows you to enjoy the cable TV experience without the cables and is noted for its DVR features. It can also be viewed through your browser and on many Android and iOS devices. As the service is based around the regular YouTube interface, you should have little trouble getting to grips with it if you’re familiar with conventional YouTube. Although YouTube TV is not yet available everywhere, it’s set to expand its reach over the coming years.

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Hulu Live Vs. YouTube TV: Which One Should You Choose?

The pandemic has meant that we stay home more than we go out. That’s why many of us find ourselves needing more than one streaming service to stay entertained. Of all the major TV streaming services, two of the most popular in terms of channels and features are Hulu and YouTube TV. Both of them offer a wide variety of live channels, the ability to record shows to watch later, and multiple user profiles for simultaneous streaming.

But they also have major differences. In this guide, we take a look at some of these differences between Hulu Live vs YouTube TV to help you choose the right one for you.


The biggest difference between these two subscription services is in the number of channels they offer. YouTube TV wins with 76 channels as compared to Hulu’s 60 channels. But we all know it is not the number of channels that makes a subscription, but the specific channels that you want to access.

Both Hulu and YouTube TV offer the major national channels including Cartoon Network, ESPN, TBS, USA Network. Fox News, and the Disney Channel. They both also offer ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC in most areas of the United States.

They all also offer many of the regional sports networks. But if your main aim is sports, you might want to go with YouTube TV over Hulu. Hulu also gives you the option to add a number of premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz for extra fees. YouTube doesn’t have additional channel packages, although you can add individual channels.


One of the main differences between the two is in the menus and interfaces. YouTube TV, however, is much easier to use since it works just like regular YouTube. You’ll also see a more streamlined structure with YouTube TV, especially when streaming on a browser or desktop app.

Hulu on the other hand did recently upgrade the interface, bringing it inline with its competitors. It’s now much easier to use and brighter. Most importantly, you can find the content that you want to watch much more easily.

It’s also worth pointing out that while YouTube TV lets you stream to three different devices at the same time, Hulu lets you stream to two. But Hulu also offers you the chance to stream to unlimited devices for an additional $10 a month.

YouTube TV has one other major advantage in terms of usability. It has one of the best Cloud DVR features of any streaming service. It offers unlimited storage as compared to Hulu’s 50-hour cloud DVR at $55. You can upgrade the Hulu DVR to 200 hours for an additional $10 a month, but it won’t come with the ability to fast forward through commercials.

Originals and On-demand

You will find on-demand TV shows and movies from participating networks on YouTube TV as well as YouTube Originals that are often commercial free. But in this regard, YouTube pales in comparison to Hulu.

With a Hulu Plus Live TV subscription, you will get access to all the on-demand TV shows and movies available on the standard Hulu service along with thousands of network TV shows. The service is also famous for some of its most gripping originals including A Handmaid’s Tale, Catch-22, and Palm Springs. Hulu Plus Live TV subscribers can play $6 to remove the ads from on-demand shows, although you may not be able to remove all ads from all shows.

Which Service Should You Choose?

Both YouTube TV and Hulu represent the best the TV streaming industry has to offer. And since many of their functions are quite similar, the one you choose comes down to preference. For most people, the number of TV channels accessible to them and the channel selection is more important than the interface of usability.

In terms of channel selection, content, and usability, YouTube TV seems to have an edge over Hulu. But Hulu offers more value for money, especially when you consider that Hulu Originals tend to be better. The choice is up to you, although it may be a good idea to go through the full channel list for both services to choose the one with the specific content that you want. Happy streaming!

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How to enable Zoom end to end encryption for calls

Zoom is an online video conferencing tool that has seen a massive spike in users since offices and schools shut down because of the pandemic. With the features that it offers, it immediately became popular with schools but the app and service have struggled with security.

Zoom-bombing became a thing at one point and Zoom had to introduce features to counter it. Schools and offices have reopened in quite a few places but in many other places, they’ve remained online.

Zoom end-to-end encryption

Zoom has put in effort to gain and retain its new users. It’s added new features and it has now added end-to-end encryption for its calls.

End-to-end encryption is great for security but it will block some features in Zoom. This is why the feature is opt-in. 

  1. Visit the Zoom app online.
  2. Sign in with your Zoom account.
  3. In the column on the left, select Settings under the Personal section.
  4. Go to the Meeting tab.

  1. Scroll down and turn on the Allow use of end-to-end encryption switch.
  2. Zoom end-to-end encryption will be enabled.

Disabled features

As mentioned earlier, end-to-end encryption will prevent some features from working. Specifically, these features are;

  • One-on-one chats
  • Polls for groups
  • Live streaming
  • Transcriptions for meetings
  • Breakout rooms
  • Joining a meeting before the host has arrived
  • Recording for meetings that are made automatically

The trade-off here is not bad, in most cases. It’s odd that end-to-end encryption will disable one-on-one chats and breakout rooms. Both features can still work with encryption. In fact, there are chat apps (like Whatsapp) that offer end-to-end encryption for one-on-one chats.

Encryption technical preview

The switch that enabled encryption in Zoom has a ‘Technical preview’ badge. The feature, while available, is still in a testing phase and you can expect problems at times with a call.

Since it’s a technical preview, it’s possible that when it is released as a stable feature, the Zoom features it disables are no longer disabled. 


Encryption is used by all types of services; messaging services, file-sharing services, recording services, email services, and more. It doesn’t necessarily prevent these services from working. The limitation that encryption is adding to Zoom’s feature is likely temporary.

If you do decide to turn on encryption, you should let other people who may try to message/call you one-on-one know in advance so that you can find an alternative way to get in touch, or you can turn encryption on/off when you need to use a particular feature.

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