60Hz vs 144Hz vs 240Hz Monitors – When It Makes Sense to Upgrade

If you play video games on a PC, chances are you’ve heard all about 144Hz and 240Hz monitors. If you’ve used a standard 60Hz monitor for all of your life so far, it can be hard to know whether moving to 144Hz or 240Hz will be a good idea or not.

In this article, we’ve laid out the basic differences between 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz and have given some tips on when it’s best to upgrade. For those who are keeping track of these monitors for a future purchase, make sure to check out 144Hz Monitors and GamingScan for the latest news.

60Hz vs 144Hz vs 240Hz Monitors – What’s the Difference?

The ‘HZ’ used in a monitor’s description is used to describe its refresh rate. The higher the Hz, the more often the screen will refresh. For example, a 60Hz monitor will refresh its image 60 times per second, while a 144Hz monitor will refresh its image 144 times per second.

But what does that mean for real world use?

Essentially, a higher refresh rate will mean that the image you see is updated quicker. This can be very useful for action games or competitive games where every millisecond counts.

The refresh rate works similarly to how frames per second in a video game work, but there are differences.

Frames per second explain how many frames are rendered on your graphics card per second, while the monitor refresh rate explains how many times your image is actually updated on your monitor.

So, if you have 300 frames per second in a game but use a 60Hz monitor, what’s displayed to you will essentially have 5 times less frame ‘updates’ than could potentially be possible.

For this reason, moving to a new monitor with better refresh rate isn’t really worth it unless your graphics card can reliably run at 60 frames or higher. You can easily check the frames per second for a game on your system using different utilities.

Some people exclaim that the eye can only see up to a certain number of frames per second. This isn’t true whatsoever and has mostly been debunked as a myth. Our eyes don’t quite work the same ways as displays do, so it’s hard to measure how many ‘frames’ per second we can see.

What we do know is that those have used 144Hz monitors can agree that they can see and feel a difference when playing games.

In fact, the most notable difference is when a 144Hz user moves to a 60Hz display – many ongoing 144Hz display users mention that they can see everything from video games to the cursor speed on their desktop feel sluggish when going back to 60Hz.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the display technology that’s usually used for higher refresh rate monitors is not the best option for overall display quality and color accuracy.

If you care about looks, go for a high quality 60Hz monitor. If you care about performance, frame rate, and getting a competitive edge, you should go for a higher refresh rate monitor.

If you want both features in a single monitor, be ready to pay a hefty price. The newest Acer Predator X27 monitor has all the high-end features: 4K resolution, Nvidia G-sync, 144hz refresh rate, HDR, 1000 nits brightness, etc., but costs a whopping $2K right now. The Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ is similarly equipped and similarly priced.

Should You Upgrade From 60Hz To 144Hz?

We’re now reaching a point where it’s quite easy to purchase or build a computer that’s capable of running 120 or fps or more in a video game. In fact, most of the esports games available on PC can receive up to 300 frames per second on high end machines.

If you can reliably run the games you play on more than 120 frames per seconds, then upgrading to 144Hz is worth it, but it should only be considered an option if you care about improving performance.

144Hz monitors are used most often in games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive or League of Legends where every extra frame and micromovement counts for something.

Here’s a checklist to consider before upgrading:

● You want a competitive edge
● You don’t mind losing a bit of color accuracy or display quality in movies and games for better performance
● Your computer is capable of running games at 100 frames or more.

Obviously, the higher the resolution of your monitor, the beefier graphics card you will need to get those higher frame rates. Currently, no graphics card can pump over 60 fps on a 4K monitor with ultra settings. You’ll have to wait till the new NVIDIA GTX 11xx series cards come out at the end of 2018.

Still, you can future-proof your purchase by getting a monitor that can handle higher frame rates so that your gaming will greatly benefit if you decide to upgrade your graphics card later.

Should You Upgrade from 144Hz to 240Hz?

240Hz monitors are far newer than 144Hz monitors, but they’re starting to become more commonplace.

The general consensus for 240Hz monitors seems to be that if your computer can reliably handle 240 frames in a game, it can be a worthwhile upgrade. This is only appropriate for 1920×1080 monitors at this point. It’ll be a long time before you’ll see 240hz 4K monitors.

Many consumer reviews and reports on 240Hz monitors suggest that the upgrade from 144Hz to 240Hz doesn’t quite offer that same jump in performance that going from 60Hz to 144Hz offers, but there is a noticeable difference.

It’s also worth noting that there are some monitors that have a 200Hz refresh rate that have higher resolutions like 2560×1080 or 3440×1440 (ultrawide). Some examples include the Acer Predator x35 and the Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ. Neither have been released yet.

We’ve provided a checklist below to help you decide whether upgrading to 240Hz is worth it:

● You compete in video games at a high level
● You want the absolute best edge you can get against other players
● Your computer can reliably run the games you play competitively at 240 frames or more
● You don’t mind paying out a lot for a monitor and are aware that the price for the 240Hz monitors may drop as the technology becomes more popular

That wraps up our comparison on 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz monitors. What are your thoughts? Will you be upgrading your monitor any time soon? Enjoy!

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5 Great VPN Apps You Can Actually Trust

With all the recent talk of privacy violations from companies using platforms like Facebook, there’s never been a more important time to protect your privacy online.

For many people, the first line of thought for protecting your privacy is to use a VPN. Using a virtual private network can be a great way to mask your connection, but it’s also a potentially dangerous way to hand over all of your browsing data to another third party.

In fact, many VPN providers out there offer their services for cheap or free, and then sell off your data to companies. Many of these providers suggest that they provide privacy for their customers, but then bury their third-party data practices deep into their terms and conditions.

To avoid falling prey to these predatorial VPN apps that care little about your privacy, we’ve created a list that showcases the top 5 VPN apps you can actually trust on the market.

NordVPN – For Mobile And Desktop

What Makes NordVPN Trustworthy: Uses military grade encryption and strict no logs policy.
Monthly Price: $3.29 - $11.95
Free Trial: Yes, 3 day trial

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN apps and there are a few reasons why. Firstly, NordVPN stays reasonably priced, with 2 year plans costing just $3.29 and a monthly subscription for $11.95.

When finding a VPN, the features are important, and NordVPN delivers. NordVPN supports up to 6 devices simultaneously on a single account, and installation and setup is easy for both desktop and mobile.

You can choose to route your traffic through 62 different countries and even get your own dedicated IP address. For additional protection, you can even send your traffic through two virtual private networks for an added layer of security.

What’s more important than NordVPN’s features is their policy on privacy. NordVPN has a very strict no logs policy, which means none of your data is stored. NordVPN also uses what they call military grade encryption to ensure that even if your data was somehow left on their server, it’d be encrypted and very difficult to decrypt.

Private Internet Access – For Mobile And Desktop

What Makes PIA Trustworthy: Encryption for data sent through their servers and no data logs are kept on you.
Monthly Price: $2.91 - $6.95
Free Trial: No, but 7 day money back guarantee

Despite using such a simple, basic name, Private Internet Access is easily one of the most comprehensive secure VPN services available in 2018.

Their interface and web design may not be as welcoming as some other options in this list, but they deliver on their promises when it comes to features and privacy.

Monthly prices are incredibly cheap at as little as $2.91 for a two year subscription, or $6.95 per month for monthly renewals.

For this price, you get a secure VPN account, your data sent over WiFi that is encrypted, and the ability to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Despite the less appealing website design, Private Internet Access is still very straightforward to use and it becomes very easy to pick and choose connections to and from 28 different countries.

Private Internet Access also does not hold onto any data you send through their servers and their security methods do enough to keep your privacy safe.

VyprVPN – For Mobile And Desktop

What Makes VyprVPN Trustworthy: All servers are owned by VyprVPN and data is encrypted.
Monthly Price: £3.63 - £9.25
Free Trial: 3 Day Free Trial

Prices for VyprVPN’s service depend on which package you choose and whether you pay monthly or annually.

There are two packages, standard VyprVPN and Premium. The main benefit of using the premium version is that you are able to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously, whilst the standard package only allows three devices.

One of the best things about VyprVPN is that they own and operate all of their servers across the world. This means that no data is ever sent to a third party server (besides VyprVPN’s) and all data that goes through these servers is encrypted.

In total, VyprVPN has over 70 countries available for users to connect to, across 6 continents, which gives them one of the largest location portfolios for any VPN provider.

If you ever need help with learning more about how VyprVPN protects your data, or want advice on how to use their service, VyprVPN has a 24/7 chat team available, which is a nice benefit.

IPVanish – For Mobile And Desktop

What Makes IPVanish Trustworthy: No traffic logs and data encryption.
Monthly Price: $6.49 - $10
Free Trial: No, but 7 day money back guarantee

IPVanish is one of the more expensive VPN providers, but for just $10 on a monthly renewal, or $6.49/month for a 2 year subscription, prices are still more than reasonable.

IPVanish supports all major platforms from Windows and Mac to iOS and Android, and their experience has been streamlined across all platforms.

With IPVanish you can get access to servers in over 60 different countries and you’re given the ability to switch between these servers without restriction. You’re given up to 5 simultaneous devices and everything done on these devices goes through 256-bit AES encryption. IPVanish does not store any traffic logs, either.

If you ever need help, IPVanish also has 24/7 live chat to help you with any questions you may have about their service or their products.

PrivateVPN – For Mobile And Desktop

What Makes PrivateVPN Trustworthy: No personal logs or data is collected when you use PrivateVPN.
Monthly Price: $3.88 - $7.67
Free Trial: No, but 30 day money back guarantee

PrivateVPN offers their VPN services for as little as $3.88 per month on a 13 month subscription, or $7.67 for a 1 month renewal price.

With PrivateVPN you are able to access servers in 56 different countries and there’s no limit to how many times you can switch between these servers.

Your subscription to PrivateVPN will also allow up to 6 simultaneous device connections and their VPN is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

With PrivateVPN, it’s easy to mask your IP address and location and PrivateVPN will never store any data whijle using their platform.

Your data, personal information, and communications are all encrypted through PrivateVPN as well.


Using a VPN isn’t a requirement and most people don’t bother because of the extra cost and hassle of setting everything up. However, if you’re concerned about what your privacy and want to ensure that no one else is able to secretly monitoring your Internet activity, a VPN is the first step in the process.

The only major downside I’ve seen when using a VPN is the reduction in speed. It works best if you have a fairly fast Internet connection and if you go with one of the reputable companies that have many servers all over the world.

Thanks for reading our list of five excellent VPN apps to protect your privacy. Which of these will you be trying? Enjoy!

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How To Link Up Your Android Smartphone With Windows 10

Did you know that you can link up your Android smartphone with Windows 10 to create a streamlined experience between the two devices?

Once set up, you can browse the web, use apps, send emails, and do other tasks on your smartphone, then seamlessly switch to your PC and carry on those tasks where you left off.

In this article, we explain to you how you can get started with these recent features on Windows 10.

How To Add Your Phone To Windows 10

To begin with, let’s look at how you can get your phone connected to your Windows 10 PC. Start by following the steps listed below.

  • Press the Windows Key or click the Windows Start menu button.
  • Next, search for Settings or click on the gear icon and open the Settings app.
  • Click the Phone option within the Settings app.

  • After that, click the Add a phone option.
  • You will be prompted to enter your phone number.
  • Once you’ve entered your phone number, you’ll receive a text message on your device.
  • Open the text message and click the link to be taken to the Microsoft Launcher app.
  • Install the app and then open it.

  • Once the app is installed on your Android smartphone, tap Get Started.
  • Go through the customization options.
  • Finally, sign into the Microsoft account you also use on your PC.
  • You should now see your phone appear on your PC in the Your Phone area in the settings menu.

How To Use A Linked Phone On Windows 10

Once your Android smartphone has been linked to your Windows 10 PC, there are a number of things you can do. We’ve taken a look at some of these features below.

How to Get Android Notifications on Windows 10

The easiest way to get most basic smartphone notifications on your Windows 10 PC is to install the Microsoft Cortana app from the Google Play Store. Follow the steps to install Cortana and setup notifications.

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  • Search for Cortana.
  • Install Microsoft Cortana.
  • Once installed, open Cortana
  • Tap the three-menu button in the top right, then tap Settings

  • Once in the settings menu, tap Cross Device.
  • Next, tap to turn on notifications for missed call, incoming messages, low battery.
  • You can also tap App Notification Sync to get app notifications from all of your apps.
  • You must then give Cortana notification access.

After that, tap the back button and then choose which apps you’d like to sync your notifications for.

All of your chosen app notifications will now be synced to your PC.

How To Use Microsoft Apps On Android And PC

If you want to seamlessly use apps between your Android phone and your Windows PC, one of the best things you can do is use the Microsoft Apps application from the Google Play Store.

If you download Microsoft Apps, you’ll see a list of apps that are cross-compatible with your Windows 10 PC and Android smartphone. Apps include Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, OneDrive, and other Microsoft based apps.

Thanks for taking the time to read through our guide. Hopefully, you’ll now know all there is to know about linking up your Android smartphone with Windows 10. What are your thoughts on this new feature? Enjoy!

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9 Best Xbox One/Xbox One X Accessories

If you only play Xbox casually, you may be happy with the equipment you get straight out of the box. However, if you play games on your Xbox One or Xbox One X regularly, you may prefer to up your game by picking out a wider range of higher quality accessories.

This list contains 9 of the best Xbox One accessories available online – some accessories will replace your existing equipment with higher quality variants, while other accessories will add new functionality to your gaming experience.

The price of these accessories ranges quite drastically – there are cheaper items for adding convenience to your experience and more expensive accessories that can give you a competitive edge or enhance your gameplay in new ways.

If you’re big into gaming, also check out my previous post on the best 8 gaming mice for your PC.

Xbox One Elite Controller

Paying more for a controller when you already have a perfectly good one working at home may seem like an odd choice, but the Xbox One Elite isn’t just your average controller.

Available for $149.99, the Xbox One Elite Controller adds more functionality, provides better precision and control, and gives you a wider range of customization options.

New hair trigger locks allow you to press the trigger faster than ever before, while the thumbsticks and D-Pad have been redesigned to give you greater control and precision. Customization options are available so that you can change button layouts, assign controls, and additional paddles give you more inputs.

Xbox One Elite Controller – $149.99

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X

Let’s be real, the official chat headset you get with the Xbox isn’t great. The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X stands to be a cheap upgrade that can completely change your gameplay experience.

All game sound is played through your Turtle Beach headset so you’ll be able to hear gunfire and footsteps easier. You’ll also be able to hear better quality audio when speaking to your friends. The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X also provides better microphone quality so that your friends will be able to hear you more clearly as well.

You aren’t going to get HiFi quality audio with these headsets, but they bring a distinct advantage over using the default headset and listening to audio through your TV. For just $39.99, you can’t really go wrong.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X – $39.99

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma

The Razr Wolverine Ultimate Chroma is a fully customizable custom controller that adds new functionality, incredible build design, and fancy programmable LED lights. The Wolverine Ultimate Chroma offers similar benefits to the Xbox One Elite controller, but there are a number of distinct differences.

Firstly, the Wolverine Ultimate Chroma provides users with more buttons than ever before. This includes two more trigger buttons and a total of four paddle buttons. Each button is programmable. A quick control panel allows you to quickly switch between control layouts. You can choose default layouts or create and save your own.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma also adds upon the original Xbox One Elite design without taking away from the ergonomic feel that the original controllers offer.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma – $155

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Vortex Performance Thumbstick

If you can’t afford to throw over $100 for a new controller, you can still up your game by picking up a pair of performance thumbsticks. KontrolFreek is one of the best companies working on custom thumbsticks and their Vortex Performance set will ensure you get a competitive edge over the average player.

These thumbsticks can be attached to your standard controller sticks and will give you additional grip. These thumbsticks are also easier to use for extended periods of time. On the left, you have an extra grippy stick to make it easier to control your movement. On the right, the thumbstick is risen so that you get a greater degree of precision for controlling your aim.

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Vortex Performance Thumbstick – $16.99

Nyko Modular Power Station

One of the biggest problems with playing Xbox regularly is that you have to constantly charge up your Xbox controller and have additional charged batteries on standby for when your current battery life gets drained.

The Nyko Modular Power Station remedies this problem by making it easier to keep on top of your battery charging.

This power station plugs straight into your Xbox One console and draws power from the power pack to charge two additional batteries. LED lights are included so that you can see how your batteries are charging, and you’ll be able to continue charging your batteries with this power station even while your Xbox One is turned off. If you have an Xbox One X, you won’t be able to connect this directly to the console, but it can still be used to charge the batteries. 

Nyko Modular Power Station – $17

Xbox One Chatpad

If you’d rather send messages via text instead of using a microphone, the Xbox One Chatpad will save you a lot of hassle.

While you can use the on-screen keyboard, this method takes a very long time. Just sending a few words can take a minute or two. The Xbox One Chatpad removes this problem by giving you a keypad that can plug straight into your Xbox controller.

Using the Xbox One Chatpad makes it easier to quickly send messages between games, or even in the middle of a game. You can get the official chatpad and chat headset for $58.88, or you can purchase third party chatpads for less.

Xbox One Chatpad – $58

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

If you’d like to stream or record your gameplay, you may need to pick up a capture card. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S is one of the best capture cards available. With this, you can relay your Xbox One gameplay straight to your PC.

The stream quality is incredible – you get 1080p with a flawless 60 frames per second, and it doesn’t impact the performance of your game. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S also comes with a number of features that make it easier to stream directly to platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S – $159.95

4TB Seagate Game Drive

With the file size of Xbox games only getting bigger, it’s becoming far too easy to fill up the basic 500GB or 1TB you get by default. With the 4TB Seagate Game Drive, you’re given access to 4,000 GBs of extra storage.

This game drive is external which means it’s possible to download and build up a library that can be carried with you and used on multiple Xbox systems. The performance for this game drive is also very good and it will get you into games just as quickly as using the default hard drive would.

4TB Seagate Game Drive – $115

Samsung T5 Portable SSD

If you care more about game speed but would like a bit of additional storage, you might want to consider the Samsung T5 Portable SSD.

This drive only has 500GB of storage, but it’s far faster than the Seagate Game Drive. This means you’ll load into games quicker, game loading screens will be shorter, and you’ll have less lag in some cases.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD – $159.99


What are your thoughts on the accessories on this list? Will you be purchasing any of the Xbox One or Xbox One X accessories on this list or do you have your eyes on something else entirely? Enjoy!

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3 Top Apps for Using Instagram on Your PC

Instagram has made it as difficult to access the majority of their features outside of their mobile app. When you’re out and about, this isn’t a problem, but it can be inconvenient when you’re sitting at home on your computer.

Thankfully, there are a number of third party desktop apps that can be better for using Instagram on your PC than the standard desktop website is.

In this list, we take a look at three best desktop apps available and explain what their positives and negatives. All downloads were scanned with VirusTotal to make sure they are malware/spyware free. 

Also, be sure to checkout my post on how to browse and search Instagram using the desktop website. That post also shows you how to download high-resolution images from Instagram.


Gramblr is a free Instagram client that hooks straight into the Instagram API. You can download Gramblr from Gramblr.com

This app can be a useful way to upload new photos and videos straight from your desktop, but it’s also very powerful for growing your follower count and engagement thanks to a number of different tools.

We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest reasons why Gramblr is one of the best desktop PC clients for Instagram below.

Uploading Tools

One of the most powerful things about Gramblr is its built-in uploading tools. With these, you are able to upload photos and videos straight to Instagram.

Before you click the upload button, you can go through a number of steps to touch up your photo. These steps are similar to what you’d find on the Instagram app. This includes adding a variety of Instagram filters and a selection of Gramblr exclusive filters.

You also get far finer control over how your image looks thanks to controls for focus, saturation, lighting, and sharpness. It can be incredibly simple to add a fresh look to an image or bring life to a photo that would otherwise be dull.

After you’ve edited your photo, you can add a caption, add a location, include hashtags, and then click post. Interestingly, you are given the option to add 60 likes from real users immediately to your image. More will be explained on this below.

Schedule Posts

There are many Instagram post schedulers on the internet, but nearly all of them don’t actually automate the posting process. Instead, they push the photo and caption to your phone at a certain point and you’re then forced to manually upload it.

This is due to some restrictions Instagram has made to stop users from automating posts with third party tools. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Gramblr.

With Gramblr, the client essentially hooks straight into the Instagram API to post images on your behalf. This means that so long as the Gramblr client is up, any scheduled posts you’ve set will automatically be posted at the scheduled time.

Auto Like To Grow Follower Count

Because of Gramblr’s workaround, it also has a number of other automation tools that can be beneficial for growing your Instagram account. One such tool is an auto like feature. With this, you’re able to automatically like pictures on Instagram to grab the attention of new users.

You can choose photos with specific hashtags so that you’re always targeting a specific audience. After that, you can press ‘auto-like’ and as long as the Gramblr client is open, your profile will automatically like new posts.

Boost Posts With Likes

You are also able to boost each post you make with Gramblr. You’re given 60 free likes and regularly get free coins that can be spent on more likes. You can also pay for coins to get likes.

Gramblr claims that these likes are from real users. All Gramblr users can gain coins by liking those in the ‘earn coins’ queue. By liking another user’s photo, you’ll get 5 coins, and you can add a like on your own photo for 10 coins.

Potential Issues

Gramblr is a great Instagram client, but it doesn’t come without issues. Firstly, the client rarely gets support or updates and the developer is very hard to get hold of.

Secondly, the features that Gramblr uses are technically against Instagram’s terms of service, but because Gramblr goes straight through Instagram’s API, the auto like, post scheduler, and like boost feature sit in a gray area.

There’s some concern over whether using Gramblr’s marketing tools too much may place restrictions on your account or ban it completely, so it’s something to consider before using it.

Another downside with Gramblr is that you cannot use it to add Stories or to message users.

Windows Store Instagram App

Windows 10 now features an Instagram app that gives you many of the features that the mobile application gives you. It’s free to download and very lightweight. You can download it by visiting the Microsoft Store on your PC.

Because it’s tied into Windows 10, notifications will pop up on your display and be sent straight to your action center.

On the surface, the Windows Store Instagram app looks very similar to the mobile version.

Below, we’ve provided an overview of the Windows Store Instagram app and how it compares to the desktop website.

Overall Layout

The overall layout for the Windows Store Instagram app is parallel to the mobile app. At the top, you have access to the options for refreshing, accessing your direct messages, and uploading photos and videos to your story.

Below that, the stories are showcased. You then have a taskbar at the bottom to access your homepage, search Instagram, view recent likes, and view your profile.

Adding Photos And Videos

One of the main reasons why the Windows Store app is better than the desktop website is the included option for adding photos and videos. When you visit the desktop website, you’re not able to upload new posts.

With the Instagram app on Windows, you can easily add a new post by right clicking the app icon in your task bar and clicking New Post.

If you have a camera, you can take a photo or video with it, or you can click the Camera Roll drop down arrow at the top to browse photos saved to your PC.

Potential Issues

For the most part, the Windows Instagram app is everything you would ever need. The only concern is that the app can sometimes be quite slow. Pages take longer to load than they would when accessing them on your mobile.

Logging in can also be a pain. Sometimes, you’ll struggle to get past the login screen – it just stalls after entering your password. When you do get in, you’ll find the experience to be a treat, for the most part.


Ramme is a lightweight desktop app that signs you into an experience that’s practically identical to the Instagram iOS application. You can download Ramme from github.com.

There are a number of reasons why Ramme stands out when compared to the desktop version. Firstly, all functionality from the mobile app is present and exactly where you’d expect it to be. That includes photo uploads, stories, and direct messages.

Below we’ve provided a look at some of the key points worth mentioning with Ramme.

Well Optimized and Lightweight

With Ramme, you just need the .exe file from the GitHub page and you’re good to go. There’s no need to go through an installer or visit the Windows store like you do with Gramblr or the Windows Store app. This makes it easy to store Ramme on a USB stick or download it to use temporarily on a shared computer.

Ramme is very lightweight and runs smoothly too, and you’ll rarely come across any performance issues.

It’s also possible to resize the Ramme window on your desktop and everything on the screen adjusts to fill the window size without any hiccups.

Uploading Images is Easier

The upload process on the Windows Store app is a little odd and uploading images on the desktop website isn’t possible at all.

With Ramme, uploading uses the same process seen on the mobile app. You simply click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom and then browse through Windows File Explorer to find a photo or video to upload.

Potential Issues

We don’t have much bad to say about Ramme, so long as you’re happy to sign in through an app that’s not officially endorsed or created by Instagram.

That wraps up our look at the top 3 apps for using Instagram on your PC. Which desktop app do you like the most out of these three? If you use a different app, leave a comment below to let us know which one. Enjoy!

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