Lewis–Mogridge Position

The Lewis–Mogridge Position, named after David Lewis and Martin J. H. Mogridge, is a maxim in urban planning that states “traffic expands to meet the available road space”. The position points out the relative futility of building more roads to deal with traffic, as the gains are erased within a matter of weeks to months when people drive more because of the available space.

Peanut Legumes

Peanuts are similar in terms of taste and nutritional value to tree nuts like walnuts and almonds, but aren’t actually nuts. Peanuts are a legume, like lentils and soybeans, and share the same nitrogen-fixing properties that make them a valuable part of crop rotation methods.

Photic Sneeze Reflex

Do you often sneeze when exposed to a bright light, such as stepping out of a dim movie theater on a sunny day? Then you’re one of the 18-35 percent of people that have “photic sneeze reflex”, a genetic predisposition to sneezing intensely after sudden exposure to bright light.