How To Get Better Steam Price Alerts

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Steam’s wishlist feature is handy, but it’s not always useful. If you’re waiting for a significant discount on a $60 game, five bucks off probably won’t change your mind. There’s a better way. can connect to your Steam account, import your wish list, and send you an email notification when a game goes below a specific price level or a percentage value. It’s a great way to save money on new titles and on all that stuff on your wish list.

Connect IsThereAnyDeal to Steam

Before you start, you’ll need to give IsThereAnyDeal access to your Steam account. This is perfectly safe—they don’t get access to your personal information or payment methods. Note that, for this to work, you need to set your Steam profile to public. You can make an account on the site and add games manually if that makes you uncomfortable.

To start, go to and click “Sign in” in the upper-right corner.

In the pop-up menu, click “Sign in through Steam.” You’ll be given a web-based login for your Steam account.

Once you’re back at the main IsThereAnyDeal page, click the arrow next to your Steam username and then click “Waitlist” on the drop-down menu.

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Everything You Need To Welcome Your New Puppy Home

So you’re super-excited to get your new puppy. And you should be! But in addition to dog food, tags, and a trip to the vet for vaccinations, you’ll want a few other things that you might not have thought about.

To Keep Your Puppy Well-Fed: Old Tikko Water Feeder Dispenser ($33)

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Feeding your new pup at a regular pace is important, and puppies eat quickly. If you’re forgetful or just busy, you might consider swapping out the standard food and water bowls for these gravity feeders.

They’ll hold a week or more of food and water for your puppy, keeping it from going hungry if you’re less than attentive. Pay attention to how much it’s going through, though: if your puppy is overeating (bloating, constipation) you should switch back to a standard bowl or upgrade to an electronic model.

To Keep Your Puppy From Chewing Up Your Entertainment Center: Grannick Bitter Apple Spray ($12)

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Puppies are constantly teething for six to eight months, and they’ll have a desire to chew just about everything. That includes classics, like your shoes and bed sheets, and more dangerous stuff. Sometimes they’re especially fond of the rubbery texture of electrical cords or media cables—yikes!

To proactively prevent your puppy from munching on anything valuable or harmful, pick up a few bottles of Grannick Bitter Apple spray. This non-toxic spray makes anything—edible or not—taste revolting to your dog. Spritz a bit on anything your puppy likes to chomp on, and it will soon find something else to chew. (And as a nice bonus, it’s hilarious to watch when they try to spit it out.) Of course, you’ll want to stock up on some chew toys, too, just to give them something safe to attack.

To Take Care Of Inevitable Accidents: Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover ($11)

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Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2 Kicks Back with an ARM Processor and LTE

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The first Galaxy Book was something of an odd duck: a standard tablet form factor with a full-power Intel setup for running Windows. The sequel hardware mixes things up a bit.

The most obvious change for the Galaxy Book 2 is the Surface-style kickstand, integrated into the tablet for freestanding goodness just about anywhere. The original model used a wrap-around folio case with an integrated keyboard, very much like Google’s new Pixel Slate. The keyboard on this machine is also very reminiscent of the Surface, with chicklet keys and a fold-up “tent” angle, but unlike Microsoft’s machine, it comes in the box for no extra charge. So does the active stylus pen. If you’re keeping count, Samsung’s throwing in about $200 worth of hardware that Microsoft still wants you to buy separately.

The other big change is harder to spot: underneath that beautiful 12-inch AMOLED screen is a Snapdragon 850 processor, the same one that powers most other Windows ARM devices. Samsung is using Qualcomm’s new buddy-buddy relationship with Microsoft to run Windows on ARM-based hardware. And while that does bring a few disadvantages, like the loss of 64-bit applications, it comes with a few dividends, too. Samsung says the Galaxy Book 2 can run for up to 20 hours in Windows S mode, which is pretty amazing for a Windows-powered machine thinner than the average smartphone (7.6mm). That mobile hardware also means that LTE capabilities are built in at no extra charge. The Galaxy Book 2 will be sold at AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon stores with data plans that take advantage of its untethered prowess.

Other notable hardware includes 8MP/5MP cameras on the rear and front respectively, an integrated fingerprint reader, and two USB-C ports. Unfortunately, the memory leaves something to be desired, with just 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage on the $1000 tablet. If there are more beefy versions of the Galaxy Book 2 in the works, Samsung didn’t mention them in its initial announcement. The tablet goes on sale starting November 2nd.

Source: Samsung

Hulu Now Has Dark Mode On The Web

“Dark Mode,” a catch-all term for replacing white backgrounds for black or dark grey and more neutral colors, is a godsend for people who spend a little too much time looking at screens. Hulu joins those ranks today.

The popular online streaming site now offers a dark mode option for users on the web. To enable it, just click the profile name in the upper right corner, then click the new “Night Mode” switch to “On.” You might not have the option immediately since Hulu seems to be rolling it out in batches, but all users should see it within a week or two at most.

This addition is for those on desktop web browsers. Hulu doesn’t offer a dark mode in its mobile or TV apps at the moment, but those are fairly neutral anyway, going with solid color backgrounds that shift based on the content.

Source: Hulu via MacRumors

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Roll Your Own Emulation Console

Frustrated with the lack of Virtual Console options in Nintendo’s new online service, and emboldened by a bit of electronics know-how thanks to tinkering with keyboards, I finally decided to make my own RetroPie machine. I was surprised at how easy it was…and just how many options are available.

The classic solution is to simply grab a Raspberry Pi unit and a case, install it, load up a copy of RetroPie on an SD card, plug in a controller, and get going. And that’s still a pretty great (and surprisingly cheap) solution, if all you really want to do is play some old games on your TV without having to hunt for classic consoles and blow on some cartridge contacts. But as it turns out, there are lot more things you can do with both the hardware and the software.


Take the world of portable gaming, for example. Independently-designed gadgets like the PiGRRL (see what they did there?) cram a tiny Raspberry Pi computer, a screen, a battery, and a custom printed circuit board into a 3D-printed case to make a completely custom Game Boy clone.

And while it lacks some of the polish of Nintendo’s handhelds, it’s far more capable: the tiny, low-power Pi Zero computer can handle most games up to the Super NES level (early 1990s) and the more conventional Raspberry Pi models can do full PlayStation emulation, all while holding hundreds or thousands of game ROMs on a MicroSD card. There are dozens of suppliers that will sell you a custom kit to make one yourself: just pair a Raspberry Pi with the kit, solder according to the included instructions, and load up the ROMs.

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A Raspberry Pi plus a 3D-printed case, battery, screen, and buttons makes a Game Boy clone.

But even that felt a little too easy for me. I wanted the best of both worlds: Nintendo’s classic hardware and ergonomics, and the option of loading up my old favorites from the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, SNES, and Genesis.

Despite the fact that it’s now almost twenty years old, my favorite portable game machine will always be the original design of the Game Boy Advance: it has an ideal combination of size, layout, and library. I’ve often thought that if Nintendo had added the two extra face buttons and a backlit screen that later models of the GBA and DS came with, it would be perfect.

game boy advance, original, purple,
The original Game Boy Advance had a fantastic design, but its hardware is limited by today’s standard.

Now that’s possible, with some modding and a hardware transplant. The FreeplayTech design swaps out the internals of the original GBA design with a custom PCB, a new backlit screen, two extra buttons for playing Super NES games, a rechargeable battery, and a Raspberry Pi to run it all. It’s essentially the same thing as the PiGRRL designs above, plus some custom software to crop the screen so it fits in the viewing window of a GameBoy Advance shell.

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