5 Best Sites To Play Scrabble Online With Friends

Playing games is probably one of the best ways to entertain yourself and to kill hours of time when you need a break. 

While some games are meant to be enjoyed on your own like an old classic Tetris or a highly addictive Angry Birds, others are built for two or more players. If you’re looking to combine all of those things – find a game that’s highly addictive, an all time favorite, and one that you can play with friends – try playing Scrabble online with your friends or family. 

Before Playing Scrabble Online

Winning at Scrabble requires luck, strategic thinking, and a good vocabulary. However, not every game is about winning or losing. Playing board games with friends is mainly about spending quality time together. It doesn’t have to be different when you switch to playing Scrabble online.

Before you go on to one of the sites to play Scrabble, we recommend setting up a video call in one of the popular video conferencing apps. If you’ve never done this before, you can quickly learn how to set up Zoom and how to join a Zoom meeting. That way you’ll set up a space for you and your friends to argue over which words are acceptable to use in the game and which aren’t. 

When you’re all on the same video call, there’s one more thing you might want to do before starting the game. Refresh the game rules and how the points system works. The app will do the counting for you when you’re playing, but it’s still good to discuss these things in advance to avoid any confusion. 

After that, choose the site you like most and play Scrabble online. 

Scrabble Games on Facebook

The easiest option is to head over to Facebook and play one of the Scrabble games that you can find there. If one of the players doesn’t have a Facebook account, the games will require a free registration before you can play. 

The first game is the official online version of Scrabble available on Facebook. It comes with two modes: you can play against 1 to 3 friends, or search for a random opponent. For an advanced level of difficulty, switch on the speed limit for each turn.

Another popular word game that you can play on Facebook is Scrabble Go. This is an updated version of an all-time classic. The game is very straightforward. Load the main page, choose up to 3 other players from the friends list, and start the game. 

Finally, you can choose to play Words With Friends – a Scrabble-like vocabulary game on Facebook. Here you can also start a new game and send an alert to your friends on Facebook, or get randomly paired with someone who’s already using the app.

The main downside of all Scrabble games on Facebook is that they’re littered with ads. Sometimes you get an ad played after every turn. However, there’s an option to pay for an ad-free version of the games. 

Pogo Scrabble

If you’re not a fan of Facebook in general and prefer using a separate site to play Scrabble online, give Pogo a try. This site is a great choice for a smooth Scrabble experience. 

Before entering the game you’ll need to go through a free registration. Alternatively, you can join using your Facebook account. Choose one of the 5 difficulty levels and play Scrabble online with your friends, or against a random online opponent. Opponents are matched by skill level and your experience in the game. 

The game has a reward system in a form of tokens that you can earn as you progress. You can then take part in drawings and win prizes. 


Lexulous might lack a fun-looking interface, but it’s definitely worth a look thanks to all the features it offers.

On Lexulous, you can also play Scrabble online in different modes: practice against the computer, get paired with a random player online, or start a game with your friends. When you choose to play a random opponent, you can even select a specific country. 

There’s a chat room if you want to discuss your game progress with other players. Plus, if any of you aren’t so confident they know how to play Scrabble, Lexulous will offer a quick tutorial when you first join the game. 

Internet Scrabble Club

Internet Scrabble Club is a proper old school option. The game has a nostalgic feel starting from interface, the chat room, and even the sounds. However, this is a great pick for someone who actually wants to improve their Scrabble skills.

The online Scrabble game has a comprehensive rating system. You get awarded scores as you progress and play more rounds. Eventually you can climb up the Scrabble ladder and play real game experts. 

Alternatively, you can just find your friends using their nicknames and play the game together. 

Poki Scrabble Sprint

Poki Scrabble Sprint is actually a single-player Scrabble game. However, it’s a great source for those dedicated Scrabble fans among you who constantly want to progress and improve their skills.

Instead of a turn-based game, here you play against the clock. Even though the format of Poki Scrabble Sprint is slightly different, the goal is still to work your way around the board. Try and come up with more complex words to earn more score points and more time on your timer. 

A few games on this site offer the perfect training you need before facing other experienced Scrabble players online. 

Time To Test Your Vocabulary

Scrabble is one of those games that aren’t just about entertainment but also about education. However, playing the Scrabble online with your friends will not only test your vocabulary but can also test your patience and even your friendship. 

Some Scrabble arguments can get pretty heated. If you need to blow off steam after one, try playing a game of Cards Against Humanity online

Have you ever played Scrabble online before? Do you prefer single or multiplayer games? Share your experience with us in the comments below. 

How the Google Keep Extension on Chrome Makes Web Surfing Fun

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted while surfing the web. You start with one seemingly simple task and before you know it find yourself switching back and forth between a million tabs having lost what you were looking for in the first place completely.

After you move on to something else, searching your open tabs in Chrome can take a while. A different way to stay on top of your tasks is to take notes and save your findings right there and then. 

A great solution for taking notes without interrupting your tasks is using the Google Keep app. Now you can use it in a simple and sleek form of a browser extension. Quickly take notes, make lists, save important web pages and review them later with the Google Keep Chrome Extension. 

Why Use The Google Keep Extension?

First of all, note-taking apps are great for improving your productivity, and Google Keep is no exception. If you know how to take full advantage of the app, it can save you time on planning important events, keep your to-do lists and personal notes organized, and even help you with project management. 

How does it work? Once you add the Google Keep extension, you can save items while browsing with just one click. That way you can continue surfing the web and come back to it later on. You don’t have to worry about losing an important link ever again.

Access all your saved content whenever you want from the Google Keep webpage. The labeling system helps you keep your notes and saved cards organized. Color-code your cards to make them pop-up among all other content, or use images or drawings to get creative with them. You can also set reminders for completing tasks and Google Keep will alert you about them when the time comes. 

How To Install The Google Keep Extension

Before you start using the Google Keep extension, here’s how to set it up. 

  1. Open the Google Keep extension page in the Chrome web store. 
  1. Click the Add to Chrome button.
  1. You’ll see the Add “Google Keep Chrome Extension”? menu pop up. Select Add extension
  1. Chrome will then inform you that you added the extension. You can now access Google Keep by clicking the yellow icon with a light bulb next to the address bar. 

How To Use The Google Keep Chrome Extension

Now that you’ve added the extension, find the Google Keep icon in the upper-right corner of the window and right-click on it. Select Go to Keep to bring the app up in a new tab.

When you first land on the Keep page, the app will ask you whether you’d like to use light or dark mode. We recommend enabling the dark mode for a more comfortable user experience. Once you’re done with overall app customization, you can start adding notes and web pages to your Keep. All your items will be synced across all of your devices, including computers, Android, iOS, and Wear that you use. 

You can add notes from the Keep page by using the Take a note… menu from the top of the window. 

Alternatively, you can create a note while browsing. Just click on the Keep icon to do it from any Chrome tab. Add a note and a label to organize your notes better, or leave it as it is. 

Get Creative With What You Save

Google Keep allows for some creativity with the notes you create and the content you save. Here are a few tools that you can use to better organize your Google Keep cards. Learn to use all of them to take full advantage of the service.

Use Labels To Create Categories

Labels are the easiest way to organize the content on Keep. They make it easier for you to add and then search the notes for any specific information. Labeling will also help you keep your work-related content separate from personal content. 

Any item on Google Keep can have one or multiple labels. You can create new labels from the Google Keep page, as well as from any other Chrome tab when adding a note. 

Use Imagery & Color Codes To Visualize Your Goals 

Whether your cards and notes on Google Keep are all professional or personal, it never hurts to visualize your goals better. You can add images or photos to your cards and lists for better motivation. 

If it’s a to-do list, create a color-coding system that will tell you how far in progress you are with the tasks. Together with smart labeling and motivating imagery, you can turn your Google Keep page into an inspiring vision board.

Use Reminders To Never Forget Another Birthday Again

Google Keep allows you to set a singular or a repeated reminder for your notes with a date and time. This is a  handy feature for both your close friend’s birthday and a conference video call that you can’t miss. 

Use Shared Lists to Make Household Chores Easier

You can share your notes and lists from the Keep with any of your contacts. Find the collaborator icon when you open your note, click on it and add their name or email. 

Aside from professional collaboration, you can use it to organize your friend’s birthday party, or to share shopping lists with your family. You can tick the items off the list once you get them, and the Keep will update the list for everyone you shared it with. 

Access Google Keep From Your Phone

You can access your notes and cards from other computers and mobile phones. 

From your smartphone, you can either use the Google Keep mobile app to see your saved content, or go to Google Keep page from the Chrome browser. All changes and updates that you make on your phone will be automatically saved and visible from other devices as well. 

Download: for iOS, Android.

Check Out What Else Google Has To Offer

Google has long branched out from the search engine that it used to be. If you like Google Keep, give other lesser-known Google services a try. You might be surprised by what they have to offer.

Do you use Google Keep? Do you prefer using the app or the Google Keep extension? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

4 Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online

When you’re stuck at home, there are only so many things you can do to entertain yourself. If you’re sharing your living space with other people, playing board games is a great way to kill time. Cards Against Humanity is an all-time classic here.

“A party game for horrible people” as it’s described on the site, the game is actually a lot of fun for everyone. While it’s definitely NSFW, it’s a great way to let steam off and just have a few laughs with your friends and even family. 

Here’s how to play cards against humanity online and what you’ll need for it. 

Before Playing Cards Against Humanity Online

With games like Cards Against Humanity, half of the fun is to see how your friends react to your picks. So before you start the game, we recommend setting up a video call in one of the popular video conferencing apps. If you’ve never done this before, you can quickly learn how to set up Zoom and how to join a Zoom meeting

Of course, you also need to make sure your mic and webcam are in working order. Finally, ask all the participants if they know the rules of the game. Give them a little refresher if necessary. 

Cards Against Humanity has two types of cards: black and white. Each round, a player asks a question from a black card. Then everyone else picks one of the white cards from their hand to submit the funniest (and most inappropriate) answer. The winner is the player who, by the end of the game, submits the most cards with the funniest answers. 

Once everyone’s clear on the rules and ready to play, go to one of the following sites to play cards against humanity online.


№ of players: up to 6.

Level of difficulty: honestly, a little too simple.

Playingcards.io is the top option on our list for a few reasons. First is the simplicity of it all. Although this is both an advantage and a downside of this site. 

The interface is rather minimalistic, and at times doesn’t quite resemble the real Cards Against Humanity game. That’s because the game on the site is actually called Remote Insensitivity and has a different visual representation. At the same time, Remote Insensitivity has all the same cards and is extremely easy to play on the site, even for complete beginners.

One cool feature here is that the game isn’t automated at all. That means you have to deal, move cards, and discard yourself. That helps create a realistic feeling and adds to the game night atmosphere. 

To start the game, go to Playingcards.io. Then scroll down to the Create a new room section. From there, choose Remote Insensitivity and click Start Game. You’ll get a shareable link that you can use to invite other players. 

All Bad Cards

№ of players: up to 50.

Level of difficulty: enough to surprise an experienced player and impress a beginner. 

All Bad Cards has all the chances to become your favorite online game to play with friends. The first thing you’ll notice is a great interface that perfectly mimics that cheeky feel that only Cards Against Humanity has. 

While other websites on our list existed long before it, All Bad Cards was created very recently for people bored at home and looking for new ways to entertain themselves.

In order to start the game, head to the website and click New Game. The site will then ask you to type in your nickname. You’ll get a shareable link to invite other people, and you can also add up to 10 AI players. Once everyone’s ready, click Start to begin the game.

A few more impressive features of this site include the capacity to host a game for up to 50 players, as well as a family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity (seriously). 

Pretend You’re Xyzzy

№ of players: from 3 to 20. 

Level of difficulty: advanced. Good pick for those who own every CAH Expansion pack. 

Pretend You’re Xyzzy is another Cards Against Humanity clone that will be your favorite if you’re a fan of the depth of the game. The original game comes with numerous expansion packs that add up to hundreds of cards and hilarious combinations. Pretend You’re Xyzzy claims to have them all, which makes the game that much more interesting.

The downside here is that you can’t start the game unless you have 3 or more players join in. However, once you have the right amount of people, it’s up to you to customize your game and add as many cards as you wish. You also create your own rules, as well as who can play and who can simply watch the game if they don’t feel like joining. 

To play the game, head over to the website, fill in your nickname and click Set. That will take you to the game customization screen. Choose the amount of players, card sets you’d like to use, as well as the game password. Share your game URL and wait for other people to join and start the game. 

Cards Against Humanity Lab

№ of players: 1.

Level of difficulty: not recommended if you’re feeling lonely already.

If all else fails, Cards Against Humanity Lab is your last resort. A perfect pick for when all your friends are busy but you still just want to have a few laughs with yourself. 

Cards Against Humanity Lab is the official site for CAH online experience. However, it’s not exactly social since you’re the only one playing. Here, the computer deals you a black card, and you have a selection of white cards to choose the funniest answer from. There’s also an option to say none of the cards on the screen are funny at all. 

You can probably guess the purpose of this tool. The CAH AI learns which cards are best or worst combinations in the game. It might not seem fun at first, but you’ll find that many cards in the CAH Lab are not the ones you’ve played before. That’s because the site is used to research future game editions. 

So if you’re a true fan of the game, head over to the website and enjoy a few rounds of CAH on your own. 

Make Your Own CAH Entertainment

Being stuck at home is the best time to change the rules and start making your own games. You can make your own deck of CAH by downloading and printing it from the official website. There’s even a special family-friendly version that you can play with your folks. 

Have you played Cards Against Humanity online before? What other games would you play online with your friends? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

How To Make A Snapchat Filter

Today thanks to the many apps that offer photo filters you don’t need to have a smartphone with a top of the line camera to produce excellent shots. When it comes to social media, filters play an even bigger role. They can transform your pictures and stories and make your content more engaging. On Snapchat, you can now create your own filters. 

Depending on your purpose, place, and audience you can make different custom filters to entertain your Snapchat followers. Some filters only work in specific locations, while others are only suitable for special events. There are also filters that you can create and use for free, while for others you’ll have to pay. 

Let’s take a look at how to make a Snapchat filter.

Decide What Type Of Filter You’re After

When it comes to making a custom Snapchat filter, it’s best to begin with setting your goals. 

For example, you can create a free Community filter. If it’s a place that you want to tie your filter to, you can choose to create a Geofilter. It will only work in a specific location, so you can choose to set it in a place that has some significance to you (like a park, university, or your favourite cafe, etc). You can also create a free Moment filter that will represent some sort of event. It can be anything from a public concert to a shopping trip with your friends. 

Another option is making a paid Snapchat filter. It’s a more suitable alternative if you want to celebrate a special event like a wedding or someone’s birthday. It’s also a good choice for businesses or any other type of advertising. 

You can make a Snapchat filter using the Snapchat mobile app or through their website. After you submit it, it takes a couple of hours for Snapchat to approve it. Then you can enjoy using your own Snapchat filter on the app. 

How To Make A Free Snapchat Filter

Snapchat offers an option to create your own Snapchat filters for free, but they have to be Community filters and they come with some limitations. You can only create them using your web browser, and Snapchat doesn’t offer any templates. The design needs to be 100% original. 

The most important part, however, is that you follow Snapchat’s guidelines when you create the filter. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to Snapchat web, and choose Filters & Lenses from the site’s ribbon menu. 
  2. Scroll down to Creative Tools, and select Community Filters
  1. Now depending on your occasion, choose between Geofilter and Moment Filters
  1. If it’s a Moment Filter, all you need to do is to upload your design and then submit it to Snapchat. 
  1. With Geofilter you will also have to set the zone on the map where you’d like that filter to apply. 

To create the original design for your filter, Snapchat recommends you use software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. If you’re not very skilled at those, a good alternative for creating custom images is Canva

Make sure you provide all the relevant information with your filter, like dates or an event description. Then, as long as you follow the official guidelines, your custom filter should be approved and ready to use within hours. 

How To Make A Paid Snapchat Filter On Your Computer

If you don’t mind paying a little and want to save yourself time and effort, you can make a paid Snapchat filter. Here’s how to do it from your computer.

  1. On Snapchat web, go to Filters & Lenses
  2. Scroll down to Creative Tools, and select Filters.
  1. Here, instead of creating your own design from scratch, you can choose from a variety of templates. You also get more customization options, like changing fonts, colours, and adding pictures.

You can also use Bitmoji to add a little cartoon version of yourself and your friends to your filter.

  1. After you finish the design, go to Dates and choose the start and end date for your filter. You can make it a One Time Event, or a Repeating Event to run it on certain days, or time of day. 
  1. Under Location, draw a fence to select the area for your Geofilter. All Snapchat users on the inside of that fence will be able to use your filter. 
  1. Go to Checkout to pay and submit your filter.

The Snapchat filter price varies. It depends on two factors: the size of the area where you want to run it, and how long you want the filter to be available for the users. 

How To Make a Snapchat Filter In The App

You can also submit your custom Snapchat filter on your iPhone. The process is pretty much the same, with the only difference being finding the iOS-only feature within the app.

To locate it, open Snapchat on your iPhone and go to your profile. Then go to Settings to find Filter and Lenses. After you select Filter, Snapchat will take you to a similar customization screen to design it. 

Follow the same algorithm, create your own design, set the dates, and the area, then pay and submit your Snapchat filter for approval. 

How To Use Your Custom Snapchat Filter

Once you receive the email from Snapchat confirming your filter is live, you can start adding it to your snaps.

You’ll find it among your filters when you open the app by swiping left and right. Make sure your Snapchat privacy settings are set to allow the app to access your location. Then you’ll be able to use yours and other people’s geofilters specific to your area. 

Customize Your Snapchat Further

Once you go through an experience of creating and using your own Snapchat filters, you’ll probably want to do even more to personalize your snaps and make them more relatable. Luckily, Snapchat offers a lot of ways to do it: from making your own lenses to creating deepfake videos with you and your friends

Have you tried to make a Snapchat filter? Was it a success with other users? Share your Snapchat experience with us in the comments below. 

Snapchat Trophies Are Gone But This Snapchat Charm List Will Help

Snapchat is one of the most addictive social media platforms. It’s so popular among users for two main reasons. One is the Snapchat’s visual add-ons like filters and text that you can apply when you send a message. The second reason is the app’s reward system that gives you awards the more you send those messages to other users. 

Both Snapchat friend emojis and Snapchat Trophies used to be part of that system. However, it now seems that the trophies have been replaced by something called Snapchat Charms. Let’s look into what each Snapchat Charm means, how to get them, as well as what happened to Snapchat Trophies. 

What Happened To Snapchat Trophies?

Snapchat used to have a popular feature called Trophies. It was essentially a hidden reward system that allowed you to unlock certain badges once you achieved something within the app. 

Snapchat had more than 50 different “locked” emojis that represented Trophies. To unlock them, you had to send a certain number of messages, make new friends, or even just verify your email address. Every user could access their Trophies through the Snapchat Trophy case. 

With the latest update, Snapchat replaced Trophies with something similar called Charms.

Where To Find Your Snapchat Charms

You can find your Snapchat Charms in your friendship details with another Snapchat user.

  1. Open Snapchat on your camera screen.
  1. Use the Search bar to type a specific friend’s name in, or go to the Chat list. 
  1. Choose one of your Snapchat friends and click on their username.
  1. In the top left corner of the screen, find the user’s icon or their Bitmoji and click on it.
  1. Scroll down and find Charms at the bottom of your friend’s profile. 

Did you open a chat with your friend and not find many Charms? Here’s how to get more of them.

How To Get Snapchat Charms

You and your friends can get different Charms depending on your connection. This includes how often and how many snaps you send to one another, as well as how complete your Snapchat profiles are. 

Snapchat will automatically award you new Charms when you fit certain criteria. You can get Charms related to your birthdays, usernames, your friend emojis, or Bitmoji. 

You can’t exactly control which ones or how many you will get. However, if you want to see new charms appearing in your friendship, make sure to snap each other often, and keep your Snapchat profiles up to date. 

Full Snapchat Charm List

Unlike Trophies, Charms are more personal and differ depending on your friendship with a user. They give you more details about the kind of connection you have with a friend, like your astrological compatibility. 

Although Snapchat promises to add more Charms in future, there are about 30 of them on the app right now. 

Snapchat Birthday Charms

As we mentioned before, some charms can be unlocked just by filling in your Snapchat profile. 

Astrological Sign 

If both you and your friend have filled in their birthdays in your Snapchat profiles, you’ll get an Astrological Sign Charm with your zodiac signs. 

Astrology Compatibility 

Snapchat will award you this charm if you and your friend’s zodiac signs are compatible. It will also highlight your character traits and features that unite the two of you (according to astrology). 

Birthday Twins 

If you and your friend have birthdays in the same week, you will unlock the Birthday Twins Charm. The year doesn’t matter here, just as long as your birthdays are less than 7 days apart. 

Half Birthday Twins 

When you and your friend have birthdays 6 months apart, you get a Half Birthday Twins Charm.

Upcoming Birthday 

This is a charm that you’ll see when your friend’s birthday is approaching. 

Friend’s Birthstone 

You will also see your friend’s Birthstone Charm in the list. That’s a little keyring talisman that Snapchat awards everyone based on the month they’re born in.

Snapchat Friendship Charms

The biggest lump of all Snapchat Charms are the Friendship Charms. They’re the ones that have something to do with how often and how much you two keep in touch on the app.

New Friends 

When you have a fairly new Snapchat account and don’t have a single best friend on it yet, you can get a New Friends Charm. It will appear as soon as you add a new user to your friends list.


Similar to friends emojis, you can get this charm in three different versions depending on how long you’ve been each other’s best friend on the app. 

Mutual BFs

If you and your friend share a mutual best friend from the Best Friends section, you will see a Mutual BFs Charm appear on your list.

Mutual Besties

This one’s a bit awkward. If you get this charm, it means that you and your friend share the same #1 Best Friend on the app. Still, it’s another charm that you can accidentally earn.


Once you start exchanging snaps with your friend on a daily basis without a fail, you will get a Snapstreak Charm with the number of days on it. 

Snapchat Keep In Touch Charms

You will probably see a lot of these on Snapchat since they’re awarded even if you don’t keep in touch with a person at all.

Shy Guys

When you add a contact on Snapchat and don’t speak to them, you will see this Snapchat Charm appear on the list. 

In Touch

If you exchange snaps with each other often, you will get the In Touch Charm. 

It’s Been A Second, It’s Been A Minute & It’s Been A While

Those are the three charms that will appear when you lose contact with someone. Depending on the amount of time, it will say “it’s been a second, minute or a while”. That’s Snapchat giving you a little nudge. 

It’s Been Forever

If you and your friend on Snapchat haven’t been in touch for over a year, you will get this sad It’s Been Forever Charm. 

Snapchat Score Charms

By using the app every day to send snaps and stories you increase your Snapchat Score. When both your and your friend’s scores reach a certain level, the app will award you a Score Charm.

These come in 5 different tiers like 5 stars: Snap Rookies with one star, Sophomores, Masters, Heroes, and Snap Legends with 5 stars accordingly. 

There are also two special charms that aren’t for everyone. The Snapchat OGs Charm is only for those users who have started using the app back in 2013, and the Employee Charm is exclusively for Snapchat staff. 

How To Hide & Restore Charms 

Your Friendships on Snapchat are private, and so are the Charms. You can hide or restore them to your profile at any time. Here’s how to hide a Snapchat Charm.

  1. Find the Charm you’d like to hide.
  2. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the Charm.
  3. Select Hide Charm

To restore the Charm, go to your Friendship profile. In the Charm list you’ll now find a new Hidden button. Click on it to see all of your hidden Charms and to choose the one you’d like to restore. 

Time To Charm Them All

Snapchat is one of those apps that are extremely popular among kids, and that you should definitely know about as a parent. If you don’t fit in any of those groups, it can still be fun to explore something new and different. 

Did you check out the new Snapchat Charms already? Are you happy with the replacement or do you prefer Trophies over them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.