5 Best Remote Computer Repair Websites to Get Help Now

No matter how tech-savvy you are, some computer problems will stump you. Whether it’s a malfunctioning RJ-45 port or a correcting a vcruntime140.dll error, there are times you need help fast.

The good news is that there are websites that provide fast and knowledgeable help to troubleshoot and correct almost any PC error you encounter. Some are paid services, but others provide help free of charge. These are some of the best remote computer repair options on the web.

1. r/TechSupport

Reddit is a treasure trove of information on a variety of subjects, and the Tech Support subreddit is one of the best in terms of solving even the most difficult computer errors. Search the subreddit for your problem before you post. Users have run into almost every issue imaginable and have posted the solutions online.

If you can’t find an answer to your problem, there is an extensive Wiki that covers most basic problems. There’s also the Knowledge Base, an extensive series of guides written by experts. If that doesn’t provide answers, post a question in the subreddit and wait for answers. 

If the problem is more immediate, there is a Discord you can use where experienced people hang out. They are willing to help you find a solution or answer more complicated questions so that you can repair your computer as easily as possible. 

2. Geek Squad

Geek Squad is one of the most well-known repair services on the market, and a staple of any Best Buy you visit. That said, the Geek Squad remote computer support is incredibly effective, with affordable pricing despite the level of service received.

Plans start at just $9.99 per month, or users can invest in a $199.99 annual membership that covers a wide range of problems. Geek Squad offers in-store, at-home, and remote repair services, and if you register for the Total Tech Support plan it includes an internet security software suite.

Geek Squad connects to your PC through a secure connection and allows you to disconnect at any point you feel uncomfortable with what the technician is doing. After an evaluation, the tech will let you know what needs to be done in order to repair or speed up your machine.

The technicians handle the process for you, which means you don’t have to sit around and wait. You can get up and walk away and come back to your machine later. When the technician is done, they will leave you a note or email you a summary of the repairs that were made.

While Geek Squad specializes in remote virus removal, installing antivirus software, tuning up your PC, and ensuring you have proper internet security, the service is invaluable when it comes to accessing computers that have been locked down due to viruses and malware. 

3. ITSatisfy

ITSatisfy is a popular website for repairing problems with tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. The remote computer repair website offers a toll-free helpline to help diagnose what the problem might be. You can also live chat with a technician at any time if you’re a night owl and work on your PC when everyone else is asleep.

Actual repair services do cost, however. ITSatisfy charges $99.99 for a one-time PC fix, or annual unlimited support services for $199.99. The website can help with everything from setup and installation to network and router support. 

ITSatisfy is available to both US- and UK-based customers. If you have a bit of technical know-how, the team’s answers to your question can be just the information you need to correct the problem yourself without taking your machine into a shop. 

4. GeeksOnSite

GeeksOnSite is an all-in-one service that offers both in-person and remote technical support. The company offers service in most major cities across the US, but if all you need is technical support, the service is affordable and fast. 

GeeksOnSite charges $179 for a one-time fee or a monthly rate of $24.95. A technician will watch what you do on your PC through a secure connection with 256-bit encryption. This is a great option for users trying to solve a software-based problem or tweak a setting they do not understand. 

With the remote service, GeeksOnSite will also perform a “system tune up” where they scan your computer for viruses, malware, and other potential problems. They also clean temporary files and defrag your hard drive to improve the overall performance of your computer. 

While GeeksOnSite isn’t the most affordable option out there (especially with on-site services starting at $99 per hour), it is an effective one that will see your computer in working order. 

5. GeekBuddy

GeekBuddy is similar to GeeksOnSite, but serves as a more budget-friendly option. The website offers 24/7 support and free problem diagnosis. According to the site, they have more than 99% customer satisfaction with more than 25 million previous customers. 

GeekBuddy offers 24/7 technical support to users in the United States and Canada. The service is entirely remote. Technicians connect to your PC through a secure connection to troubleshoot problems and make repairs as needed. You can also speak to a technician through live chat to work on hardware-focused problems.

While diagnosis is free, the repair service costs $69.99 for a one-time fix. You can also invest in a service that covers three separate machines for $109.99, or a complete coverage option that includes 50 GB of secure cloud storage for $169.99 per year. 

These five remote computer repair services offer a wide variety of repair services and technical support. You can mix and match, too–use one service to diagnose what a problem might be and attempt to repair it yourself, and then use your favorite service to perform repairs you cannot handle. 

Whatever the situation, you no longer have to leave home to get the repair help you need. The internet is a treasure trove of computer repair and technical support, all at your fingertips. 

Chromecast Vs Android TV: Which is Better?

Chromecast and Android TV are both Google-branded devices–a fact that proves confusing when shopping for a streaming device. Both services provide similar features, but they also differ from one another in major ways. 

This guide will break down the difference between Chromecast and Android TV to help you understand how they differ and decide which of the two is the right choice for your streaming needs.

What is Chromecast?

Originally, Chromecast was a USB-powered dongle that plugged into your TV’s HDMI port that enabled streaming. Now, however, the name refers more to the branding. While there are still Chromecast dongles available for purchase, the service is built-in to more modern televisions–no dongle required.

Chromecast differs from other streaming services in that it doesn’t have an interface. There is no home screen or menu to select the content you want. Chromecast acts as a receiver, so you can cast content directly to it from your phone or other device. 

The casting protocol is referred to as Google Cast. It’s what enables you to cast from your phone to the dongle, and it isn’t limited to just videos. You can cast YouTube, photos, and much more. With the right Google app, you can even livestream your own face–a great party trick for freaking out guests if you want to act like Zordon. 

What is Android TV?

Android TV is an operating system. More specifically, it’s a version of the Android operating system that is designed for media devices. It’s often found in set-top devices like the Nvidia Shield, but it is also used as the default OS for many smart television brands. 

Unlike Chromecast, Android TV has a home screen. It functions much like any smart TV does, with a series of different menus and options. You can use Android TV to launch multiple streaming services and even play games. 

One thing to note is that Android TV also uses the Google Cast protocol, which means you can cast content to your Android TV exactly as if it were a Chromecast. There may be minute differences in the way content displays, but the functionality is the same.

This means that you can use an Android TV exactly as you would a Chromecast. With that in mind, you might be asking: what’s the point of Chromecast? 

Chromecast Vs Android TV Features

As we mentioned earlier, there is a lot of overlap in feature sets between the Chromecast and Android TV. 

Chromecast can receive content from other services and allow you to play Netflix, Hulu, and other services on a non-smart TV. Android TV can do all of this and more. 

You can stream content to your Android TV, but it also has built-in services. You can login to your Netflix, Hulu, and other accounts directly through the OS and play through the TV itself. If Android TV is installed on a set-top box, the same concept still applies–you just need to turn on the device to make it work. 

Android TV also works with lesser-known streaming services like Red Bull TV and TED, as well as bigger companies like Starz and HBO Max. You can also stream Live TV, sports, news, Twitch, and more. According to Android TV, users have access to more than 700,000 different movies and shows.

If you’re looking for different entertainment, you can access games through the Google Play store and download and play them on your Android TV. Pair it with a controller for a better gaming experience. 

Chromecast vs Android TV: Which is Better?

The largest difference between the two devices is price. A single Chromecast dongle is significantly more affordable than an Android TV. 

One of the lowest priced options for an Android TV is the Nvidia Shield at roughly $150 or so. Comparatively, a third-generation Chromecast will run you just $30. That said, determining which of the two is the better option is difficult, especially given the feature overlap.

From a pure cost standpoint, the Chromecast offers streaming capabilities (provided you have a smartphone) for a budget price, with 2020 Chromecast models offering 4K streaming too. It works with most TVs, and can be an easy way to set up streaming without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, Android TV has far more features and can do everything the Chromecast can do–but it costs significantly more. There are a few budget options if you want to avoid a set-top device. A few 32-inch televisions from HiSense run on the Android TV operating system. 

Android TV’s feature list also makes it a better overall investment, too. If you’re on a budget, go for Chromecast–but if you can afford it, invest in the Android TV. It does everything Chromecast can do and more and will give you a much better return on your investment. 

How to Mute Someone on Discord

Discord is one of the most popular text and voice chat platforms on the internet. It’s used for everything from gaming communities to niche, enthusiast groups and everything in between. Unfortunately, as with any online community, Discord can attract a few bad apples.

If you only use Discord with friends, you will likely never need to use the Mute function. If you’re part of larger communities, though, you might encounter someone that harasses you or speaks in a rather distasteful way. This article will show you exactly what you need to do to mute someone on Discord. 

Muting vs. Blocking Discord Users

There are two main ways to stop someone from interacting with you on Discord: muting the person, and blocking the person. If you mute someone in a voice channel, you won’t hear anything they post. However, they can still send you messages and communicate through text.

If you block a user, not only will this stop you from seeing their posts in a Discord channel, but they will not be able to send you private messages.

Will Users Know They’ve Been Muted or Blocked?

There are obvious issues that arise if you Mute or Block someone on Discord. First of all, it can cause offense. In a tight-knit community, this can lead to a lot of drama. That’s not something anyone wants, especially considering how easily these problems can divide groups.

The good news is that Discord does not notify users if they have been muted. They won’t receive any message or notification, but they might notice if you stop responding to things they say in the channel. Of course, in channels with dozens or hundreds of users, this will be significantly less noticeable.

Discord also does not notify users if you block them. However, if they try to message you, it won’t go through; instead, it will show the sender a generic message that you are only accepting private messages from friends. 

That raises another question: what if they try to send you a friend request? The user will receive a message that says you aren’t currently accepting friend requests, and that you will have to request they be your friend instead.

It’s not a perfect solution, especially if that user knows how to contact you outside of Discord, but it’s one way to fend off less-than-desirable communication.

When Should I Mute Someone on Discord?

If you mute someone in Discord you will not hear anything they say in a voice chat. There are times when muting them is appropriate, and other times when a simple conversation can solve the problem.

If you’re in a voice chat with someone and they are typing too loud, playing music in the background, or doing something else that’s distracting, you can mute them to reduce the sound. This is also beneficial if you are in a room with someone else and you are both in the same Discord channel. Muting one another will prevent feedback through the speakers and benefit everyone else in the channel.

If someone is harassing you, threatening you, or acting in a sexually inappropriate manner, you should screenshot the conversation and send it to Discord’s administration team before you block the user. If the threats are severe or against your life, consider contacting your local police.

How to Mute Someone on Discord

If you want to mute someone in Discord, it’s simple. If you are in a voice channel with the user, right-click their name and check the Mute box from the menu. Until you uncheck the box, that user will remain muted. 

You can also select a user from the list of members in a channel and right-click their name. You can choose Mute from the menu just as if you chose their name from the voice channel. 

If an entire channel is bothering you (perhaps too many notifications), you can mute the entire channel. Right-click the channel name and choose Mute Channel. You can choose to mute it for 15 minutes, one hour, eight hours, 24 hours, or until you unmute it. 

How to Block Someone on Discord

If a user has reached a point where you no longer want any interaction with them, you can block them as easily as you can mute them. Right-click the username either within the channel itself or within the active user list and then choose Block.

When you do this, it will immediately block the user. If they’re on your friends list, it will remove them. 

You can also block a user by right-clicking their username and clicking Profile, then clicking the three dots beside Send Message. When you do, choose Block from the menu that appears. 

Understand the difference between muting and blocking a Discord user, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself from those malicious elements online that would detract from your experience. 

Mosonth 2K Webcam Review

2020 was a year that relied on webcams for everything. Students needed great webcams for school, while adults needed webcams to attend meetings while working from home. The increased demand meant that the best options on the market went fast, leaving people to sort through what remained.

The price of webcams went up even as people found themselves searching for budget-priced options. Mosonth introduced a new webcam with a high resolution but a low price. The company sent a review unit for our consideration, and we spent time trying the camera out in a variety of uses to measure whether it’s worth a look or not. 

Technical Specs

The Mosonth 2K Webcam has impressive specs for a $30 camera (only $21 with a coupon right now). It’s the perfect resolution for business meetings or listening to a lecture, and it’s not half-bad for streaming on Twitch or another platform, either. 

The webcam has a 2560x1440p resolution with a 4 megapixel lens. It says it captures video at a rate of 30 frames per second, but in use it felt slightly lower–minor stutter could be seen in the video. The actual frame rate isn’t 30 frames per second, as there are frame drops every few seconds. 

A built-in microphone means a secondary mic isn’t necessary. It has an effective range up to five meters, as well as a filter that cuts out ambient sound. This is another beneficial feature for streamers, as it reduces the amount of keyboard sound picked up by the mic. That said, a dedicated microphone will always be better than a built-in option.

One particularly interesting feature of this webcam is the manual focus adjustment. The Mosonth 2K Webcam has an adjustable focus–just twist the knob around the lens. You can improve the clarity of the webcam and achieve a much better picture by doing so. Changes are reflected in real-time, so you can easily dial-in the appropriate focal length. 

The camera has a 67-degree field of view. It can mount on the back of your monitor thanks to its flexible arm, but it also includes a tripod if you don’t want to position it on the monitor. 

In drier details, the USB cord length is 4.9 feet, and the camera itself is a plug-and-play device. You can use it on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10, and it works with macOS. 

Setup and Use

The Mosonth 2K Webcam is a plug-and-play device that works with almost any operating system just by plugging it into a USB port. According to the company, the webcam also works with Linux and Android. 

There are no settings to adjust or manipulate. Once you plug the webcam in, the universal driver will be detected and it should work out of the box without the need for a download. If it isn’t detected, just restart your machine. 

If you use the webcam on a laptop, you will need to change the input settings. For example, when tested on a Macbook Pro, the computer didn’t see the new webcam from the settings menu, but it could be switched within apps like Skype and Facetime. 

The microphone and the webcam are recognized as separate devices within your computer. The microphone is seen as the RealTek USB 2.0, while the camera is recognized as the RS Camera. 

Our Impressions

The Mosonth 2K Webcam is a handy device. It isn’t the best webcam we’ve ever used, but it isn’t the worst either. The biggest downside is the slight stutter in framerate–buttery-smooth performance would be better. 

The included tripod is a nice bonus, and helps to position the webcam in exactly the right spot. The tripod is perfect for grabbing B-roll footage for other videos, but the camera is better placed on the back of the monitor if you’re streaming. Your head won’t be positioned the right way otherwise.

The manual focus adjustment is also an interesting feature, but ultimately not necessary. The one place it stands out is the ability to focus more on your face and slightly blur the background, which could almost remove the need for a green screen. 

Is It Worth the Price?

The Mosonth 2K Webcam is a solid purchase, especially at the $30 price point. In a market when webcams are hard to find, the 2K Webcam has an impressive resolution and fair list of features for such a low cost. It isn’t a high-end webcam by any means, but it will absolutely get the job done. 

It’s also a great investment for an up-and-coming streamer. When you’re just getting started, the last thing you want to do is invest a lot of money in something that might not work out. The price point makes the 2K Webcam an attractive purchase, while the plug-and-play setup means you can focus your mental energy on the more complicated aspect of streaming–OBS. 

If you’re in need of a webcam, the Mosonth 2K Webcam is a great purchase. If you want something with a perfect frame rate, you’ll need to spend a bit more. But for a budget-level webcam, you would be hard-pressed to find a webcam with a larger feature list at this price point. 

7 Best Games to Play with Alexa

Your Amazon Echo can be one of the most useful tools in your home. It can let you know of upcoming appointments, control smart home devices with just a few words, and even let you know when packages have arrived. But did you know it can play games?

Alexa is jam-packed with a ton of entertainment options that you can play alone or with friends and family. If you’re tired of the same stack of board games and in the mood to try something new, give Alexa a shot. From Deal or No Deal to Song Quiz, there are tons of games to play with Alexa.

The Best Games to Play with Alexa

There are many games officially included with Alexa, but you can also find more through the Alexa Skills options. Just open the Alexa app and tap the More option in the bottom-right corner, then choose Categories > Games & Trivia and look at the list of Skills available. This article is a guide to some of the best games we’ve encountered on Alexa. 


Earplay places you into the role of a character in a radio drama. You can interact with other characters in the story and watch how the tale unfolds, with numerous stories to choose from. Be aware that not all of the stories are appropriate for children.

There are numerous options that are available for children too, including “You  and the Beanstalk,” or “Jurassic World Revealed.” Adults may enjoy “Mr. Robot” or “Codename Cygnus.” There are also previews users can try out of upcoming stories, such as “Pugmire.” 


WhereInTheWorld is a fun trivia game based entirely around geography. It ranges in difficulty from easy questions about the capital cities of countries to significantly harder questions such as what language is spoken where.

The game is easily approachable for anyone and ensures all players have fun while learning a little bit more about the fascinating planet we call home. It’s appropriate for all ages, with a decidedly educational slant to it.

Escape the Room

Have you ever done an Escape Room before? Think of Escape the Room as an audio-only version of the game for Alexa. There are multiple levels and stages to try, each ranging in degree of difficulty. The game offers you contextual hints when you ask for them.

The premise is that you are stuck in a room. It’s up to you to escape by searching for useful items and solving puzzles that will help you find your way out. While it’s primarily a single-player game, any number of people can join in to help you solve the clues and find your way out.

There are five levels right now, but more will be added in the future. Best of all, Escape the Room supports English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish language options. 

Song Quiz

Song Quiz is the best game for music lovers on Alexa. If you fancy yourself a bit of a music historian, give this game a shot. The way it works is simple: Alexa will play a song from sometime in the past 60 years and challenge you to guess the name. You have to provide the correct title and artist for points.

Song Quiz includes pop music from every decade, with more music added on a regular basis. You can challenge your friends and family to live competitions or compete with players from across the country. 

If you master the base game, there is a subscription service that provides you with thousands of additional songs, exclusive playlists, and new music added every month. It also gives you the option to sort music by much narrower terms, such as “2019 hits.” 

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Is a classic television game show, and one that has humbled many a viewer. Either fifth grade students are geniuses, or education has gotten significantly more difficult than it used to be. If you’d like to take on the challenge yourself, Alexa has the perfect game for it.

You start answering questions from the first grade and then work your way up through the categories. Questions come from five school subjects: English, Math, Animal Science, Social Studies, and US Geography. You can play the game by yourself or team up with friends and family to find out who is the best at trivia. 

If you get stuck, there is the option to cheat–but you can only do it once per game, so choose carefully.


Akinator is a bit like 20 questions. You will be challenged to think of a character, and Akinator will attempt to guess who you are thinking of by narrowing down the options. The questions will be yes or no answers, and after a certain number of questions the game will guess the character you have in mind. 

Don’t be surprised if it gets the questions right. The Skill is surprisingly adept, and thanks to a clever bit of programming–and access to a massive database of knowledge–Akinator could guess nearly every character we thought of. 

Solo Blackjack

Solo Blackjack is exactly what it sounds like: a voice-powered round of Blackjack. Try your hand at beating the dealer. Alexa will narrate what’s going on at the table, including what cards are currently dealt. There are three stages of each game, including the betting stage, the hand stage, and settling the bet. 

It’s definitely a solo game, but it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes when you need something to pass the time. You can even change the amount Alexa speaks by changing the “verbosity level.” 

Alexa is a powerhouse of games. These seven options are just a few examples, but there are dozens of options available. Take the time to explore what Alexa can do and find games you can play with your entire family