How to Change Whether New iMessage Conversations Use Your Phone Number or Email Address

iMessage on Mac and iPhone

When you start a new iMessage conversation it might not originate from the phone number or Apple ID that you expect, causing confusion for the recipient. Here’s how to make sure new conversations use the correct phone number or email address.

This setting is one that has been part of iOS and macOS for years, but it’s one that might not be set up correctly by default. If you’d rather use your email address when starting a new iMessage conversation, then you will need to make sure all of your devices are configured correctly. If they’re not, you run the risk of message fragmentation at the receiving end, with people potentially having multiple conversations with the same person, but using two different numbers or email addresses.

It’s this potential for confusion that Apple has tried to prevent via multiple updates, and even though things are undoubtedly better now than they were just a couple of years ago, nothing is perfect.

Making sure that new iMessage conversations are started with a consistent number or email address is half the battle, so here’s how to make sure your devices are all on the same wavelength.

Changing the number or email address new conversations start from on iPhone and iPad

To begin, open the Settings app and tap “Messages.”

Open Settings. Tap Messages

Next, scroll down and tap “Send & Receive.”

Tap send and receive

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The Best Car Chargers with USB-C Power Delivery

AUKEY 18w USB-C car charger charging an iPhone

No matter how great the batteries on phones, tablets, and computers become they never seem to last long enough. These USB-C car chargers are a perfect way to top up away from home.

We’ve rounded up a variety of chargers to meet different needs. All of them have at least one USB-C port with Power Delivery, which is exactly what you want if you want to juice up your modern tech from the latest Android phone to a notebook computer.

These are our picks of the best car chargers with USB-C Power Delivery, including what makes them our favorites.

Best Low-Profile Car Charger: AUKEY CC-Y12 18W PD Car Charger ($17)

AUKEY car charger


Charging your things from a car is great, but nobody likes to have a giant adapter sticking out of their dashboard. This super low-profile car charger from AUKEY is perfect for people who feel the best accessory is the one that gets out of the way.

At just 1.6-inches long, the AUKEY CC-Y12 car charger will sit almost flush with the 12v port it’s plugged into—it’s so low profile you’ll likely be able to close the dust cover on your 12v port right over it. Despite the small size, however, it puts out 18w of power via the single USB-C PD port and will charge your iPhone or Android phone just fine.

As car chargers go, this one from AUKEY is the best looking one we’ve come across. If that’s your priority and you don’t need a higher output to charger a bigger device faster, this is your car charger.

Best High Power Car Charger: Nekteck 45w PD Car Charger ($22)

Nekteck car charger

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How to Rename Your AirPods

AirPods on a desk

When you set your AirPods up fresh, they were assigned a default name based on the name of the device with which you initially paired them. Most of the time, that’s fine. But if you want to get a little creative, here’s how to change the name of your AirPods to something new.

Just like with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, Apple lets people name their AirPods however they want. That means you can choose something witty, but if you live in a household with multiple pairs of AirPods, giving them great names can be a way of identifying which are yours, and which are not.

To start, make sure that your AirPods are connected to your iPhone or iPad and then open the Settings app before tapping “Bluetooth.”

Open Settings. Tap Bluetooth

Tap the “I” icon beside the entry for your AirPods. If you have a lot of Bluetooth devices, you may need to scroll down the page to find the entry you are looking for.

Tap the I icon beside your AirPods

Next, tap “Name” to progress to the next screen.

Tap Name

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How to Change Your Language and Region on iPhone and iPad

iPhone region settings

If you travel between countries that use different languages and varying currencies, adjusting your iOS device to use the local standards can be helpful. You can easily change both the region and language on your iPhone or iPad—here’s how.

When you set up a new iPhone or iPad you’re asked to confirm language and region there and then, but that doesn’t mean that those settings will always be correct. You might want to move to a new country, or even learn a new language, at which point changing a previous setting makes lots of sense. You might even find yourself in a position where you accidentally changed the language or region settings and don’t know how to change them back.

How to Change Your Region

Note that by changing your region, things like the default currency and temperature unit will also change depending on the region chosen.

Open the Settings app to get the ball rolling. Then tap the “General” button to proceed.

Open Settings and tap General

Next, tap “Language & Region.”

Tap Language and Region

Tap “Region.”

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How to Add a Nickname to a Contact for Easier Calling and Texting on iPhone and iPad


People might be calling each other less, but we still use our phones for communicating over services like iMessage. Why not give your contacts nicknames for easier calling and texting? It makes them quicker to find and looks neater, too.

Being able to send a message to “Mom” instead of having to find your mother’s name doesn’t sound all that amazing, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to skip right past someone when you don’t normally call them by the name that they’re saved as.

This works with everyone, not just family members. If you have a plumber that you use regularly, you can give them the nickname “Plumber,” so you’re not trying to remember who “Bob Tapp” is the next time you’re flooded. Being able to give contacts nicknames is a little feature that doesn’t seem like a big deal until you use it. It even rolls over to Siri, too.

How to Enabled Nicknames

First, we should make sure that your iPhone or iPad is set to prefer nicknames where they are available. Open Settings and tap “Contacts” to get the ball rolling.

Open Settings. Click Contacts

Next, tap “Short Name.”

Tap Short Name

The resulting screen shows you a list of options. Make sure that “Prefer Nicknames” is switched on.

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