How To Use Siri Shortcuts On iPhone 6/6 Plus [No Jailbreak]

In the days leading up to the Apple iPhone event this year, some tech news outlets reported that Siri Shortcuts, one of the highlight features of iOS 12 will not work on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This was based on an email exchange between a developer and Craig Federighi posted on Reddit. While the email exchange is authentic, what people took away from it in the absence of context, is incorrect information. You can use Siri Shortcuts on iPhone 6/6 Plus without needing to jailbreak your device, or anything else. The feature does work but it is limited on these two devices. Some shortcuts will work, others may not. We’ve verified this now that the Siri Shortcuts app is live in the App Store but it’s also been confirmed by VentrueBeat.

Siri Shortcuts On iPhone 6/6 Plus

iOS 12 has officially been released so if you haven’t upgraded your iPhone to it, you can do so via an OTA update or via iTunes.

Siri Shortcuts is an app that you can download from the App Store. Oddly enough, though this might have to do with the fact that the device we tested on was running the beta version of iOS 12, the app doesn’t appear on your home screen. We were only ever able to launch it from its page in the App Store by tapping on the Open button.

The app is a stand alone app and offers options that aren’t present in the Siri & Shortcuts preferences in the Settings app.

Once you have the app installed, open it. On the Library tab, you can create your own shortcuts, or you can go to the Gallery and add shortcuts that other users have created.

This is where you will have to make peace with the fact that not all shortcuts will work. Some shortcuts that are really useful e.g., a shortcut to share your location isn’t going to work but a shortcut that can create an empty ASCII Bunny with sign text box that you can fill out, copy to your clipboard, and send to anyone via email or message, works.

The only devices older than the iPhone 6/6 Plus that support iOS 12 are the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5S. We can’t say if you will be able to use Siri Shortcuts on these devices. The only way to find out is to install the app. What we can say is that you will only be able to use some, not all, shortcuts on these older devices if the app does work on them.

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How To Get The Nun Snapchat Lens

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are two exceptionally popular TV shows that have used Snapchat lenses to promote an upcoming season in their respective series. They’ve both had lenses go viral and the latest company that’s getting into Snapchat lenses is Warner Brothers. They’ve introduced a Nun Snapchat lens for the the upcoming movie The Nun set in the Conjuring universe. Here’s how you can enable it.

The Nun Snapchat Lens

We should mention right off the bat that this lens is geo-restricted i.e., it is available only in select countries. There’s no list of available countries that you can check but it appears to be narrow and for some, its release might also be timed to match the release of the movie in a particular country. You can always use a VPN for Snapchat to fake your location and access the Nun Snapchat lens.

To access the Nun Snapchat lens, you need to scan the Snapcode in the image below (via). You can open Snapchat and point the camera towards the image, and take a photo. This ought to enable the lens if it is available in your country. If it isn’t, it will simply open a link to the movie’s page.

If you can’t snap the code from the image above, you can instead just save it. Once saved, open Snapchat and tap your profile icon at the top left. On your Profile screen, tap Add Friends. On the Add Friends screen, go to the Snapcode tab and select the saved image from your camera roll.

As with any Snapchat lens, this one will eventually expire. Since this is meant to promote a movie, it will likely expire sooner than other lenses.

The lens works with the front camera and features you holding the iconic candle in a candle-stand featured in the movie’s poster. You can blow the candle out and the Nun appears behind you. You can check out user uploaded videos by searching for #theNun on Twitter. Twitter also has a little emoji to commemorate the movie and it shows up if you use the hashtag #theNun.

There was a slightly less amusing ad for the Nun that was rolled out on YouTube. It was basically the Nun screaming at you except users never saw the ad coming. It was one of those ads that play in the middle of a video (that’s a thing on YouTube) and is basically a jumpscare ad. Not a lot of people were happy about it and we don’t know if it’s still showing up but the movie is out so it might have been retired.

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How To Change A Bookmark Favicon In Chrome

When you bookmark a website, it’s saved with the page title and the a little icon called a favicon. The favicon in most cases is a smaller version, or an abridged version of a website’s logo that makes it easy to identify which website a page is from. It’s useful both when you’re browsing and opening bookmarks, and when you have multiple tabs open in your browser. When you visit a website, its favicon is fetched at that moment. The favicons for your bookmarks are fetched when you save them. If you want, you can change a bookmark favicon on Chrome to something else.

Change A Bookmark Favicon

In order to change a bookmark favicon in Chrome, you need two things; an extension called¬†Bookmark Favicon Changer, and an image to replace the original favicon with. This image should be 16×16 in size, and in PNG format. You can use any image you want and resize and convert it with IrfanView.

Install the extension and right-click its icon next to the URL bar. From the context menu, select ‘Options’.

This will open a new tab listing all your bookmarks. Expand a folder of bookmarks, and select the bookmark you want to change the favicon for. Right-click the bookmark you want to change the favicon for, and from the context menu, select ‘Change Favicon’.

This will open a Select File dialog box. Select the favicon image file that you want to use. Another smaller window will open showing you progress. This window may take a little time to open, and likewise it will take a little time to complete as well. The extension has a built-in log viewer which will often report that a change has failed even when it hasn’t.

Once you get feedback in the log, check to see if the favicon has changed. It will change both on the extension’s control panel and on the bookmarks bar. In the screenshot below, you can see that the favicon for an Imgur link has been changed.

This extension works but it’s a bit buggy due to how it works. Favicons are basically stored in files when you save bookmarks. If you have the time and technical know-how for it, you can probably change it yourself using nothing more than Notepad to create and edit an HTML file. The extension does all of this for you but sometimes, it fails to read/write to the file. Other times, it fails to access it.

If the extension isn’t working, try two things; close your browser (all instances, windows, and tabs), and open it again. Use the extension’s built-in tool to reset the favicons for all your bookmarks, and then try changing it.

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How To Fix Unresponsive Touchpad After Wake From Sleep On Windows 10

Windows 10 has had a long standing bug whereby various features and components become unresponsive after a system wakes from sleep. For the most part this bug effects the Start menu or the lock screen. That said, there seems to be a problem whereby a small numbers of users get an unresponsive touchpad after your system wakes from sleep. If you’re getting this same problem, here’s how you can fix it.

Unresponsive Touchpad

This problem can be reproduced by booting to your desktop and allowing the boot to  complete. Once your system is ready, close the lid to your laptop, or use the power button menu to put your desktop to sleep. Once the system is asleep, wake it up right away. Your touchpad will be unresponsive. You might be able to move the cursor around but no clicks will register and any time you tap on your touchpad, the current active window will lose focus.

I encountered this same error on my laptop and while this is anecdotal, it might benefit to know that the bug could also be reproduced on my system when I connected or disconnected hardware e.g., an iPhone, or an external monitor. The bug is ‘fixed’ temporarily by restarting your system but there is a permanent fix.

Touchpad Driver

The problem, as you can guess, has to do with your driver. At some point, perhaps as a result of a Windows update or something else, the touchpad driver on your system might have been uninstalled or rolled back to a much older version, or just replaced with generic touchpad drivers.

Personally, I’m not sure what happened. I haven’t received a Windows update but my touchpad driver was gone.

The fix is to find the right driver for your system and install it. There are two ways to go about this. The first is to use the Device Manager and have it scan for drivers to install. This will work however, you may not get the latest version of the driver which is what happened in my own case. I got a driver that was well over two years old. This is why I recommend using the second solution i.e., manually installing a touchpad driver.

The first thing you need to do is find out which touchpad drivers suit your system. Most systems use Synaptics drivers however, many others use Elan drivers. You can Google which driver your manufacturer recommends for your system. Find the latest version of the driver available. Check to see when it was last updated or which is the latest version number available and install it. Restart your system and the problem should go away.

If it persists, try different drivers e.g., if you went with Synaptics the first time, try Elan even if your manufacturer doesn’t recommend it. This isn’t a hardware issue and it doesn’t appear to be created directly by Windows 10. For whatever reason, the touchpad drivers have stopped working or have been uninstalled so the way to fix it is to find the right drivers and install them on your system.

A similar bug that causes a BSOD when you turn Bluetooth Off also cropped up recently, and the fix again lies with updating and installing the correct driver.

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How To Set The Default Window Size For Command Prompt On Windows 10

If you use the Command Prompt you know that it always opens in the same size at the same position on your screen when you open it. This is great if the window is a good size, and positioned in the center, or maybe towards the left. If the default window size for Command Prompt doesn’t suit you, you can change it. There’s a built-in setting to do just that.

Default Window Size For Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt and resize the window to whatever it is that suits you. You should also position it on your screen where you want it to open by default.

Right-click the title bar of the Command Prompt and select Properties from the context menu. This will open the Properties window to the Layout tab. You need to note down the values in three fields; Height under Screen Buffer Size, and Width and Height under Window Size.

Close the Properties window. Right-click the title bar of the Command Prompt window and select Defaults from the context menu. It will open the Properties window again, with the Layout tab pre-selected. Here, you need to edit the same three fields you noted down the values for before. Close the Properties window and close Command Prompt. When you open Command Prompt again, it ought to open to the correct position.

If it doesn’t, repeat the above process and take down the values for Window Position, and apply them to the Defaults window. That ought to do the trick.

This works if you only ever use a fixed number of screens. If you use multiple monitors that you frequently connect and disconnect, you might have mixed results with this because when you remove a monitor, your primary monitor resets. If your monitors are different sizes, the Command Prompt window might open off screen. It’s not supposed since it should be able to set the size and position relative to the screen size of the primary monitor but this is Windows 10 so it’s not always going to work right.

Command Prompt is the only app that lets you set the window size and position to suit your preferences. You can do that with other apps. The only way to change the window size, and relative position of an app window is to resize and position it before you close the app. When you open it the next time, there’s a reasonable (50/50) chance that it will remember its previous size and position.

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