How to install an app for a single user on Windows 10

Apps on Windows 10 normally all install to the same folder i.e., the Program Files or the Program Files (86) folder in the C drive. When you’re going through the initial installation steps for an app, it will offer to create a folder in one of these two folders. You may also have noticed that it allows you to change the location which means you don’t necessarily have to install apps to the C drive. In fact, if you’ve installed a UWP app, you can move it to a different drive whenever you want. If you’re installing a desktop app and would like to install it for a single user, you only have to change where it is installed.

Install app for a single user

Most desktop apps allow you to choose where an app is installed. There will be some exceptions where an app must be installed to the Program Files folder but in that case, the app won’t allow you to change where it is installed.

In order to install an app for a single user, it needs to be installed in the user’s AppData folder. It is located in the following location;


This folder is normally hidden so make sure you have hidden folders set to be visible or you won’t be able to select it. Once the hidden items are set to be visible, run the app installer.

When you get to the install location screen, click the browse button and go to the AppData folder. Select the Local folder and create a new folder in it for the app. If you don’t create the folder, the app will be installed to the Local folder and that will leave you with a mess of files in it.

Proceed with the installation like normal. When it is complete, the app will be added to the Apps’ list in the Start Menu. If you chose to add one, there will also be a shortcut for the app on your desktop.

You can run the app like you normally do. If you need to uninstall it, you can do so from the Control Panel. Go to the uninstall programs screen, and the app you installed will be listed among the programs on the system. Select it, and click the Uninstall button.

In most cases, the app will run without any problems but if you have other apps that rely on it, it is possible they may not be able to find it since it is installed in an unconventional location. Keep that in mind when you choose to install an app for just a single user.

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How to extract text from a screenshot on Windows 10

Optical Character Recognition has been around for years and it’s improved so that photographs of printed text e.g., from a book, can be read accurately. Most OCR apps target scanned documents or PDFs that do not allow users to copy text. That said, if you ever need to extract text from a screenshot, an OCR tool is what you need.

OneNote OCR tool

If you have OneNote 2016 on your Windows 10 PC, all you need to do to extract text from a screenshot is insert the screenshot into a note/page, right-click it, and select ‘Copy text from picture’ from the context menu. Newer versions of OneNote still have this feature but it is cloud-based. What this means is that you will have to insert an image, wait a few minutes, and then the ‘Copy text from picture’ option will show up.

Once copied, you can paste it anywhere, including on the same OneNote page.

PhotoScan OCR

OneNote works great but it makes you wait a while before you can extract text, and you have to insert a screenshot into a page first. The process is basically much longer than it needs to be. If you want a quicker solution, give PhotoScan a try. It’s a free app but it has advanced features that you need to buy. For OCR, the free version is enough.

Install PhotoScan from the Microsoft Store.

Open the app and go through its brief tutorial. Click ‘Browse Photo’ and add the screenshot that you want to extract text from.

The app will automatically show you all the text it found in the image and you can copy it to your clipboard, and paste it anywhere you like.

The text will be read left to right but the app won’t care for any ‘borders’ or ‘dividers’ that separate text. What this means is that text that is in an app window will not be differentiated from the text in the system tray. In the previous screenshot, the app has found and displayed text from the Command Prompt window and, it has also displayed text from the system tray i.e., the language button, and the time and date. The time and date are not displayed together. Instead, the language button’s text is inserted between them.

If this is a problem for you, and you need the app to keep the text separate, you can crop an image into smaller parts so that each part contains only a specific text which the app will read. It’s a little time consuming but it’s easier than typing the text out yourself.

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How to get free Pokèballs during the lockdown

Pokèmon Go is a game that requires you go outside to play it which is a bit difficult given the lockdown in most places. You can turn on Adventure Sync and have your at-home movements count towards steps taken but that doesn’t allow you to visit Pokèstops or gyms which means you’re low on supplies. You can buy supplies, or you can have friends gift them to you. If neither is an option Niantic is offering users a gift of 8 Pokèballs, 4 Pinap berries, and 4 Razz berries. Here’s how you can get them.

Add Niantic as a friend

If you add Niantic as a friend in the game, the company will send you the aforementioned items as a gift. Tap your avatar in the game and select the ‘Friends’ tab. Tap ‘Add a friend’ and use the trainer code below to add Niantic as a friend.

9484 2295 3675

Unfortunately, this might not work since there are a lot of players currently trying to add the company and the pending requests have piled up to a point where no new requests are going through. There is a pretty simple alternative though.

Use promo code

Niantic has given users a promo code that they can redeem for the gifts. The code can be scanned from the game on Andriod but, both Android and iOS users can visit this page and enter the code to get their gifts.


Sign in with your Pokèmon account, and then enter the code. The items will take a little time to appear in the game but when they do, you will see an in-game alert telling you they’ve been added.

Redemption limit

You can only redeem the code or get the gift once. You must redeem the code before April 10, 2020. You must claim the gift within 24 hours of getting it.

Playing Pokèmon Go

Playing the game during a lockdown isn’t easy since you’re not supposed to go out. The game in no way encourages you to defy lockdown protocol in your country but it has added some leniency to the rules. You can access Pokèstops from much farther away i.e., twice the distance. The same goes for gyms though for many users who live in entirely residential areas, this is insufficient. Incense now lasts for a whole hour instead of the usual 30 minutes and eggs can be hatched at half the distance. There is also a bundle that you can buy for 1 Pokècoin that includes 20 Ultra balls, and 15 Pinap berries. The bundle updates daily and is a good buy compared to everything else.

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How to enable markdown file previews in File Explorer on Windows 10

File previews are an incredibly useful feature on a desktop OS. Windows 10 provides previews for a few common file formats but not all of them. If you happen to have the Office suite installed, you will get previews for Office documents and spreadsheets but for a lot of other formats, you need to install additional File Explorer extensions. Markdown is a file type that can be opened with a common text editor like Notepad but File Explorer cannot show a preview for it. Here’s how you can enable markdown file previews in File Explorer.

Markdown file previews in File Explorer

In order to enable Markdown file previews in File Explorer, you will need to install an extension for File Explorer. This particular extension is included with PowerToys, a free open-source tool that has been developed by Microsoft. You can download it from Github.

PowerToys feature several tools and they are useful but if you aren’t interested in using them all, you can choose to enable only the ‘File Explorer’ feature. Once it is enabled, you will need to restart File Explorer before the extension will start working. To restart File Explorer, open Task Manager and look for Windows Explorer in the Processes tab. Select it, and click the Restart button.

After you restart File Explorer, you need to open it and navigate to the folder that has the markdown file. Go to the View tab, and click the Preview Pane button. A preview pane will appear on the right and it will show the contents of the file.

Enabling the File Explorer feature in PowerToys will also enable previews for SVG files.

You must keep PowerToys running in order to get previews for markdown files.

If you want previews for unsupported image files, you can install another File Explorer extension that does the job.

File Explorer extensions are generally light-weight so you won’t have to worry about PowerToys slowing it down. It’s almost a shame that this file extension is tied to PowerToys. Users may be averse to installing PowerToys if they do not intend to use all its features but at least the features can be enabled/disabled individually. In fact, the latest version of PowerToys makes it really easy to enable/disable them from a single screen in its settings.

Windows 10’s limitation to not being able to preview files that are text-based is somewhat similar to what macOS has, though macOS supports previews for far more file types.

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How to prolong an iPhone battery’s life

An iPhone’s battery will die eventually. Over time, it will retain less and less charge until it only lasts a few hours. There isn’t much you can do about this since that’s how batteries work. iOS 13 has a new feature that can help prolong an iPhone battery’s life. Here’s how it works.

Prolong iPhone battery life

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Battery. On the Battery screen, tap Battery Health. The Battery Health screen will have a switch called ‘Optimised battery charging’. Turn it on and iOS will charge the battery so that it lasts longer.

Optimized battery charging on iOS 13

If you’re wondering how this feature works, it does so by limiting how long your iPhone is charged to 100% and remains at 100%. It does this based on your usage. Basically, when you connect your iPhone to a power source, it won’t charge it past 80% or it will delay charging it past that point if it thinks the phone will be connected to a power source for an extended charging period.

Think of it like this; if you connect your iPhone to a power source early in the morning while you get ready for work, iOS 13 knows that the phone will eventually be disconnected in an hour or so when you head out (assuming the COVID-19 lock downs are over). In this case, it will charge the phone to 100% if it can in the given time.

In contrast to this, when you arrive or sit down to work on your desk and connect your phone to a power source, iOS 13 will be able to tell, based on past usage, that the iPhone will be connected to a power source for a long time. Based on this, it won’t allow the phone to charge past 80%. It will allow the charge to complete to 100% when it’s time for you to get up e.g., around 5 pm or 6 pm.

If you were to turn this feature off, your iPhone would charge to 100% within a few hours and remain on that percentage until you disconnect it. This tends to result in a poor battery life according to Apple.

Older iPhones

The feature is available on iOS 13 so all iPhone models that are able to update to it should have it. That said, older models have had their battery wear out to some extent so the results won’t be the same as those with a brand new iPhone. It is possible that if your phone is particularly old, you won’t benefit from the feature at all.

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