Easily Share Text And Images Online With Anyone

Here’s an easy way to share text and images online anonymously and without creating an account. With JustPasteIt you can upload and share almost anything that’s text or an image; parts of websites, articles, notes, ideas, snippets of code, recipes and more. You don’t need an account to publish anything, and there aren’t any ads on the site.

The interface is simple to use and loads fast on slow connections. Easily create, edit, and publish text and images and embed videos. Thankfully, formatting is retained when pasting content from a word processor or website (excluding some page elements like boxes). Image size per note is 20 MB in the free version…   Read More

Wallpaper of the Week: Forest Meets Lake, View From Overhead

This week’s wallpaper is a view of the shore of Lake Brienz, Switzerland as seen from straight above (likely taken by a drone). Dense trees form a solid wall of green butting up against the light blue of the lake. The surface of the lake is slightly rippled. The line where forest and shore meet is angled from the lower left to the upper right corner of the screen. Icons do ok with this image, visible but not high contrast.

Change File and Folder Attributes With Attribute Changer

Was the time zone or date wrong on your camera on your vacation photos? Need to change the name of a drive, the time or date stamp on a bunch of files or folders? Was a file moved to a different location and the date and time changed? Need to synchronize the attributes of files or folders? Have a file or folder you want to protect from changes by write protecting it? Do all that and more with this useful file management tool for Windows.

Attribute Changer lets you change and modify files and folders on your computer. Easily change the file attribute of any file, folder or drive from within Windows File Explorer. With a right click, you can change the attributes of drives, folders, and individual files (hidden, compressed, read-only, EXIF, archive, system, etc.), the date and time stamps on photos and files of all types (PDF, MP3, html, .doc, text, mobi, png, jpg, exe, system and more) one at a time or in a batch.

If you like to fiddle with attributes, the program has filters, reports and settings to work with, and the simulation mode lets you view changes before making them permanent. The program has a PDF user manual with tutorials.
This program can make changes to system files, so be careful changing system and hidden attributes – they are used by Windows to flag special folders.

Attribute Changer runs on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP with 32 and 64 bit versions. At 4.57 MB, it’s a small program that integrates nicely into the Explorer context menu. VirusTotal rates it 1/67, with the 1 more than likely a false positive. WOT says the site is safe. I’ve used it for 5 months with no issues.  Read More

Create, Collaborate and Share Mandalas Online

MandalaGaba is an ad-free website where anyone can make, save, share and collaborate to create mandalas and tesselations. Anyone with a mouse or a touch screen can make a piece of beautiful art at this relaxing website. Save what you created, share it, or have others add to your creation.

MandalaGaba is a site “for people who have any kind of interests in drawing, addictive online thingies, mandalas, digital art, single page no bull*** websites, doodling, time wasting and procrastination”.

You can spend a lot of time at this site, playing with the shapes, colors, lines, and other tools to create a mandala or tesselation. I created the mandala above in a short time.

When you visit the site, you see a page with a solid background color. There may be lines on the solid background.
Moving your mouse or finger on the screen will draw lines that make shapes and patterns. You can start anywhere on the screen and move your mouse in any direction, including circular motions. Moving your mouse or touch screen in any direction without lifting the cursor or finger from the page creates different types of lines and patterns.

On the left are the tools, boxes where you select line options, geometric shapes and patterns, line thickness, undo, and more. There’s a suggested color palette to go with the background color, or you can choose other colors.

Each time you visit the site, a unique URL is generated. You can save your creations, share them, or give someone the unique URL and they can add to the page. Then you add to the page, and so on, collaborating in creating of a little work of art.

It’s a fun and relaxing website. I recommend visiting their gallery , where they showcase the some of the best creations. Writing about it is harder and takes longer than making things on the site, so head over there and create something. 🙂  Read More

How To Check and Validate Hardware Specifications of Windows and Android Devices (Android, Windows desktop)

CPU-Z developed by CPUID is a convenient tool to find out specifications of your Windows desktop and Android devices in detail so that you know what exactly you have under the hood.

It is easy to use. Just run the app and it lays everything out in clear and concise tables full of technical terms and information that you might be interested in the device you own. The app also allows you to validate the specification of your device by submitting it to the CPU-Z Database.

CPU-Z runs in Windows and Android. It takes very little space on your storage and supports major devices in the market. The Android version tells you additional information about the system, battery and sensors besides the CPU, but it lacks the feature of saving reports in html or text format and the benchmark tool that are available in the Windows desktop version.  Read More