25 Google Docs Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

Whether you’re new to Google Docs or an experienced user, you’ll find some great tips here to make using Google Docs faster and easier in this article.

Google Docs has some shortcuts that are extremely useful but aren’t widely known. 25 of the best are here so you don’t have to discover them on your own. Add a few to your routine and make using Google Docs easier.

The tips in this article let you:

Do research without leaving Google Docs
Add, edit and crop images from Google Photos, Google Drive, URL or Search
Get definitions for words
Translate documents to other languages
Tag other users to collaborate
Use the template gallery
Add fonts
Send someone a link to a PDF version of your document

There are several more handy tricks in the article. Unless otherwise noted, the tips apply to the desktop, browser based version of Google Docs.
You’ll need a Google account to use Google Docs. If you’d rather not create a Gmail account, you can use Google’s services without a Gmail account . Accounts can be created using your existing email address and a working phone number. Temporary or disposable email addresses won’t work. If you should happen to have a Google Voice phone number, it won’t be accepted as a valid phone number.  Read More

Unblock Sites that Prevent you Using Copy and Paste

Some sites will block copying and pasting certain fields on their websites, most often signing in at a site, or signing up at a website. Don’t F*** With Paste is a browser extension that works in Firefox and Chrome that allows copying and pasting into fields that are blocked.

I was signing up for a service a few days ago and couldn’t paste a password into the password field. I use LastPass to generate long passwords, and I really didn’t want to manually input an eighteen character password with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters into the password field. I went looking for a way around it and found Don’t F*** With Paste. Since I use multiple browsers I was happy to see that it works in not only Chrome and Firefox, but Vivaldi, Opera, and Waterfox.

To use it, add a site by clicking the icon in the toolbar and selecting Save. The site address is already filled in.
To be able to function properly, the extension needs to monitor when tabs are changed in the browser. The add-on is an open source project and the code is freely available at github.

For the most part I had to use the keyboard to copy and paste on the sites I used to test the extension. Highlighting and right clicking with the mouse to copy rarely functioned. Opera is the most consistent browser in allowing right click and copy using this add-on.  Read More

Wallpaper of the Week: Surface View of Planet TRAPPIST-1f

This weeks wallpaper is an artist’s rendition of what the surface of the exoplanet TRAPPIST-1f might look like if you were standing on the surface. The surface is liquid, with objects resembling icebergs visible on the surface. The viewpoint is from one of the floating objects, looking towards the setting sun and planets. In this view, the planets in the sky correspond to the planets in the system . The star is an ultra-cool dwarf, and would appear about three times larger than our sun. Yellow and orange are the main colors, with some white and gray tints. Icons do quite well with this image. If you enjoy space, fantasy or sci-fi images you’ll like this one. You can learn more about TRAPPIST 1f here.  Read More

Team Up with Real Human Players Around the World In This Awesome MOBA game

League of Legends is an impressive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game developed by Riot Games and it has become probably the most played PC game in the world reaching more than 100 million active monthly players.

The gameplay features two teams of five players (5v5) compete to win the game by destroying each other’s base building known as Nexus, which is defended with turrets or towers through the paths or lanes.

Inspired by League of Legends, this mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a same MOBA game genre with similar gameplay, is specifically designed for Android and iOS mobile devices.

With its gorgeous graphic design and ease of controls with two fingers, Mobile Legends has been welcomed by most mobile players and become one of the most downloaded game apps.

It is a fun and challenging real-time strategy game for you to team up with real human players around the world and worth playing if you enjoy a fast-paced action mobile game with elements of skill and teamwork, not pure luck.  Read More