Get Free Classic eBooks with Modern Typography and Formatting

If you’ve gotten ebooks from Project Gutenberg or the Internet Archive you may have noticed that formatting and design can be inconsistent. This project is republishing public domain ebooks to work well with current ebook readers and standards. Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that’s modernizing public domain ebooks to produce a collection of high quality, carefully formatted, accessible, open source, and free public domain ebooks that meet or exceed the quality of commercially produced ebooks. Read More

This Is an Entire Computer Science Curriculum in 1000+ YouTube Videos

Want to learn computer science? Here’s what you need to know in 1000+ YouTube videos. 40 courses. 4 academic years of Computer Science curriculum. 1079 YouTube videos. Laconic Machine Learning has put together an equivalent 4 year Computer Science curriculum using quality videos from various sources including MIT. The videos vary in length, up to 4+ hours. Read More