View Websites in Dark Mode With This Browser Add-on


This browser add-on changes the color of websites from bright to dark mode.

Dark Reader enables night/dark mode by creating dark themes for websites on the fly in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Dark modes for sites can make viewing websites much easier on the eyes and more readable at night.

Once installed, the extension adds an icon to the browser toolbar which you can use to customize how sites appear. Clicking on the toolbar icon generates a pop up box to change the add-on options:

– switch from Dark to Light mode

– adjust Brightness

– adjust Contrast

– adjust Sepia

– adjust Grayscale

– change per site settings

– change font

– change text stroke

– add sites to ignore list

– apply settings the current site only

– change the theme engine (Filter, Filter+, Static and Dynamic)

Dark Reader can be set to activate after sunset and deactivate after sunrise, based on your location or your system preferences. Dark Reader generates themes on the fly, seeing a site flash of white when the site loads before dark mode appears is normal.

If you have any similar add-ons/extensions, disable them before using Dark Reader to avoid issues.

Dark Reader has over 2,000,000 active users, doesn’t show ads and doesn’t send user’s data anywhere. It is fully open-source, the code is on GitHub . Dark Reader is available for free from the Firefox Add-on page and Chrome web store. Safari users are charged $4.99 USD to download it from the Mac App Store.

Dark Reader worked well on the sites I tested it on. Search engines, social media, and a wide variety of popular and niche sites. It doesn’t work on certain protected sites like the Firefox add-on page or the Chrome web store. It worked well in other Chromium based browsers (Brave, Chromium Edge, Iridium) and Firefox based browsers (Waterfox Current and Waterfox Classic) on my system.

There is a similar add-on for most browsers called Night Eye . It has a limitation – the free version of the extension allows you to see five sites in dark mode. If you want to see dark mode on all websites there’s a paid plan. If you install the extension, you get a 3 month free trial, where the extension works at most sites. After the trial the plan ends, dark mode is limited to five sites of your choosing. Night Eye works by converting colors, which may improve the appearance for some (I noticed minor differences, others may see more) but also takes processing power which can cause websites to load slowly.

If you’re on the computer at night, your eyes need a rest or you prefer dark mode, give Dark Reader a try. Links to install extensions for Firefox, Safari and Chrome are on the Dark Reader home page. Read More

Google’s Earth View Gallery Adds 1,000 Stunning Images


Google has added 1,000 more stunning and high resolution images to its Earth View Gallery.

Earth View is a collection of the planet’s most spectacular landscapes from space found on Google Earth. The newest group of images are optimized for high resolution screens (up to 4K) and make striking wallpapers. The latest addition brings the amount of eye-catching images to 2,500.

Browsing the gallery has the usual options. Use the forward and back arrows to change images and the download icon to download the current image.

New to the gallery is a color map to help you find Earth View images by color or location around the globe:

Earth View Map

A Chrome extension displays a new Earth View image every time a new tab is opened and can be download from the Chrome Web store:

Earth View from Google Earth

The Google blog post has more details about the process and people:

1,000 of the most stunning landscapes in Google Earth

See all the new image added to the Earth View Gallery here: Read More

This Small Portable Screenshot Tool Includes Annotation Tools


Sniptool is an easy to use screenshot tool that packs a lot of features into a small portable package.

It’s easy to use the Windows built in PrintScreen or Snipping Tool to grab a quick screenshot, but if you need more than the basics give Sniptool a look.

Sniptool is a small, portable lightweight program that has most of the features that larger screen capture programs have. It has a modern, minimal and compact interface, the tools are easy to access and it’s unobtrusive. It has the usual screen capture and annotation tools so you can add text, arrows, numbers, shapes, blur or pixelate parts of an image, and combine more than one screen capture at a time.

Here’s some of the tools included in the program:

Screen capture:

• Region

• Window

• Freehand

(No scrolling capture feature)

Image tools:

• Add text

• Add blur (blurs selected area)

• Add pixel control (pixelates selected area)

• Resize

• Crop

• Rotate

• Flip vertical

• Flip horizontal

• Add shadow

• Add glow and four other filters

Drawing tools:

Marker, pen, rectangle, transparent rectangle, filled rectangle,

arrow, double arrow, ellipse, number buttons and filled number buttons.

The option to display a background of grid or vertical lines is helpful for layout, there’s a beta option to start the tool with Windows, you can change the theme, and images can be saved in JPG and PNG formats.

Sniptool is a 600kb download, is portable, runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and requires .NET Framework 4.0. It’s free of malware according to VirusTotal and is a small but powerful addition to your screen grab toolbox. Read More

Explore the World from Four Basic Elements in this Thought Provoking Game (Android, iOS, Windows)


The ancient Greeks believed that everything in the world was made up of four classical elements, i.e, earth, water, air and fire, which somehow align respectively with the four states of matter in physics, namely solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

These four basic elements are exactly what this logic puzzle game Alchemy Classic is about to provoke you into thinking: What new elements can I create by combining the elements that are available?

Look at these examples of creation: you can combine water and earth for swamp, water and air for fog, and earth and fire to make stones. Isn’t it fun and fascinating? Altogether, there are more than 500 puzzles to solve starting from the basic elements in the game.

This brain-teaser game provides incredible leanings on interest and curiosity. Good to play if you are eager to explore the world that is formed from the classical elements. It is free to play on Android and iOS platforms, but the Windows version is a paid-for premium app for the time being. Read More