Wallpaper of the Week: Machinarium Plaza

This week’s wallpaper is an image of a plaza in a machine world, complete with robots, rivets, round structures and odd clocks. This somewhat steam punk appearing background is from Machinarium , a popular multi-platform game. This detailed image shows a round plaza with robots standing or sitting around, surrounded by round metal structures with portholes and doors. This wallpaper is highly detailed in the foreground with the background fading to a sketch like appearance. Light browns and greens with rust are the main colors. Icons are fairly visible on this background, though with so much detail they don’t stand out.  Read More 

Firefox Send Lets You Share Large Files Securely

Firefox Send lets you send encrypted, self destructing files up to 2.5GB from any browser. Anyone can easily transfer files up to 1GB, if you have or create a Firefox account you can transfer files up to 2.5GB.

Files are encrypted end-to-end and are short-lived. Files and the link to them can be set to self-destruct in as few as 5 minutes or after one download. Need more time? Files can be stored as long as 7 days or 100 downloads.

Firefox Send might be the easiest way to securely share files that I’ve seen. Go to the site, drag and drop or upload your files, and click or tap the upload button. Check the box if you want to add a password.
Send recipient(s) the link (or link and password). All they have to do is click on the link to download the files.
Multiple files are compressed into a zip file for download, while individual files retain their original file format.

Firefox Send had no trouble sending the files I tested, in either regular mode or incognito/private window mode.
These standard file formats went through and were downloaded intact, with and without password protection: PDF, TXT, DOCX, JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, MOBI, and EXE. I didn’t test every file format in every browser.

Transferring sensitive (and other) files is quick and easy. If you want to send files but don’t want them stored anywhere online, give Firefox Send a try.  Read More

12 Useful Google Calendar Tricks

Google Calendar is a great tool that makes it ideal for managing and organizing schedules. These 12 tricks can make it even better. You can:

Drag and Drop Events on Google Calendar
Use Keyboard Shortcuts
Get a Daily Agenda Email
Enable and Use Tasks
Add a Calendar
Create a New Calendar
Share Your Calendar
Embed Your Calendar
Find a Time That Works for Everyone
Block Off Appointments
Add Google Hangout to an Event
Add Holidays and Other Helpful Info
Access Calendars on Alexa and iOS

If you use Google Calendar (if you have a Google account, you can use Google Calendar) you might want to add some or all of these tricks to your repertoire.  Read More 

Play Chess with Your Own Choice of Engines

There are hundreds of chess apps on Google’s Play store but not many allow you to install an external chess engine other than the one preinstalled.

Some excellent choices do exist and one of them is Chess for Android, a popular chess app coded by Aart J. C. Bik, a Dutch-American software engineer working for Google.

Alongside a built-in Java chess engine, the app allows you to replace it with more powerful third party engines, such as Stockfish , which is also available from the Play store.

In early 2010s, Chess for Android was the first program to support Universal Chess Interface (UCI) and Chess Engine Communication Protocol (also referred to as the XBoard or WinBoard protocol) on the Android platform, and work with third party chess engines complying with the standards.

Find out more about this app below. If you are looking for chess apps that run on other platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and iOS, see Best Free Computer Chess.  Read More

Make Wikipedia Easier to Use With Wikiwand

Wikiwand transforms Wikipedia pages into colorful, easy to read pages. It improves speed and functionality and works on Firefox, Safari and Chrome (browser extensions/add-ons) and has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Wikipedia has been around for a long while, and though it works very well, it could be easier to use. Wikiwand adds a beautiful interface while adding features that optimize Wikipedia’s content, improve grouping and make navigation easier.

The first thing you notice is less clutter, large cover photos, bigger photos inside articles, and an improved navigation bar. The navigation bar has the same functionality as Wikipedia but has some really useful additions. The fixed table of contents (useful for scrolling) highlights the section you’re in so you always know where in the article you are and provides easy navigation to each section. The preview of links on hover is very well done, showing a pop up description and image (if available).

The default configuration has a clean layout with great typography, larger photos, an improved media gallery and easier article narration and playback. Customizable options include changing the layout, the font type (serif or san serif), font size, a light or dark background, text justification and a choice between a rich or minimal layout.

Whether Wikiwand is installed on a browser or mobile app it replaces links to Wikipedia articles with links to the same article on Wikiwand. It becomes the default interface and will open automatically when you visit a Wikipedia page. You can always read the article on Wikipedia by clicking on the Wikiwand. Use the search box to look up topics on Wikipedia and it will appear in Wikiwand. Wikiwand wouldn’t display the Portal:Current events in Wikiwand, it displayed the Wikipedia page. The equivalent page in Wikiwand that seems to have the same content is the Wikiwand Latest News page.  Read More