The 3 Best Online Pomodoro Applications

When it comes to productivity, few methods are as simple or effective as the Pomodoro Technique. Never heard of it? Never fear. The name for the technique comes from the word pomodoro, which is Italian for tomato.

When Francesco Cirillo developed the technique in the 80s, he thought the 25-minute intervals set by a standard tomato-shaped kitchen timer were perfect for productivity.

The way the method works is simple. Set a timer for 25 minutes and focus all of your attention on a single task. After those 25 minutes are up, take a 5 minute break before setting another 25 minute timer.

After two 25 minute segments, or “Poms,” take a 10 minute break. Set another 25 minute timer, take a 5 minute break, rinse and repeat.

Now that it’s 2019, few people actually use kitchen timers anymore. Here are some of our favorite online Pomodoro timers to help you make the most of your working sessions.

1. Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer is the simplest, most straightforward implementation of the Pomodoro Timer on the web. There are three main buttons: start, stop, and reset, although you can learn keyboard shortcuts if you really want to optimize productivity. There is no sign-up requirement, and Tomato Timer is completely free.

You can even go into the settings menu to customize your experience farther, setting custom times for each Pom, your short breaks, and your long breaks. You can set daily goals, adjust the alert sound when the timer goes off, and much more. For those that rely on the Pomodoro Technique for getting things done, Tomato Timer is the best option.

2. Pomodoro Tracker

Like Tomato Timer, Pomodoro Tracker is completely free. It can be used without creating an account, although signing up does give added benefits and stat tracking. Pomodoro Tracker lets you set a to-do list and track work by individual category. It also tracks how many Poms you have done automatically.

Below the timer is a sliding display of tips and tricks for better efficiency in using the Pomodoro Technique, as well as the basics of how the method works.

3. Marinara Timer

Marinara Timer is the most simplified version of a Pomodoro Timer imaginable. It allows you to set a customer timer, but the site consists of nothing more than a huge display of numbers, with a pause and restart button underneath.

Below the timer, the site tracks the start and stop time of each of your sessions. It’s simple, straightforward, and perhaps the best bet for beginners.


After a few times using it, the Pomodoro Technique will become second-nature. Until then, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Work in intervals. 25 minutes is the default, but 30 minute and 15 minute sessions are fine. Whatever works for you.
  • Take a break. After your first 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break. After two sessions, take a 10 minute break. Stand up, walk around, and get your blood pumping.
  • Focus only on the task at hand. Unless it’s an emergency, save any other tasks for your breaks in between Pomodoro sessions. Use the time you’ve set aside to focus on your most important tasks.

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Best VPN for Sweden in 2019

Like most Nordic countries, Sweden has one of the highest Internet usage rates in the world. Internet filtering is practically non-existent, unless the government authorizes an investigation of an individual or group who is potentially breaking the law. The Swedish government respects people’s right to express themselves, and the country’s constitution forbids any interference with locals’ privacy.

Despite these lax Internet laws, there are certain geoblocks that cannot be bypassed regardless of location. For example, some streaming services, like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, are only available in the United States. In order to enjoy this array of content from Sweden, you will need a quality VPN service. Furthermore, a VPN helps you stay safe online and avoid exposing personal information whilst using public WiFi hotspots. In this article, we will outline what you should look for in a VPN service, give you our top provider recommendations, and explain how to use a VPN to your advantage.

What should I look for in a VPN from Sweden?

Sweden primarily restricts or blocks websites that promote offensive or potentially illegal content. However, there are many other reasons to use a VPN in Sweden. With so many VPN providers on the market, it’s important to prioritize your internet needs in advance. For Swedish users, we recommend to opt for a provider that is good at bypassing geoblocks and employs solid security features for ultimate privacy. Below you will find a list of features that will help you do both.

  • Server network – in order to bypass any regional blocks/restrictions, you will need to be able to get an IP address from as many countries as possible. A provider with a large server network will give you plenty of connection options, both in terms of speed and location.
  • Speed and unlimited bandwidth – in order to enjoy unblocking foreign websites for as long as possible, you need a VPN provider that does not limit bandwidth or speed. Opt for a service that provides unlimited traffic, bandwidth, and no speed caps or throttling.
  • Encryption – the stronger the encryption, the more secure your data will be while you are bypassing censorship blocks. A quality VPN provider will use 256-bit AES encryption, as well as a number of encryption protocols, including SSTP and PPTP.
  • Zero-logging policy – in order to protect your identity and online activity even further, choose a provider that employs a solid zero-logging policy. This will make sure that your data is not stored or at risk of being handed over to the government, ISPs, or cybercriminals.
  • Device compatibility – to enjoy your secure, fast connection from all your devices, choose a service that has wide software availability. This way, you can enjoy streams from websites like Netflix (U.S. library) from your smartphone, PC, and even game console.

Top VPN providers for Sweden

Now that you are familiar with the most important features in a top-of-the-line VPN provider, take a look at our recommendations for Swedish users.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN lives up to its name and delivers one of the fastest connections on the market. This is very handy for users in Sweden looking to bypass regional blocks and stream or download content without any lagging or buffering. While the lightweight software suits users of all levels of experience, the speed of this service is unmatched, and your encrypted connection will involve minimal slowdown. The provider has no limitations on bandwidth, no speed caps, and a built-in speed test that ensures your connection is always at its fastest. ExpressVPN has a network of 2,000+ proxy servers across 94 countries, which means you can get almost any IP address you want with a high connection speed.

ExpressVPN does not compromise on security, either. The provider uses 256-bit AES encryption, which protects all your data and makes it practically uncrackable. ExpressVPN also uses encryption protocols such as OpenVPN’s UDP and TCP, as well as PPTP and SSTP, which helps beat harcore censorship blocks. Furthermore, the no-logging policy ensures that nothing from traffic to browsing history and timestamps is stored or traced back to your ID. Furthermore, ExpressVPN has no restrictions on P2P networks or torrents, which means you can share files with your friends or family hassle-free. With military-grade security features and one of the fastest connections in the industry, ExpressVPN is one of best VPN services available online.

If you’d like to learn more, read our ExpressVPN review.

#1 CHOICE FOR SWEDEN: ExpressVPN provides one of the fastest connections on the VPN market, enabling you to browse, stream, and torrent without buffering. Get our exclusive reader deal: 49% off a yearly subscription plus 3 months free at signup.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN, first and foremost, prioritizes its users’ security. The service uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is nearly unbreakable and will allow Swedish users to bypass regional blocks whilst remaining anonymous online. Encryption protocols include UDP and TCP, which provide a solid dual offering of speed and security. Furthermore, NordVPN’s no-logging policy is considered to be one of the most complete in the industry, which means that no outsiders (including ISPs) will be able to access your data while you are connected to the VPN. NordVPN employs a range of speciality servers which further heighten security. These include Onion over VPN and obfuscated servers, which hides the fact that you are connected to a VPN, making it ideal for unblocking foreign libraries on streaming services like Netflix.

One of the most notable features provided by NordVPN, however, is its massive server network. With 5,200+ nodes in 62 countries, NordVPN has the biggest network in the industry, providing its users’ with countless connection options. The provider has no restrictions on bandwidth and even allows you to connect up to six devices at once. NordVPN is available on a wide range of softwares, including Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS, Android, Linux, and many more. Whether you are a new user or have had previous experience, this VPN is a solid choice.

For more information, check out our full review of NordVPN.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost primarily focuses on providing a user-friendly experience without unnecessary bells and whistles. The app only takes a few minutes to install, and is easy to navigate once its active. Unlike many complicated VPN services, CyberGhost allows you to set up your VPN automatically by simply indicating what your Internet needs are. There are six simple profiles you can choose from, including “surf anonymously”, “unblock streaming”, and “unblock basic websites”. The service then configures each profile accordingly. If you would then like to customize the profile and replace some of the features, additional toggles include “block ads”, “extra speed”, and “block online tracking”.

Despite its simple user interface, CyberGhost is one of the most secure services on the market. The provider uses 256-bit AES encryption via OpenVPN, which would take the world’s strongest supercomputer millions of years to crack. Furthermore, CyberGhost’s no-logging policy is one of the most immaculate in history. It ensures that nothing at all is logged, which means that your activity or personal information will never be traced back to you. CyberGhost employs an automatic kill switch, which shuts down your internet should you ever get disconnected, protecting your data from being unencrypted. Furthermore, the service includes unlimited bandwidth, no speed caps, and high connection speeds.

Want to learn more? Check out our comprehensive CyberGhost review.

4. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is one of the best VPN services due to its all-inclusive subscriptions. This is particularly important for security reasons – while many VPN providers offer privacy features as part of their advanced packages, PrivateVPN uses top-of-the-line security as default, keeping you protected at all times. The service locks down all your data using 256-bit AES encryption, and an additional kill switch and DNS leak protection ensure that your connection is safe. Furthermore, PrivateVPN employs a solid zero-logging policy on traffic.

Whether you are looking to discover U.S. shopping deals or purchase flight tickets at cheaper prices from Sweden, PrivateVPN is strong and easy to use. The app itself is highly intuitive, and is available on a wide range of operating systems and devices. Furthermore, you will be able to connection six different devices simultaneously, which is ideal for both businesses and families. With 80+ high-performance servers in 57 countries, you can start bypassing regional blocks and avoiding censorship within minutes of installing.

To read more, check out our full PrivateVPN review.

STREAM FOR LESS: PrivateVPN allows you to seamlessly stream any content from all over the world. Our special promotion nets you a 64% discount, plus an extra month free on the yearly plan.

5. PureVPN

PureVPN offers one of the best VPN services on the market due to its ability to unblock streaming websites and establish the most secure connection. With 2048-bit encryption using AES-256, PureVPN (and, in turn, your data) is always going to be practically unbreakable. Some of the specific encryption protocols include PPTP, which helps bypass censorship blocks. Other impressive security features employed by PureVPN are the DNS leak protection and DDoS protection, which blocks even the most aggressive DDoS attacks. Furthermore, PureVPN has a solid no-logging policy, which prevents your data from being stored altogether.

With 2,000+ servers in 140 countries, PureVPN allows you to connect to virtually any IP address in the world. This means that you can bypass any regional blocks, regardless of the location, and establish the fastest available connection. Furthermore, PureVPN has no restrictions on bandwidth, therefore you can stream content without having to worry about lagging or buffering. If you are looking to unblock wide ranges of content (e.g. American Netflix library) from your home in Sweden, PureVPN is a solid choice for you.

Why do I need a VPN in Sweden?

Even when you are located in a country with as few restrictions on Internet access as Sweden, a VPN can be useful for a variety of reasons. In 2012, the Swedish government adopted the EU’s 2006 Data Retention Directive, which requires ISPs to store data on all online communications, including P2P activities, for six months. This meant that the ISPs had no choice but to keep users’ data in case law enforcement agencies ever needed to analyze it with a court’s permission. Furthermore, ISPs are obligated to cooperate with government officials, including the police, should they ever want to investigate anyone’s online activity logs. While Sweden was late to ratify the law due to internal resistance and public protest, the measures are still strongly advocated for by law enforcement officials and certain political groups.

For users in Sweden, this means that no one is truly safe from ISP snooping. In a nutshell, this means that if you ever pop up on the radar, a court can force your ISP to hand over all of your information, including your address. In order to prevent your data from being exposed or even stored in the first place, use a VPN and establish a secure, encrypted connection.

Another major reason for using a VPN service is overcoming any regional blocks without having to leave the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room. If you use any streaming services such as Netflix, you must know by now that most media providers either restrict or block content for users outside of a certain location, such as the USA. This is a result of contracts between copyright holders and media providers. For example, if you are located in Sweden and want to watch content on Hulu or HBO, the only way to do it is with a VPN service. A VPN can manipulate your IP address without physically moving your computer, enabling you to appear as though you are in a completely different, restriction-free location.

Whether you live in Sweden permanently or are simply traveling there, a VPN will be one of the most useful tools you have on hand. Say you are traveling to Sweden for work, but all your personal accounts are in the United States. Many credit card companies and banks block foreign IP addresses, which means you will not be able to access your personal accounts until you are back to your home land. This, of course, can be avoided with a VPN. With this invaluable digital tool, you can have access to all your personal data regardless of where you are traveling, therefore you will not encounter any regional restrictions while located abroad. A VPN helps beat these blocks with encryption protocols like PPTP and SSTP.

Are free VPNs safe?

With so many VPN options on the market, we know how tempting it must be to opt for a free VPN service rather than having to pay a small monthly fee. Unfortunately, a free VPN service is considered incredibly unreliable and unsafe, which is why we strongly recommend you do not choose to use a free VPN.

As you can imagine, every VPN provider needs to make money one way or another. By not charging you for the service itself, free service providers make money off you by interrupting your connection with ads, as well as limiting you in security features. Free VPNs do not use strong encryption protocols or employ no-logging policies, which puts your data at major risk of being monitored and traced back to your ID. Furthermore, free VPN providers have been known for not only storing your personal information and activity logs, but distributing personal information to the government, ISPs, and even hackers, for the highest asking price. If you want to make sure that your information is safe at all times, think twice prior to choosing a free VPN subscription.

By choosing one of the services we have mentioned above, not only will you be certain that your data is secure, but you’ll be getting the best available price online. Our readers get exclusive offers on all of these services, and all of the mentioned providers are leaders in the industry.

How to get started with a VPN from Sweden

Getting started with one of our recommended VPN services is incredibly easy, and you can start unblocking websites and browsing securely already now. Follow the simple steps below in order to install the VPN itself and verify your connection prior to using the connection.

Step 1 – Sign up and install

Go into your browser and enter your chosen provider’s website. Sign up for a subscription and make note of your new account credentials – you will need these soon. Now that you have an account, find the app that is suitable for your operating system. Download and launch it.

Sign in using your new account details. Once you are logged in, you will be automatically connected to the fastest available server. If you wish to browse content libraries from specific locations, choose a server manually. If, however, you simply want to connect to the fastest available server, leave the settings the way they are.

Step 2 – Verify your connection

You are almost ready to go. This step can be omitted, but we recommend verifying your connection in order to make sure you are safe online.

Go to and give the page a few moments to load. This will run an automatic IP address lookup test, which will ensure that you are connected properly. Under “Your IP addresses”, check what IP you are connected to. If it is the server you have chosen manually/have been connected to automatically, you are ready to browse. If, however, you still see your IP address from Sweden, there may be a leak and you should contact your VPN provider to solve the problem.


While Sweden is not in our list of countries with harsh internet laws, there has been some evidence of mandatory ISP monitoring. Furthermore, some geographical blocks/restrictions are inevitable regardless of where you are located. In order to bypass geoblocks, stay secure online, and remain anonymous at all times, choose a VPN service that suits you and install already now. It takes a mere few minutes, and you will be able to enjoy a myriad of interesting films, shopping deals, and live broadcasts without leaving your cosy Swedish cottage.

Which VPN works best for you in Sweden? Share your experiences with us – we love to hear from our readers!

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How to Get a Kuwaiti IP Address from Anywhere

Getting a Kuwaiti IP address isn’t easy. After all, the government is rather proactive in filtering out and restricting access to internet content it deems offensive, pornographic or otherwise subversive to public order. Combined with its proximity to much larger regional powers, and you have a country which doesn’t register highly on most VPN providers’ wish-list of server locations.

Nevertheless, if you are searching for a Kuwaiti IP, you likely have a very good reason for doing so, and demand a solution. In today’s article, that’s exactly what we aim to do. We’ll first go over what makes a good VPN service, then recommend our favorite provider proven to provide outside access to IP addresses in Kuwait. We’ll then show you how to sign up, install, and configure your VPN. Finally, we’ll cover a few miscellaneous items on the subject that will help you stay safe online.

What makes a good VPN?

Picking a VPN provider is difficult enough, with all the competing claims from various services saying why they are the best on the market. Thankfully, there are a few core criteria which can help you weed out charlatans and settle on a truly reputable company:

  • Encryption – By default, everything you send on the internet is easy to view. If you want to protect your data, you’ll want to look for VPN providers who use modern, reliable encryption standards to protect your data.
  • Bandwidth and speed – The proxy routing and encryption processes add overhead to your connection speeds, but the best VPNs reduce slowdown to an unnoticeable minimum.
  • Logging policy – If a VPN doesn’t have a zero-logging policy, everything from your traffic logs to IP addresses and browsing history gets stored. This makes it easy for authorities and interested third parties to track you down. If you want to feel safe, look for providers that don’t log your info.
  • Device compatibility- If you are looking to browse on different devices, for example, an iPhone and a Windows PC, you’ll need a VPN with apps for different operating system. The same applies to video game consoles, routers, and other device types. If you want to use a VPN with your hardware, make sure your provider has the apps you need.
  • Network size – The bigger the network size of a VPN provider, the better chance you have of finding a quality connection in the country of your choice. Bigger networks also tend to have faster connections and lower latencies, since the more servers a provider has, the more routing options they have for your data.

PureVPN – Best VPN for getting a Kuwaiti IP address

PureVPN is unique in a lot of ways. For the purposes of this article, the provider stands alone in offering a server connection in Kuwait. In fact, PureVPN seems to specialize in covering the globe; their network spans 2,000+ nodes in 140 countries, with another 40 locations represented via virtual servers. This is well above the industry norm, and it’s truly remarkable that PureVPN is able to provide such variety of choice to their users.

Beyond the sheer breadth of their network, PureVPN offers incredible utility as an all-in-one cybersecurity solution. Packaged in their software is a massive variety of functionality including app filtering, DDoS protection, dedicated IP addresses, a NAT firewall, anti-spam filtering, and even antivirus software. Among VPN providers, this suite of tools is not only unusual, but practically unheard of.

But don’t let the bells and whistles fool you into thinking that PureVPN’s core functionality is anything other than outstanding. Once again, this provider stands out for their unique way of doing things, with a variable encryption method that allows you to set your level of security to the max 256-bit AES protocol (which is virtually unbreakable by any means of brute force), or to drop encryption altogether for optimal connection speeds (useful when you just want to use PureVPN as a proxy service and aren’t concerned about security). There are also intermediate settings, allowing you to dial in the right balance of privacy and performance.

Rounding out the package is a handsome no-logging policy, zero restrictions on bandwidth, and broad device compatibility including Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, DD-WRT routers, Amazon Fire TV devices, and even Kindle.

Getting started with your VPN

Step 1 – Download the VPN software

  1. Open your web browser and sign up with PureVPN.
  2. Download the app that is compatible with the device you’re using.
  3. Install the VPN and open it on your device; log in using your account details.
  4. Upon launch, you will be provided with a list of connection options; select a Kuwaiti server.
  5. Give the VPN a few moments to connect to the server.
  6. You are good to go! Open your browser or any app and start enjoying the internet with your Kuwaiti IP address.

Step 2 – Verify you’re safe

This step is not mandatory, but we recommend you go through with it since it only takes a few moments and verifies that the VPN is working properly. Once you complete this step you will be certain that you are connected and your information will remain fast and secure.

  1. Connect to a server in Kuwait through your VPN app.
  2. Open your browser and visit This page will run an automatic IP address lookup.
  3. If you see “Kuwait” under “Your IP Address(es)”, your VPN is connected properly and you are ready to go! If you see your physical location, contact the VPN provider; there may be a DNS leak.

You are now ready to enjoy unrestricted access to the free and open internet. Have fun enjoying content without geo-restrictions, shopping for deals on everything from clothes to flights, playing video games with a low latency connection, and more.

Advantages of getting a Kuwaiti IP address

If you live or work in Kuwait, you probably have many online accounts that let you shop, bank, socialize and more. When you’re on vacation or a work trip in another country, you may find yourself unable to access these accounts and, for example, pay your credit card bill, access your social accounts or check your bank account balance. In all these cases, getting a foreign IP address using a VPN will help you access your local accounts hassle-free without being in Kuwait. This way you don’t need to worry about going away; you can access all the same websites and personal accounts without actually being back home.

Second, Kuwait is an excellent choice if you want to shop, play video games, or stream with individuals and businesses located in the Middle East. Neighboring nations include Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates. Turkey alone has 36 million active internet users, and a Kuwaiti IP lets you game with them seamlessly. Other nations, like United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, are known for their excellent shopping. Getting a Kuwaiti IP will let you enjoy what these countries’ retailers offer online, and give you access to content restricted to the area.

Last but not least, a Kuwaiti IP can remove regional restrictions that stop you from browsing the internet freely. For example, many EU countries severely restrict access to gambling websites and specific news outlets. Kuwait is fairly liberal in this department – so while it may have national blocks against some service and content categories, it can help you overcome various forms of censorship all the same.

What exactly is a VPN, and how does it work?

If you’re familiar with IP addresses, you’ve probably stumbled upon free or low-cost proxy services claiming to enable you to access the internet as though you were in another country. In many cases, such services do indeed allow some degree of flexibility in changing your IP address. However, there is a much better way to connect to Kuwait, or any other country for that matter: using a virtual private network, or VPN.

But what exactly is a VPN? Essentially, it is a software as a service which installs onto your phone or computer, then interfaces with a specially configured network of proxy servers. You can think of this network as a smuggler’s ring; you take a hidden path to reach their secret base, then they transport you discretely to your intended direction. In the process of doing so, they equip you with a new identity, and vow to keep your activity a secret from everyone.

Speaking more technically, the hidden path comes in the form of digital cryptography known as encryption, which basically scrambles all data traveling between your device and the VPN network. The only way to make sense of this scrambled data is to know the passcode, which is typically so absurdly complex, it would take a supercomputer millions of years to guess it via “brute force”. No, we’re not exaggerating that claim.

Once the link between your computer and the network is established, you choose a proxy server which will “smuggle” you into the corresponding country. In our case, we’ll choose a server located in Kuwait. From there, you’ll browse the internet as normal, sending out requests to various websites to retrieve content to display on your screen. However, the key difference is that those requests will be sent first to the Kuwaiti server, rather than your Internet Service Provider.

Why does this matter? Because the website you want to visit will recognize the request as coming from Kuwait, rather than your actual location. This has far-reaching implications, since different content is available or restricted based on your position in the world, thanks largely to copyright laws and government censorship. Your IP address is your digital passport, and being able to switch your IP at will is like handing in your French passport for a Kuwaiti, Indonesia, Japanese, or Canadian one whenever it’s convenient.

What about proxies and free VPNs?

While proxy services allow you to “spoof” your IP in much the same way, they lack the critical element of encryption, which forms the secure tunnel between you and the server network. This is inherently unsafe, and opens you up to prosecution by ISPs and governments who frown on such activity (which is to say, most of them). Worse still, many proxy services actively keep tabs on your activity, and sell this personal data off to the highest bidder. There are even free VPN providers which do the same thing–making you less safe. This is why we always recommend you go with an established and respected provider.


When searching for an IP address from more niche locations like Kuwait, it can be difficult to find a reputable service that enables you to do so. In this particular case, the VPN market truly offers slim pickings. Fortunately, one extremely high-quality provider is in the business of connecting you to Kuwait: PureVPN. With today’s guide, you have everything you need to get started spoofing your IP address in style. Whether you’re in it for unblocking content, accessing region-exclusive shopping deals, early access to video game releases, or just want a broader selection of media to consume, a VPN is your best bet.

What are you going to use your Kuwaiti IP address for? Leave us your ideas below!


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