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5 iPhone Apps to Keep Track of Your Investments

Ask anyone who’s tried to make an extra buck or two on Wall Street on their own, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: investing is hard. But, thanks to a new collection of apps, now it doesn’t have to be so confusing that only the financial elite can really understand when the market is up, when it’s down, and what a couple of grizzly bears have to do with the whole thing.

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The acceleration of cloud email

As I have noted here before, many reports are generated or sponsored by companies who seek to create a reason why their products should be bought. There’s nothing wrong in making people aware of a need, as long as the need is real and based on hard data, and the information contained in these reports often pose questions that are overlooked by those who are assessing options for their IT strategy. My view is that you read reports that come along and extract whatever seems valuable to you without swallowing everything, hook, line, and sinker.

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