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What Are Planar Magnetic Headphones?

The world of audiophile hardware is dense and hard to parse… and to be perfectly honest, audiophiles seem to like it that way. Even so, a technology called “planar magnetic drivers” is making its way into cheaper and more accessible headphones as of late, promising audio fidelity much greater than conventional cans. What makes planar magnetic headphones different—and allegedly better—than normal ones? Let’s have a listen.

First-Ever IT/Dev Connections 2017 Hackathon

We’re excited to be hosting the first annual Hackathon at IT/Dev Connections 2017.

This Hackathon is a community-driven event with the goal of bringing together two diverse attendee groups to create an Enterprise-class Alexa skill! So, not only will IT/Dev Connection 2017 attendees benefit, but you might have a great Alexa Skill to take back and use on a regular basis.

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