Imuler/Revir Trojan for OS X resurfaces

Last fall, a new Trojan malware scam called Revir and Imuler was uncovered, attempting to coerce Mac users into installing the malware on their systems, and then sending personal information to remote servers.

The scam initially used a Trojan dropper program called OS X/Revir.A that when run would download PDFs containing offensive political rhetoric in foreign languages, and then install a backdoor agent called OS X/Imuler.A. This in turn would try to connect to remote servers and send information about your system to the servers.

The malware did not work very well and appeared to be in the testing phase, but it did have the potential to do damage.

When the ZIP file containing the malware is opened, among benign image files is the malware application (red square), which is disguised to look like the rest of the images.



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