Pole Mounted Entertainment Center Keeps Walls Hole Free

If you’re not able to punch a bunch of holes in your apartment walls to run cable and mount your HDTV, this pole-mounted setup organizes all your gear and leaves your walls hole free.

IKEAHacker reader Chief wanted to mount his HDTV but he didn’t want to incur the wrath of his landlord by busting up the wall. He solved the dilemma by using poles and shelves from the IKEA Stoleman system combined with hacked together mount for his HDTV into a full home theater stand. We like very thing about this save for one thing; we’re not particularly sold on using the setup to hide a radiator on the wall–it seems like using your expensive electronics gear to hide a big hot radiator is a recipe for shortening component life.

Hit up the link below for more pictures.

Stolmen Plasma TV & Gadget Mount [IKEAHackers]

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