Download 128 Ready to Use Pre-Made Windows 7 Shortcuts for Your Computer

Shortcuts can be very useful as a quick way to access Windows 7′s native programs and settings, but do take time to create individually for your desktop or app launchers. Rather than go through all that work and hassle you can download this awesome set of pre-made shortcuts ready to use on your favorite system instead!

From the blog post: These shortcuts work on any computer. Some of the tools though, are available only on certain Windows 7 versions so their shortcuts will not work if you have a version which does not include them. The collection was made using Windows 7 Ultimate.

Please also note that:

  • The Windows Mobility Center shortcut will work only on mobile computers such as laptops, and not on desktops.
  • The shortcuts for Microsoft Security Essentials will work only if you have this security product installed.
  • The Empty Recycle Bin shortcut empties the Recycle Bin found on your “C:” drive. If you have more than one partition, it will not empty the Recycle Bin on all partitions.

The download link for the zip file containing the pre-made shortcuts can be found at the bottom of the 7 Tutorials post.

Download The Biggest Library of Windows 7 Shortcuts [7 Tutorials]

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