Google’s Dart language arrives in Chrome test version

Google has released a test version of its browser with the ability to run programs written in Dart, the company’s language designed to improve on JavaScript.

“This release of Chromium with Dart VM integration is a technology preview, and should not be used for day-to-day browsing. After more testing and developer feedback, we plan to eventually include the Dart VM in Chrome,” said Google programmers Anton Muhin, Vijay Menon, and Pavel Podivilov, in a blog post yesterday.

Google developed Dart as a way to improve Web programming, for example with better performance and with a language it thinks is better suited to large-scale Web applications. But Dart has met with a frosty response from browser rivals">including Microsoft who’d rather see improvements to JavaScript and avoid the prospect of another language Balkanizing Web programming. Google’s approach to building Dart in-house before running it past fellow members of Web standards also raised hackles.

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