Microsoft: Cloud is My Business. And, Business is Good.

Microsoft’s public events over the past couple years – particularly those for Windows 10 and self-designed hardware devices – I think have really clouded (pun intended) the minds of some of its biggest customers, but definitely has lured many consumers away from the company’s real mission. Whether or not this has been on purpose, with its Windows 10 and Surface events Microsoft continues to promote itself as a consumer-friendly company, yet its recent revenue report shows a much different picture and a much different underlying focus.

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New Projects Unveiled at Red Hat Summit

It's no surprise that Red Hat used the occasion of opening day at Red Hat Summit to announce five new projects. After all, there is no better way to get buzz going about the direction you're taking than to fill a venue with people who use your products and show them your latest and greatest ideas.

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Slack expands guest user management tools

Team chat maker offers a little more control over how long visitors can linger

Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days, Benjamin Franklin famously quipped, and your enterprise's guest collaborators are no different.

A new update to wildly popular team chat suite Slack makes them easier to manage, letting admins put time limits on how long guests can stick around, while also providing context to other members of an organization about who invited a given guest into their organization's Slack to begin with.

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