Sixty million Office 365 targets light up for developers

A recent conversation with Rob Lefferts, Microsoft GM of Office Extensibility (I bet some think he is in charge of extending office space) moved me to think just how extensible the overall Office suite is right now.

In this context, Office is the complete collection of the desktop applications (Word, Excel, etc.), the servers (Exchange, SharePoint, etc.), and includes new offerings such as Sway. As such, it’s a pretty broad canvas for which Microsoft has to provide the necessary APIs and tool sets to allow developers to work their magic.

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Multi-Factor Authentication and Office 365 – Better protection, better security

MFA is easy and simple to enable for Office 365 accounts. Time to change?

I’ve avoided using multi-factor authentication (MFA) for too long. Not because I didn’t want to secure my personal information but rather because MFA seemed to be too much hassle to configure and live with. Waiting for an SMS text to arrive when I need to read a new message in my mailbox or need to access an important document was boring and irritating. But because that information is important, it needs to be protected against hackers and others who enjoy cracking accounts that only rely on passwords.The good news is that the latest batch of applications and Microsoft’s cloud technologies make MFA easier to configure and use, so perhaps it’s time to change. I have!

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The not so boring version of how Exchange Online satisfies SEC rule 17A-4

November 10 brought a Microsoft announcement that Office 365 Online Archiving now meets the requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4. You might be unfamiliar with SEC 17A-4, as I know it’s not a topic of interest for many outside the legal and financial community. Basically, this deals with the record keeping requirements for financial companies trading in the U.S. market under the aegis of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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