How To Use The Focus Mode On Instagram

Instagram has a new photo capture mode called Focus mode. It works with the story camera and is available on both Android and iOS users. There’s just one catch though; there are device limitations. What this means is, Focus mode isn’t going to be available on all devices.

Focus Mode Availability

For iOS users, Focus mode will be available on iPhone 6S/6S Plus, and above. For Android users, there’s no definitive list of supported phones however higher end phones like the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will have access to it. You can check out this Reddit thread to see which users have confirmed the feature working on their phones.

Use Focus Mode

Open Instagram and tap the camera button at the top left, or just swipe right. Swipe along the bottom (where the shutter button is), to change modes. Instagram has other modes that you’re perhaps familiar with like Live mode, Boomerang, and rewind.

If Instagram supports Focus mode on your phone, you will see it appear between Rewind and Boomerang. It will look for a face because this mode is made for selfies. That said, it works with objects as well.

Focus mode basically focuses on the main subject of a photo. With selfies, Focus mode will automatically detect faces and blur everything else in the background. It works with the rear camera as evidenced by the screenshots above. The app has focused on the object closest to the camera i.e. the toy car and blurred the background object i.e., the carpet and kitten.

In Focus mode, you can take a photo or you can hold the capture button and record a video. The image can be posted to your story or if you want to share it to your feed, you can save it to your camera roll, and then upload it.

If your phone didn’t get this feature, and you own an Android phone you can’t force it to appear. You can however look for other apps that will replicate the feature. Focus mode isn’t unique in what it does. The Google Camera app on the Pixel phones has a portrait mode that is basically the same thing. iPhones, the newer ones, have a similar feature.

If you don’t own a Pixel phone, try to see if the ported mod of the Google Camera app will run on your phone. Finally, you can utilize the Blur mode which is available on a good number of Android phones. For iPhone owners with an older model, there isn’t much recourse.

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How To Forward Images With Captions On Whatsapp

You can forward links, texts, and photos in Whatsapp to a single contact or to an entire group. It’s one of the easiest things to do. If you ever need to forward images with captions on Whatsapp and include the caption with the forwarded message, you’re going to find it’s more difficult than it should be. It’s still possible though so here’s how you do it.

Forward Images With Captions – Android

It’s actually simpler to forward images with captions on Android than it is on iOS. Open a chat thread with the captioned image you want to forward.

Tap and hold on the image and it will be highlighted with a blue box. This indicates that the message has been selected. Once selected, look at the top navigation bar in Whatsapp. You will see a share button. Tap it and the  image will open in edit mode and the caption will be included automatically. Tap the send button and the Android share sheet will open. Here, tap Whatsapp and select who you want to forward the image to.

Forward Images With Captions – iOS

Whatsapp on iOS is a bit confusing if you want to forward images with captions. It’s a much longer process and you have to manually copy and paste the caption.

Open Whatsapp and tap and hold on the caption of an image. Make sure you’re not tapping and holding on the image itself. From the floating toolbar, select ‘Copy’. Next, tap and hold on the image. A floating bar will appear again. Tap Forward. This will select the image and open the chat up for quick selection. Tap the share button at the bottom.

The share button will open iOS’ share sheet. Look for Whatsapp in the share sheet, and select the person or group you want to forward the image to.

This will open the image in edit mode. Tap and hold inside the caption field and when the floating menu bar appears, select Paste to paste the caption you copied early on. Tap send and you’re done.

This shouldn’t be as hard as it is. You’re not likely to discover how to forward images with captions by simply poking around. One can argue that it might actually be easier to just save the image and send it but there’s still a matter of copying the caption which is a bit tricky.¬†Whatsapp groups images with their captions but they are treated separately when it comes to copying them. This can all be simplified by including an option in the forward menu to include or exclude captions.

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How To Apply Two Filters To One Photo In Snapchat

Instagram proved that filters can become popular. Snapchat improved on the concept. Instagram lets you add filters that enhance colors or manipulate the light in a photo. Snapchat has these same filters but it also popularized location tagging filters, weather filters, and then it brought out lenses and embraced AR. Unlike Instagram though, you can apply two filters to one photo in Snapchat.

The process isn’t exactly included in the on-boarding process and there doesn’t seem to be any visual cues that might indicate you can apply two filters to one photo in Snapchat which means there’s a bit of a trick to it.

To be clear, by filters we mean the ones that you apply to photos taken from the back end camera. The filters you apply to photos taken from the front-facing camera aren’t filters; they’re lenses.

Apply Two Filters

Open Snapchat and with the back-end camera take a photo. Remember that you can only apply two filters so perhaps you want to go through all the ones that are available and pick which two you want to use.

You’ll need two hands for this and it’s a good idea if you can put your phone down on a flat surface. Once you’ve taken the photo, swipe like you normally do and select the first filter that you want to apply. Next, place one finger on your screen and use a second finger to swipe to the next filter.

That’s about it. When you’re done, you can release both fingers and send the snap to your story, or to a friend.

The two filter trick works for when you want to add both Bitmoji and maybe your current location or the weather to Snapchat. If you’re trying to combine two different light filters you’re going to get mixed results. It’s hard to say which color will look good on top of the other so you’re in for some experimentation.

This same trick doesn’t work with lenses for obvious reasons. Most lenses are applied to a face, or faces (if you’re snapping with a friend). It doesn’t make sense to apply two different lenses to one face. There are some lenses like the dancing hotdog of 2017 that you can probably apply with another lens like your Bitmoji lens but generally, the idea is impractical.

If there was ever a Snapchat feature for Instagram to copy, it’s this one. It’s actually astounding that Instagram hasn’t thought to add an option that lets its users apply two filters to one photo.

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