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Hard charging through disruption, Grove reshaped — again and again — technology industry

Few things in Andy Grove's life were easy, starting at a young age: As a boy in Budapest, he saw his father captured up by Germans during World War II, while he and his mother went into hiding under an assumed name. He became neary deaf at a young age. After that, he lived under Communist rule in Hungary, until finally coming to America in the '50s, where he learned to lip read English in order to pass university courses.

That kind of perseverance would serve him well through the ups and downs of being Intel employee #1 and later president, CEO, and chairman.

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Does your business use iPads?

Apple today unveiled a new, smaller iPad Pro, which it calls "the future of personal computing." So far, however, tablets have failed to get much traction in the business world. Have they made it into your company? 

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As tablets struggle to find market, Apple doubles down with smaller iPad Pro

There were few surprises at today's Apple event, but there was at least one conspicuously absent announcement that had people talking: Apple didn't update its line of laptops, which have been gaining marketshare but haven't seen any updates in over 300 days.

Blame it on Skylake supplies if you'd like, but Apple executives had one key refrain: The iPad truly is the future of personal computing, according to Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive.

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As Apple unveils new iPad Pro, one question: Do businesses want them?

The future of business tablets still uncertain


Today Apple is reportedly announcing the latest addition to its iPad Pro line, a smaller, 9.7 inch device. There's been a lot of mixed reviews regarding how well (or not) the iPad has been selling, but one thing is almost universally agreed on: Tablets have not reworked the world of business computing as many thought they might.

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